Lakefront Airport

CityNew Orleans


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
23/03/2019 N121CZ EMB-120ER (Freight Runners Express) careyvan208
24/02/2019 N942FK Learjet 45- (Ghanima LLC) careyvan208
12/01/2019 N705GG DHC-7-102 (Summit Aviation) careyvan208
05/01/2019 N654AN Learjet 60- (Have Plane - Will Travel LLC) careyvan208
30/12/2018 C-FPBX Learjet 45 (Saults and Pollard Real Estate Ltd) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N450JF PH100 (Wasatch Aviation Group 450 LLC) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N545FX Challenger 300 (Flexjet LLC) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N641QS Cessna 560 Citation-XL Excel (NetJets Sales Inc) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N917PG Learjet 60 (SN 142 LLC) careyvan208
11/11/2018 C-FDNA Cessna 680 Citation-Sovereign (I. M. P. Group Ltd) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N797QS Challenger 350 (NetJets Sales Inc) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N327TL Gulfstream IV (Thomas H. Lee Capital LLC) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N739QS Challenger 350 (NetJets Sales Inc) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N610QS 560XL Citation-Excel (Executive Jet Sales Inc) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N100FL King Air 300 (GJF Enterprises Inc) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N788QS Challenger 350 (NetJets Sales Inc) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N675CS 750 Citation-X (N675CS Aviation LLC) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N826JM King Air B200 (Mitch Probasco) careyvan208
11/11/2018 N332QS EMB-505-Phenom 300 (RFS Jet Air LLC) careyvan208
03/11/2018 N748RM 525B Citation-Jet III (Graham National Bank) careyvan208
03/11/2018 N847JS Jetstream 31-3101 (Jetstream International Airlines) careyvan208
03/11/2018 N452FX Gulfstream G450 (Flexjet LLC) careyvan208
03/11/2018 N505UP Gulfstream IV (SLAN LLC) careyvan208
03/11/2018 N347QS EMB-505-Phenom 300 (NetJets Sales Inc) careyvan208
03/11/2018 N813PD Gulfstream IV (Quogue Aviation II LLC) careyvan208
03/11/2018 N506UP Cessna 560XL Citation-Excel (Cessna Aircraft Company) careyvan208
03/11/2018 N392QS EMB-505-Phenom 300 (NetJets Sales Inc) careyvan208
13/10/2018 N642DM Challenger 300 (Miller Challenger LLC) careyvan208
13/10/2018 N710ML Citation-V (BPT Aviation LLC) careyvan208
13/10/2018 N189RB Dassault Falcon-20F-5 (Aircraft Guaranty Corporation) careyvan208
13/10/2018 N8881J Raytheon/Hawker 125-800B (GDC Aviation LLC) careyvan208
13/10/2018 N624WP 560 Citation-Excel (Westrock Capital Partners LLC) careyvan208
13/10/2018 N460PM Pilatus PC-12 (P & M Aero LLC) careyvan208
29/09/2018 N444FX Learjet 45- (Flexjet LLC) careyvan208
19/09/2018 84-24375 King Air-C-12U (United States Army) careyvan208
09/09/2018 N758CX 750 Citation-X (Oxbow Aviation Leasing LLC) careyvan208
09/09/2018 N208BH Learjet 60 (RSH Consulting LLC) careyvan208
09/09/2018 N715WG Gulfstream G200 (La Costa Village Inc) careyvan208
09/09/2018 N530QS Cessna 680A Citation-Latitude (NetJets Sales Inc) careyvan208
09/09/2018 N716TA King Air B200 (B P Air LLC) careyvan208
09/09/2018 N508KD Citation-V (K-D Leasing Inc) careyvan208
03/09/2018 N62MW Challenger 300 (Hawley Acquisitions LLC) careyvan208
03/09/2018 N818BF Cessna 560 Citation-Ultra (Starlight Aviation LLC) careyvan208
25/08/2018 N506KM Casa 235 (MBD Ventures Inc) careyvan208
25/08/2018 N403SL 1126 Galaxy (S & L Aviation Partners LLC) careyvan208
25/08/2018 N290QS Dassault Falcon-2000 (NetJets Sales Inc) careyvan208
12/08/2018 N790A King Air 65-C90-1 (Ninety LLC) careyvan208