Oxford (Kidlington) Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
21/07/2021 N542GP Dassault Falcon 7X () hotel
20/07/2021 D-CSCE EMB-505-Phenom 300 (Luxaviation Germany) hotel
19/07/2021 D-COLO Cessna 525C Citation-Jet CJ4 (JK JetKontor AG) hotel
19/07/2021 OH-TFA EMB-505-Phenom 300 (Hendell Aviation Oy) hotel
18/07/2021 2-YOLO Cirrus SF50-VisionJet (Private Owner) hotel
18/07/2021 G-AWAZ Piper PA-28-R-180 Cherokee Arrow (Alan Michael Playford) hotel
18/07/2021 G-LFSI Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (Elliott Holdings) hotel
18/07/2021 G-ELKI Diamond DA40 () hotel
16/07/2021 N210BE Cessna 210 (Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee) hotel
10/07/2021 G-MIHD Agusta A109-S Grand (Myheli Ltd) hotel
09/07/2021 OE-FZA Cessna 510 Citation-Mustang (GlobeAir AG) hotel
09/07/2021 G-NJAA Cessna 560 Citation-Excel (Netjets Europe) hotel
09/07/2021 2-SHOT HAWKER 750XP () hotel
05/07/2021 G-CIZG Robinson R66 () hotel
05/07/2021 G-IMGP BAE 125 () hotel
05/07/2021 G-OARU Piper PA-28-R-201 Cherokee Arrow III (Hardman Aviation Ltd) hotel
04/07/2021 G-SMHA Falcon 7X (Concierge U Ltd) hotel
04/07/2021 ES-CKH Dassault Falcon-2000 (Fort Aero A/S) hotel
03/07/2021 N940PS Socata TBM-940 (Papa Sierra Aviation Inc Truste) hotel
03/07/2021 2-OOOX Dassault Falcon-2000 (Unknown) hotel
02/07/2021 G-RIDC Bell 429-Globalranger (National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc) hotel
02/07/2021 G-NJAC Cessna 560 Citation-Excel (Netjets Europe) hotel
02/07/2021 G-EIZO EC-120-B Colibri (Blok (UK) Ltd) hotel
02/07/2021 G-YOAA BK117 () hotel
30/06/2021 G-SPTT Diamond DA 40D Diamond Star (Acrobat Ltd) Gary Griffies
19/06/2021 G-PMCM Piper PA-46-600TP Meridian M600 (Executive Light Aircraft Leasing LLP) gazac
19/06/2021 G-TAMI Diamond DA 40-D Diamond Star (AJW Construction Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 G-LDGB Diamond DA 40-NG Diamond Star (TwinStar4Hire Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 G-LDGC Diamond DA 40-D Diamond Star (TwinStar4Hire Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 G-LDGF Diamond DA 42-NG Twin Star (TwinStar4Hire Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 G-DAKM Diamond DA 40-D Diamond Star (Keith MacDonald) gazac
19/06/2021 G-BXDB Cessna 206-F (Donald Alexander Howard) gazac
19/06/2021 G-CLLR Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (G-Hire Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 G-YVIP King Air B200 (Capital Air Ambulance Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 G-MRLB Dassault Falcon-900B (Voluxis Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 2-OOOX Dassault Falcon-2000 (Unknown) gazac
19/06/2021 2-RBLE Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XPi (Volare Aviation) gazac
19/06/2021 2-LVLY Challenger-604 (Eskimo Holdings Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 2-LCXO Jetstream 31-3112 (Firnas Airways) gazac
19/06/2021 2-RBTS Cessna 525B Citation-Jet CJ3 (2-RBTS Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 N51VE Gulfstream V (Bank of Utah Trustee) gazac
19/06/2021 9H-ART Challenger-601-3A (Air CM Global Ltd) gazac
19/06/2021 N113MH Swearingen SA-226T-Merlin II (MFH Aviation LLC (Portland OR)) gazac
19/06/2021 OO-STU Diamond DA 40-D Diamond Star (Barkley Consulting) gazac
19/06/2021 2-LATE Canadair CL-601-3A-Challanger (Private Operator) gazac
19/06/2021 2-OTWO Hawker 800XP (Private Operator) gazac
19/06/2021 2-GDEJ Hawker 800XPI (Private Operator) gazac