Oxford (Kidlington) Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
17/02/2021 M-ARIE Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XP (Surf-Air Ltd) hotel
15/02/2021 G-POLG EC-135-T2+ (Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire) hotel
15/02/2021 G-MINJ Diamond DA42 () hotel
10/02/2021 G-TAMI Diamond DA 40-D Diamond Star (AJW Construction Ltd) hotel
29/01/2021 HB-GLS King Air B200 (Lions Air) hotel
28/01/2021 N711LS Global 5000 (Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee) hotel
23/01/2021 G-LDGU Slingsby T67M200 Firefly (Leading Edge Aviation Ltd) hotel
22/01/2021 G-BRBA Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Over the Air Group Ltd) hotel
21/01/2021 G-AZFC Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (WLS Flying Group) hotel
21/01/2021 2-RBLE Hawker Beechcraft 125-750 (Unknown) hotel
18/01/2021 G-FRZN Agusta A109-S Grand (Iceland Foods Ltd) hotel
15/01/2021 G-LDGF Diamond DA 42-NG Twin Star (TwinStar4Hire Ltd) hotel
11/01/2021 G-SUEM Diamond DA 42-Twin Star (Susan Deborah Bell) hotel
11/01/2021 G-CSIX Piper PA-32-300 (Andrew James Hodge) hotel
03/01/2021 9H-VCA Challenger 350 (VistaJet Malta) hotel
31/12/2020 9H-VTD Global 6000 (VistaJet Malta) hotel
30/12/2020 CS-DXO Cessna 560 Citation-Excel (Netjets Europe) hotel
22/12/2020 G-HVRZ EC-120-B Colibri (Joel Spencer Tobias) hotel
20/12/2020 G-UAVA Piper PA-30-Twin Comanche (Marhel Management Ltd) hotel
20/12/2020 N57DG Cirrus SR-22T (Cirrus SR22T 2190 Inc Trustee) hotel
19/12/2020 G-TIJL AS355-NP Ecureuil II (Wycombe Helicopter Services LLP) hotel
19/12/2020 N365RE Cessna 340-A (Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee) hotel
19/12/2020 N100JS Dassault Falcon-2000EX (TVPX ARS Inc Trustee) hotel
19/12/2020 N147LK Cirrus SR-22 (N147LK Inc Trustee) hotel
17/12/2020 CS-REU Global 6000 (Lulworth International Trading Ltd) hotel
15/12/2020 G-FIFI Socata TB-20-Trinidad (The Foxtrot India Group) hotel
15/12/2020 G-EVEE R44-Raven (EFL Helicopters Ltd) hotel
15/12/2020 N907MM Cirrus SR-20 (Upwind Inc Trustee) hotel
15/12/2020 G-HRYZ Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee (Gama Engineering Ltd) hotel
15/12/2020 G-MPLA Cessna 182-T Skylane (Ainslie Aviation Ltd) hotel
15/12/2020 G-CIOY Beech 36-Bonanza (Bonanzair Ltd) hotel
15/12/2020 G-CLLR Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (G-Hire Ltd) hotel
15/12/2020 G-KOKO Cirrus SR-22T (Richard Kieran Fitzgerald) hotel
09/12/2020 G-OXFC Piper PA-34 (Oxford Aviation Academy (Oxford) Ltd) hotel
09/12/2020 G-WARV Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior III (Bickertons Aerodromes Ltd) hotel
05/12/2020 OO-PCJ Pilatus PC-12 (European Aircraft Private Club) hotel
03/12/2020 T7-FMS 525 CitationJet CJ1 (MyCitation GmbH & Co KG) hotel
24/11/2020 ZM500 Jupiter-HT.1 (Royal Air Force) hotel
23/11/2020 M-PMCN Cessna 525A Citation-Jet CJ2 (Continental Management Ltd) hotel
23/11/2020 N850BG Socata TBM-700 (Wren Aviation Inc Trustee) hotel
23/11/2020 G-KCMI Piper PA-46-600TP Meridian (British European Aviation Ltd) hotel
17/11/2020 LX-PCB Pilatus PC-24 (Jetfly Aviation) hotel
12/11/2020 G-DZKY Diamond DA 40D Diamond Star (Go 2 Aviation Ltd) hotel
31/10/2020 M-NREN EMB-505-Phenom 300 (Croxx Aviation) hotel
23/10/2020 CS-CHK Challenger 350 (Netjets Europe) hotel
22/10/2020 N200JB Challenger 300 (Wilmington Trust Co Trustee) hotel
22/10/2020 CS-PHI EMB-505-Phenom 300 (Netjets Europe) hotel