Madrid Barajas International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
09/02/2020 CP-3017 767-328(ER) (Boliviana de Aviacion (BoA)) tangoscar
09/02/2020 EC-MSN ATR 72-500 (72-212A) (Air Europa Express) tangoscar
09/02/2020 P4-LIG 737-7JF(BBJ) (Orion-X) tangoscar
09/02/2020 EC-NBO A350-941 (Evelop Airlines) tangoscar
09/02/2020 CS-DJH ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (TAP Express) tangoscar
09/02/2020 EC-NBD A319-112 (Volotea Airlines) tangoscar
08/02/2020 EC-NFQ A340-642 (Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas) tangoscar
10/12/2019 HB-IJK A320-214 (Swiss) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 F-GRHH A319-111 (Air France) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 CS-DJD ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (TAP Express) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 EC-NBX 787-9 Dreamliner (Air Europa) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 EI-EMD 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 EI-DWJ 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 N652UA 767-322(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 EI-EMP 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 D-AIZG A320-214 (Lufthansa) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 EC-MAA A330-302 (Iberia) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 CC-CXI 767-316(ER)(WL) (LATAM Airlines Chile) BravoCharlie92
10/12/2019 N796AV 787-8 Dreamliner (Avianca) BravoCharlie92
09/12/2019 EC-MFE 737-476 (Swiftair) BravoCharlie92
09/12/2019 N180DN 767-332(ER)(WL) (Delta Air Lines) BravoCharlie92
09/12/2019 N178DZ 767-332(ER) (Delta Air Lines) BravoCharlie92
09/12/2019 N661UA 767-322(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) BravoCharlie92
09/12/2019 HA-LWY A320-200 (Wizz Air) BravoCharlie92
09/12/2019 B-7878 787-9 Dreamliner (Air China) BravoCharlie92
08/12/2019 HZ-AR11 787-9 Dreamliner (Saudi Arabian Airlines) BravoCharlie92
08/12/2019 G-STBA 777-336(ER) (British Airways) BravoCharlie92
08/12/2019 EI-DWE 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) BravoCharlie92
08/12/2019 CC-BGK 787-9 Dreamliner (LATAM Airlines Chile) BravoCharlie92
08/12/2019 EC-NFP A340-642 (Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas) BravoCharlie92
20/11/2019 EC-NDA A320-271N(WL) (Vueling) BravoCharlie92
20/11/2019 EC-ILS A320-214 (Iberia) BravoCharlie92
20/11/2019 N194DN 767-332(ER)(WL) (Delta Air Lines) BravoCharlie92
20/11/2019 G-DHKZ 757-236 (DHL Air) BravoCharlie92
20/11/2019 G-BMRI 757-236 (DHL Air) BravoCharlie92
20/11/2019 N319UP 767-34AF(ER)(WL) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) BravoCharlie92
19/11/2019 F-HEPB A320-214 (Air France) BravoCharlie92
19/11/2019 EC-KYO ERJ-195LR (ERJ-190-200 LR) (Air Europa Express) BravoCharlie92
19/11/2019 EC-KTG A330-202 (Air Europa) BravoCharlie92
19/11/2019 EI-DYO 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) BravoCharlie92
19/11/2019 CS-TNJ A320-214 (TAP - Air Portugal) BravoCharlie92
12/11/2019 D-AIZW A320-214(WL) (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
11/11/2019 D-AIDL A321-231 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
09/11/2019 B-305X A350-941 (China Eastern Airlines) BravoCharlie92
08/11/2019 EI-FTY 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) BravoCharlie92
08/11/2019 EC-NCM A320-251N(WL) (Iberia) BravoCharlie92
08/11/2019 4X-EHD 737-958(ER)(WL) (El Al Israel Airlines) BravoCharlie92