Penang International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
21/12/2015 9M-LNS 737-8GP(WL) (Malindo Air) javier747
09/06/2015 9M-AFV A320-216 (AirAsia) munsyi
09/06/2015 HS-TXD A320-232 (Thai Airways International) munsyi
13/12/2009 9M-MMF 737-4H6 (Malaysia Airlines) javier747
20/03/2008 B-LDH A300F-605R (Air Hong Kong) stpaddy
20/03/2008 9M-MQA 737-4H6 (Malaysia Airlines) stpaddy
20/03/2008 B-LDH A300F4-605R (Air Hong Kong) topshed30F
20/03/2008 HL7495 747-4B5 (Korean Air Lines) stpaddy
20/03/2008 N619FE MD-11F (Federal Express (FedEx)) stpaddy
20/03/2008 PK-LMT MD-82 (Wings Air) stpaddy
20/03/2008 9M-MGK Fokker 50- (Firefly Airlines) stpaddy
20/03/2008 9M-MGI Fokker 50- (Firefly) stpaddy
20/03/2008 B-LDH A300F4-605R (Air Hong Kong) ballymoss
16/03/2008 B-LDD A300F-605R (Air Hong Kong) stpaddy
16/03/2008 HS-ABD A320-216 (Thai AirAsia) stpaddy
16/03/2008 9M-AEB 737-3Y0 (AirAsia) stpaddy
16/03/2008 PK-KAO 737-284 (Kartika Airlines) stpaddy
16/03/2008 PK-KMD 737-4Y0 (Adam Air) stpaddy
16/03/2008 PK-LMO MD-82 (Lion Air) stpaddy
16/03/2008 B-LDD A300F4-605R (Air Hong Kong) ballymoss
14/03/2008 N615FE MD-11F (Federal Express (FedEx)) stpaddy
14/03/2008 N447UP 757-24APF (United Parcel Service (UPS)) stpaddy
14/03/2008 9M-MGD Fokker 50- (Firefly) stpaddy
14/03/2008 PK-LMS MD-82 (Wings Air) stpaddy
11/03/2004 HL7403 747-4B5F (Korean Air Lines) plumtim
11/03/2004 B-HNM 777-367 (Cathay Pacific Airways) plumtim
10/03/2004 PK-JGU 727-227 (Jatayu Air) plumtim
10/03/2004 B-17925 MD-90-30 (EVA Airways) plumtim
10/03/2004 9V-SVD 777-212(ER) (Singapore Airlines) plumtim
10/03/2004 B-18605 737-809(WL) (China Airlines) plumtim
10/03/2004 9M-AAC 737-3Q8 (AirAsia) plumtim
10/03/2004 PH-ZDD Fokker 50 (Air Andaman) plumtim
10/03/2004 PK-LMP MD-82 (Lion Air) plumtim
09/03/2004 9M-TGG 727-247 (Transmile Air Services) plumtim
09/03/2004 PK-LMS MD-82 (Lion Air) plumtim
09/03/2004 9V-SVH 777-212(ER) (Singapore Airlines) plumtim
09/03/2004 B-18601 737-809(WL) (China Airlines) plumtim
09/03/2004 PK-KKD 737-4Y0 (Adam Air) plumtim
09/03/2004 PK-JGM 727-223 (Jatayu Airways) plumtim
07/03/2004 D-ALCD MD-11-F (Lufthansa Cargo) plumtim
07/03/2004 9M-AAD 737-3Y0 (AirAsia) plumtim
07/04/1999 N627DH 727-277 (DHL-Continental Micronesia) mcloughlin196707
07/04/1999 9M-MMS 737-4H6 (Malaysia Airlines) mcloughlin196707
02/04/1999 N624DH 727-264 (COA Micronesia) mcloughlin196707
02/04/1999 9M-MQL 737-4H6 (Malaysia Airlines) mcloughlin196707