Gregorio Luperon International Airport

CityPuerto Plata


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
30/07/2016 HI999 Saab 340-B (ACSA Air Century) david2757
30/07/2016 N522HS Gulfstream II (Secure Aircorp Inc) david2757
02/05/2015 G-DAGJ Zenair-CH.601XL Zodiac (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-GLSA Evektor EV.97-Eurostar SL (LSA1 Group) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-CION P&M Quik-GT450 Lite (P&M Aviation Ltd) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-CIMH P&M Quik -Lite (P&M Aviation Ltd) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-CINH P&M QuikR (P&M Aviation Ltd) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-STEL Bristell-NG5 SpeedWing (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-CIMK P&M Quik-Lite (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-TIAC Sherwood Ranger XP (The Light Aircraft Company Ltd) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-OKUB Sherwood Kub (The Light Aircraft Company Ltd) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-CIKV Flylight Foxcub (Flylight Airsports Ltd) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-JHLP Flylight Dragon Chaser (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-TORO Skyranger Nynja 912S(1) (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-CINW Autogyro MTOSport (Rotorcraft Sales & Service Ltd) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-MVRI Pegasus XL-Q (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-JFAN P&M Quik (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-OASJ Thruster T600N-450 (G-OASJ Syndicate) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-MAUS Europa Aviation Europa (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-CHTI Van's RV.12 (Private) rshaw41459
02/05/2015 G-CIBZ Aeropro Eurofox 912S(1) (Private) rshaw41459
03/08/2014 N26210 737-824(W) (United Airlines) david2757
03/08/2014 N660AM 757-223W (American Airlines) david2757
03/08/2014 G-TUIA 787-8 (Thomson Airways) david2757
03/08/2014 N662JB A320-232 (JetBlue Airways) david2757
04/05/2014 G-BNHT Fournier RF-3 (G-BNHT Group) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-CPTR AutoGyro Calidus (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-CFAX C42 FB80 (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-MTYF Pegasus XL-Q (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-MABL P&M Quik GTR (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-DEFT CTSW (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-OROS C42 FB80 (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-CDEP Evektor EV-97 teamEurostar UK (Echo Papa Group) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-MYDT Thruster T300 (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-ODPJ VPM M16 Tandem Trainer (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-DECR P&M Quik R (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-NORA C42 FB UK (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-YROR Magni M24C Orion (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-CEMO P&M Quik GT450 (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-GTOM Alpi Pioneer 300 (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-PZPZ Pegasus Quantum 15-912 (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-CDMV Skyranger Swift (Private) rshaw41459
04/05/2014 G-BJMK Cremer Hot Air Free Balloon (Private) rshaw41459
03/05/2014 G-MMDF Southdown Sailwings Lightning Phase II/Wildcat 330 MkII (Private) rshaw41459
03/05/2014 G-CHSS C42 FB80 B (Private) rshaw41459
03/05/2014 G-GRYN AutoGyro Calidus (Private) rshaw41459
03/05/2014 G-CIJT Nynja 912S (1) (Private) rshaw41459