Nuremberg Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
27/05/2019 D-CFAX Learjet 60 (FAI Rent-A-Jet) FerryPNL
27/05/2019 OE-IDG Challenger-604 (Global Jet Concept) FerryPNL
08/03/2019 C-FPBJ DHC-7-103 (Trans Capital Air) Plomi
05/09/2018 UR-WOG Dornier 328 JET-300 (AeroStar) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 HA-LTC A321-231(WL) (Wizz Air) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 EC-MVE A320-232(WL) (Vueling) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 D-AFAD Challenger-604 (FAI Airservice) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 M-SKSM BD-700-1A11 Global 5000 (Tekser Management Ltd) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 D-HDRU EC-135P2+ (DRF-Luftrettung GmbH) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 M-AGMF Bombardier-BD700 Global Express (9043) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 D-AFAU BD-700-1A10 Global Express (FAI Rent-a-Jet) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 D-CLUZ Learjet 60- (FAI Rent-a-Jet) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 D-AFAC Challenger-604 (FAI Rent-a-Jet) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 D-ABCD Challenger-604 (DC Aviation) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 D-BURO BD100 Challenger 300 (20256) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 G-RADY CRJ-200-ER Challenger 850 (TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 D-IDBA 390 Premier IA (Germania Express) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 N307KP Global Express- (K & P Aviation LLC) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 TC-KLC Learjet-60 (60-395) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 9H-VCE Challenger 350 (VistaJet Malta) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 T7-OKY Global 6000- (Private Operator) FerryPNL
05/09/2018 TC-AEK Learjer-60XR (60-401) FerryPNL
02/06/2018 EI-DLJ 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Tosca
02/06/2018 D-CGRC Learjet 35A (Jet Executive International Charter GmbH) Tosca
02/06/2018 M-AERO Dassault Falcon-2000 LX (Rirox Ltd) Tosca
02/06/2018 D-BADA Dornier 328 JET-310 (Aero-Dienst GmbH) Tosca
02/06/2018 CS-GLA BD-700-1A10-Global 6000 (Netjets Europe) Tosca
02/06/2018 HB-JBH Bombardier CSeries CS100-(BD-500-1A10) (Swiss) Tosca
02/06/2018 EI-RJD RJ85 (Cityjet) Tosca
02/06/2018 D-AHFT 737-8K5(WL) (TUIfly) Tosca
02/06/2018 D-ASTB A319-112 (Germania) Tosca
02/06/2018 TC-JTI A321-231(WL) (Turkish Airlines) Tosca
02/06/2018 N664AC Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XP (Aircraft Guaranty Corporation) Tosca
02/06/2018 D-ASTP A321-211 (Germania) Tosca
02/06/2018 PH-EZS ERJ-190-STD (ERJ-190-100) (KLM Cityhopper) Tosca
02/06/2018 D-ASTM A321-211 (Germania) Tosca
02/06/2018 EI-FIS 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Tosca
27/05/2018 D-BEAM Challenger 300 (Private Operator) erdni
27/05/2018 OK-JDM Learjet 60- (ABS Jets) erdni
26/05/2018 EI-FIS 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Tosca
26/05/2018 D-ABCD Challenger-604 (DC Aviation) Tosca
26/05/2018 G-LTSK CL-600-Challenger 605 (TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd) Tosca
26/05/2018 D-CURE Learjet 60-XR (Aero-Dienst GmbH) Tosca
26/05/2018 54+17 A400M-180 (German Air Force) Tosca
08/01/2018 D-AECB ERJ-190LR (ERJ-190-100 LR) (Lufthansa Cityline) DT
08/01/2018 D-HDRU EC135-P2+ (DRF-Luftrettung GmbH) DT
08/01/2018 I-PZZR Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XP (Aliparma SRL) DT