Lafayette Regional Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
14/12/2016 N690L King Air B200- (Air Med Services LLC) erdni
14/12/2016 N777FD 757-222 (Federal Express (FedEx)) Franzen
14/12/2016 N777FD 757-222 (Federal Express (FedEx)) erdni
14/12/2016 N408UP 757-24APF (United Parcel Service (UPS)) erdni
05/06/2015 N164UP A300F-622R (United Parcel Service) richy279
05/06/2015 N939AE ERJ-145-LR (American Eagle) richy279
05/06/2015 N859AS CRJ200-ER (Delta Connection) richy279
08/03/2015 N11199 ERJ-145-XR (ExpressJet Airlines) richy279
26/02/2015 N976AS MD83 (Ryan International Airlines) richy279
13/02/2015 N21197 ERJ-145XR (Delta Connection) richy279
01/11/2008 N442XJ Saab 340-B (Delta Connection) careyvan208
01/11/2008 60-0324 KC-135-KC-A (USAF United States Air Force) careyvan208
01/11/2008 N437UP 757-24APF (United Parcel Service) careyvan208
01/11/2008 N638AE ERJ-145LR (American Eagle) careyvan208
01/11/2008 N334CJ Saab 340-B (Seaborne Airlines) careyvan208
01/11/2008 N875GA MD82 (Allegiant Air) careyvan208
01/11/2008 N489FE 727-227 (Federal Express) careyvan208
01/11/2008 N932AX DC-9-33CF (ABX Air) careyvan208
01/11/2008 N481FE 727-227 (Federal Express) careyvan208
27/10/2001 N15823 ATR42-320 (Continental Expr mg) careyvan208
27/10/2001 N244AS EMB-120-RT (Delta Connection) careyvan208
27/10/2001 N370AM Saab 340-B (American Eagle) careyvan208
27/10/2001 N14930 ERJ-145ER (Delta Connection) careyvan208
30/09/2000 63-8032 KC-135-KC-A (United States Air Force) careyvan208
30/09/2000 N39PH King Air-200C (TriState CareFlight LLC) careyvan208
17/09/1999 N388AE Saab 340B (American Eagle) erdni
17/09/1999 N74VF 650 Citation-III (Vernon E. Faulconer Inc) erdni
17/09/1999 N469UP 757-24APF (United Parcel Service (UPS)) erdni
17/09/1999 N767MC King Air 65-C90 (GSS LLC) erdni
17/09/1999 N118MD DHC-2 Beaver- (Hudson Flight LLC (Pampa TX)) erdni
17/09/1999 N99SC Gulfstream IV- (SS Platinum LLC) erdni
17/09/1999 N928FE Cessna Caravan-208B (FedEx-Baron Aviation) erdni
17/09/1999 N786FE Cessna Caravan-208B (FedEx-Baron Aviation) erdni
04/05/1996 90-0409 Beech 400T-1A (United States Air Force) careyvan208
04/05/1996 84-0128 00.07.85-C-21A (United States Air Force) careyvan208
25/09/1993 84-0077 C-21A (United States Air Force) careyvan208
25/09/1993 61-0635 CT-39A(265) (United States Air Force) careyvan208
25/09/1993 84-0065 C-21A (United States Air Force) careyvan208
25/09/1993 84-0143 King Air-C-12T (United States Army) careyvan208
25/09/1993 79-1711 DC-10-KCA (United States Air Force) careyvan208
25/09/1993 86-0017 C-5 Galaxy-M (United States Air Force) careyvan208
05/09/1993 73-1154 737-T43A (United States Air Force) careyvan208
26/09/1992 79-1711 DC-10-KCA (United States Air Force) careyvan208
11/10/1983 N221PH Sabre 40- (Petroleum Helicopters Inc) plumtim
11/10/1983 N137BC Learjet 25- (OFD Inc) plumtim
11/10/1983 N776G G-159 Gulfstream I- (CONOCO Inc) plumtim
11/10/1983 N75TP Learjet 55- (Tesoro Petroleum Corporation) plumtim