Murtala Muhammed International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
28/02/2020 9G-AET ERJ-145-LI (Africa World Airlines) eastflight
14/02/2020 TU-TSB A319-115(LR) (Air Cote d´Ivoire) eastflight
14/02/2020 5N-BWI 777-312 (Air Peace) eastflight
12/02/2020 G-VWAG A330-343 (Virgin Atlantic Airways) eastflight
12/02/2020 5N-BUJ 737-5L9 (Air Peace) eastflight
16/11/2019 TU-TSI DHC-8-402Q (Air Cote d´Ivoire) eastflight
15/11/2019 5N-BUU 777-31H (Air Peace) eastflight
15/11/2019 5N-BVE 777-21H(ER) (Air Peace) eastflight
04/10/2018 M-NHOI change of registration to 5N-ATA Company: Pacific Energy Corp. CL-605 () Geewizz
30/07/2018 ZS-SXJ A330-343 (South African Airways) kslcspotter
30/07/2018 TC-JNE A330-203 (Turkish Airlines) kslcspotter
30/07/2018 V5-ANL A319-112 (Air Namibia) kslcspotter
30/07/2018 CS-TFW A340-542 (Arik Air) kslcspotter
30/07/2018 N860NW A330-223 (Delta Air Lines) kslcspotter
30/07/2018 ET-ANH 737-7K9 (Asky Airlines (Togo)) kslcspotter
30/07/2018 PH-AKE A330-303 (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) kslcspotter
17/04/2018 5N-JRT 737-4Y0 (Allied Air Cargo) MetroJet
17/04/2018 5N-YSM 737-36N (Azman Air) MetroJet
17/04/2018 A7-AEA A330-302 (Qatar Airways) MetroJet
17/04/2018 ET-ANG 737-7K9 (Asky Airlines (Togo)) MetroJet
17/04/2018 LX-OCV 747-4R7F (Cargolux Italia) MetroJet
17/04/2018 5N-BQU 737-36N (Air Peace) MetroJet
17/04/2018 G-DHLF 767-3JHF(ER)(WL) (DHL Air) MetroJet
17/04/2018 5N-MJF 737-7GL(WL) (Arik Air) MetroJet
02/02/2018 A6-EGU 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) rhoward
02/02/2018 D-AIKL A330-343 (Lufthansa) rhoward
12/11/2017 ZS-XCK ATR 72-201 (Solenta Aviation) eastflight
11/11/2017 CS-TFM 777-212(ER) (Med-View Airlines) rhoward
21/10/2017 CS-TFM 777-212(ER) (Med-View Airlines) MetroJet
21/10/2017 5N-YSM 737-36N (Azman Air) MetroJet
21/10/2017 5N-FNE A319-113 (FirstNation Airways) MetroJet
21/10/2017 5N-MJJ 737-76N (Arik Air) MetroJet
21/10/2017 A6-EGM 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) MetroJet
21/10/2017 CS-TQU 737-8K2(WL) (EuroAtlantic Airways) MetroJet
21/10/2017 5N-MJH 737-7BD(WL) (Arik Air) MetroJet
21/10/2017 D-AIKM A330-343 (Lufthansa) MetroJet
21/10/2017 ET-ANI DHC-8-402NG (Ethiopian Airlines) MetroJet
21/10/2017 M-OEPL Dassault Falcon-900DX (Cloud Services Ltd) MetroJet
17/09/2017 ET-AOK 737-790 (Asky Airlines) eastflight
17/09/2017 9G-AFI ERJ-145LI (Africa World Airlines) eastflight
15/09/2017 ET-AQF DHC-8-402NG (Asky Airlines) eastflight
15/09/2017 TF-AMV 747-412 (Med-View Airlines) eastflight
15/09/2017 5N-BQO 737-36N (Air Peace) eastflight
15/09/2017 G-VFIZ A340-642 (Virgin Atlantic Airways) eastflight
15/09/2017 5N-RKT 737-4Q8 (Allied Air Cargo) eastflight
15/09/2017 5N-BQN 767-352(ER)(WL) (Med-View Airlines) eastflight
15/09/2017 CS-TFM 777-212(ER) (Med-View Airlines) eastflight