Ruzyn─ø International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
15/07/2017 OK-NFU ATR 72-500 (72-212A) (Czech Airlines (CSA)) oneworld100
15/07/2017 G-ECOI DHC-8-402Q (Brussels Airlines) oneworld100
15/07/2017 OK-TSH 737-804(WL) (SmartWings) oneworld100
30/06/2017 OK-MEL A319-112 (Czech Airlines (CSA)) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 OK-TVH 737-8Q8(WL) (Travel Service) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 OK-TSP 737-8KN(WL) (SmartWings) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 G-FBEH ERJ-195-LR (ERJ-190-200 LR) (Flybe) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 EW-252PA 737-524 (Belavia - Belarusian Airlines) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 OK-TSM 737-9GJ(ER)(WL) (Travel Service) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 SP-LDG ERJ-170-STD (ERJ-170-100) (LOT - Polish Airlines) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 EC-ILP A321-211 (Iberia) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 F-HMLJ CRJ-1000-EL (HOP!) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 EI-FRO 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 A6-FDM 737-8KN(WL) (flydubai) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 HA-LKG 737-8CX(WL) (Travel Service Hungary) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 EI-EXA 717-2BL (Volotea Airlines) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 EI-IKB A320-214 (Alitalia) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 OK-KFO ATR 42-500 (Czech Airlines (CSA)) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 EI-DEL A320-214 (Aer Lingus) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 OK-GFR ATR 72-500 (72-212A) (Czech Airlines (CSA)) davemh72uk
30/06/2017 HL7631 () davemh72uk
30/06/2017 HL7631 747-8B5 (Korean Air Lines) davemh72uk
15/06/2017 OK-TSI 737-9GJ(ER)(WL) (Travel Service) Swakeleys
15/06/2017 4X-EKO 737-86Q(WL) (UP) Swakeleys
31/05/2017 OK-NEP A319-112 (Czech Airlines (CSA)) Swakeleys
31/05/2017 OK-PET A319-112 (Czech Airlines (CSA)) Swakeleys
18/05/2017 OK-YBA A330-323X (Czech Airlines (CSA)) Keith Holden
18/05/2017 LX-GVV A319-115CJ (Global Jet Luxembourg) Keith Holden
16/05/2017 LN-RGE 737-86N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 HB-IOC A321-111 (Swiss) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 G-EZOT A320-214(WL) (Easyjet) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 G-EUYN A320-232 (British Airways) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 D-AILW A319-114 (Lufthansa) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 PH-BXH 737-8K2(WL) (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 TC-JPF A320-232 (Turkish Airlines) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 EW-253PA 737-524 (Belavia - Belarusian Airlines) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 N827MH 767-432(ER) (Delta Air Lines) davemh72uk
16/05/2017 LN-WDL DHC-8-402NG (Wideroe) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 OK-TVE 737-86Q(WL) (Travel Service) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 OE-LGN DHC-8-402NG (Austrian Airlines) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 OK-NEM A319-112 (Czech Airlines (CSA)) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 VP-BOG A320-214 (S7 - Siberia Airlines) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 EI-CSG 737-8AS(WL) (MIAT - Mongolian Airlines) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 OK-TSI 737-9GJ(ER)(WL) (Travel Service) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 VP-BIV A319-115 (Rossiya - Russian Airlines) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 SX-DVL A320-232 (Aegean Airlines) davemh72uk
28/04/2017 OK-MFT ATR 72-500 (72-212A) (Czech Airlines (CSA)) davemh72uk