Saintes Th├®nac Airport

CitySt Pierre I


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
14/08/2012 F-CFYU Grob G 103 Twin Astir Glider () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-CIAI Grob G-102 Astir CS77 () R1nger
14/08/2012 D-4112 Dirks-Glaser DG-1000 Sailplane () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-CJPH Sportine Aviacija LAK-19 Glider () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-CGEG Centrair C101A Pegase Glider () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-GBVV Robin DR400-180R Remorqueur () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-GMKO Robin DR400-140B Dauphin () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-PTEK Jodel D112 Club () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-PLKE Europa XS () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-POII Jodel D119 DV Bebe () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-PJCO Jurca MJ2 Tempete () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-PMXA Jodel D113V () R1nger
14/08/2012 F-PJKN Jodel D112 Club () R1nger
20/09/2000 156 Super Mystere B.2 (French Air Force-Armee de lAir) srushness
20/09/2000 11/8-MC Mystere IVA (French Air Force-Armee de lAir) srushness
20/09/2000 B285 Centrair C-101A Pégase (French Air Force-Armee de lAir) srushness
20/09/2000 203 (F-TGDB) Jodel D.140C Mousquetaire (French Air Force-Armee de lAir) srushness