Pulkovo Airport

CitySt. Petersburg


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
28/08/2019 D-AIRS A321-131 (Lufthansa) LD019
28/08/2019 OH-LKN ERJ-190LR (ERJ-190-100 LR) (Finnair) LD019
28/08/2019 HB-JLP A320-214 (Swiss) LD019
28/08/2019 VQ-BKB 757-28A(WL) (Azur Air) LD019
22/08/2019 TS-INR A320-214 (Nouvelair Tunisie) LD019
22/08/2019 VP-BFZ A320-214 (Ural Airlines) LD019
22/08/2019 VQ-BAQ A319-111 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) LD019
22/08/2019 VQ-BFM A320-214 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) LD019
01/11/2018 D-AIUL A320-214(WL) (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
30/10/2018 D-AIUK A320-214(WL) (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
28/06/2018 EI-GES 777-31H(ER) (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) DT
28/06/2018 EI-XLJ 747-446 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) DT
28/06/2018 VP-BFF A321-211(WL) (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) DT
10/08/2014 EY-752 757-2Q8 (Tajik Air) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 D-AGWW A319-132 (Germanwings) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 OY-KBO A319-132 (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 VQ-BNA CRJ100ER (Rusline) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 VQ-BPO 737-524W (UTAir Aviation) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 RA-61706 An-148-100B (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 VQ-BHL A320-214 (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 P4-KDA A321-231 (Air Astana) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 OH-ATJ ATR72-212A (FlyBe Nordic) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 VQ-BLX 737-85P (Orenair (Orenburg Airlines)) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 EI-ETI A330-322 (I-Fly) Dougiehd
10/08/2014 VP-BNN A319-111 (Donavia) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 VQ-BBM A320-214 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 VQ-BEH A320-214 (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 D-AKNI A319-112 (Germanwings) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 VQ-BDY A320-214 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 G-EUXM A321-231 (British Airways) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 EI-UNR 777-212ER (Transaero Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 EI-XLJ 747-446 (Transaero Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 EI-EYL A319-111 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 EI-EYS A320-214 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 RA-61702 An-148-100B (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 VQ-BAV A319-111 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 EI-ETP A319-112 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 VQ-BRS A321-211W (UTAir Aviation) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 VQ-BAR A319-111 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
09/08/2014 VQ-BNR A320-214 (Yamal Airlines) Dougiehd
28/03/2013 OY-KAN A320-232 (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) BHSkeie
31/05/2008 D-AGWF A319-132 (Germanwings) SVG
31/05/2008 EI-DNA 757-231 (Blue Panorama Airlines) SVG
31/05/2008 RA-85171 Tu-154-M (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) SVG
31/05/2008 RA-85791 Tu-154-M (Yakutiya) SVG
31/05/2008 OY-KBB A321-231 (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) SVG
31/05/2008 SE-LEB Fokker 50 (Skyways) SVG