Polokwane International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
06/09/2011 TC-IYA 727-2F2 (Inter-Air) Franzen
06/09/2011 ZS-SIM 737-244 (Inter Air) Franzen
06/09/2011 ZS-IJI 707-323C (Inter-Air) Franzen
06/09/2011 ZS-SIM 737-244 (Inter Air) erdni
06/09/2011 ZS-DIY 510 Mustang- (Royal Albatross Aviation Pty Ltd) erdni
06/09/2011 S9-BOE 727-22C (Air Gemini) erdni
06/09/2011 5N-BCY 727-235 (Freedom Air Svcs) erdni
06/09/2011 3D-AAJ 737-222 (Aero Africa) erdni
06/09/2011 TC-IYA 727-2F2 (Inter-Air) erdni
06/09/2011 3D-ITC 727-2F2 (Inter-Air Airlines) erdni
06/09/2011 ZS-IJK 727-61 (Inter-Air) erdni
06/09/2011 3D-AVC 727-251 (Naturelink Charter) erdni
06/09/2011 N25AZ 727-30 (Grecoair) erdni
06/09/2011 ZS-IJI 707-323C (Inter-Air) erdni
06/09/2011 ZS-JBR Pilatus PC-12- (Kapama Game Reserve (Pty) Ltd) erdni
06/09/2011 5Y-BNJ 707-336C (Grecoair) erdni
06/09/2011 3C-JZW 707-351C (Aero Zambia?) erdni
09/03/2003 5Y-BNJ 707-336C (Grecoair) erdni
09/03/2003 3D-JHL C-54-A-15-DC (TAC Air Svc) erdni
09/03/2003 EL-GPX 727-23 (Glider Ltd) erdni
09/03/2003 3C-JZW 707-351C (Aero Zambia?) erdni
09/03/2003 TC-IYC 727-2F2 (Air Memphis) erdni
09/03/2003 9J-AFW 737-202C (Aero Zambia) erdni
09/03/2003 ZS-IJI 707-323C (Inter-Air) erdni
09/03/2003 TC-IYC 727-2F2 (Air Memphis) Franzen
09/03/2003 ZS-MRU DC-3 (Naturelink) Franzen
09/03/2003 5Y-BNJ 707-336C (Grecoair) Franzen
09/03/2003 3C-JZW 707-351C (Aero Zambia?) Franzen
20/03/2000 ZS-IJI 707-323C (Inter-Air) Franzen
20/03/2000 EL-GPX 727-23 (Glider Ltd) Franzen
20/03/2000 9J-AFW 737-202C (Aero Zambia) Franzen
20/03/2000 ZS-IJI 707-323C (Inter-Air) erdni