Punta Cana International Airport

CityPunta Cana


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
11/02/2020 HP-1715CMP 737-8V3(WL) (COPA Airlines) Serge3
11/02/2020 LV-GVA 737-800(WL) (Aerolineas Argentinas) Serge3
11/02/2020 C-GTVF 737-8FH(WL) (Sunwing Airlines) Serge3
11/02/2020 C-GEZO A321-211 (Air Transat) Serge3
11/02/2020 N208WN 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) Serge3
11/02/2020 N637JB A320-232 (JetBlue Airways) Serge3
10/02/2020 N38458 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) Serge3
10/02/2020 OK-TVG 737-8Q8(WL) (SmartWings) Serge3
10/02/2020 C-GHLA 767-35H(ER) (Air Canada Rouge) Serge3
10/02/2020 C-GWSR 737-8CT(WL) (WestJet) Serge3
09/02/2020 C-GEWO 737-8K5(WL) (Sunwing Airlines) Serge3
09/02/2020 PR-XTA A350-941 (LATAM Airlines Brasil) Serge3
09/02/2020 C-GEZN A321-211 (Air Transat) Serge3
08/02/2020 N68880 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) Serge3
08/02/2020 OO-JAV 737-8K5(WL) (Miami Air International) Serge3
08/02/2020 C-GUBT A330-243 (Air Transat) Serge3
08/02/2020 N911DQ 737-900(ER)(WL) (Delta Air Lines) Serge3
08/02/2020 G-FDZY 737-8K5(WL) (Sunwing Airlines) Serge3
08/02/2020 N38458 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) Serge3
08/02/2020 C-FMLZ 767-316(ER)(WL) (Air Canada Rouge) Serge3
08/02/2020 N993NN 737-823(WL) (American Airlines) Serge3
08/02/2020 C-GKVU 737-86N(WL) (Sunwing Airlines) Serge3
07/02/2020 G-TUIA 787-8 Dreamliner (TUI Airways) Serge3
07/02/2020 C-GUBT A330-243 (Air Transat) Serge3
07/02/2020 N68822 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) Serge3
07/02/2020 C-GSAT A310-308 (Air Transat) Serge3
07/02/2020 C-GLRN 737-800(WL) (TUI Airways) Serge3
06/02/2020 N386DA 737-832(WL) (Delta Air Lines) Serge3
05/02/2020 HB-JHQ A330-343 (Edelweiss Air) Serge3
05/02/2020 OK-TVX 737-8Z9(WL) (SmartWings) Serge3
04/02/2020 C-FMWV 767-333(ER)(WL) (Air Canada Rouge) Serge3
22/08/2019 C-GEZN A321-211 (Air Transat) Mathega
22/08/2019 C-GHLQ 767-36N(ER)(WL) (Air Canada Rouge) Mathega
22/08/2019 C-GOCD 737-800(WL) (WestJet) Mathega
22/08/2019 CC-CQM A320-233 (LATAM Airlines Chile) Mathega
22/08/2019 EC-LNH A330-243 (Wamos Air) Mathega
22/08/2019 F-GZNN 777-328(ER) (Air France) Mathega
22/08/2019 F-HPUJ A330-323 (Air Caraibes) Mathega
22/08/2019 HP-1533CMP 737-8V3(WL) (COPA Airlines) Mathega
22/08/2019 HP-1526CMP 737-8V3(WL) (COPA Airlines) Mathega
22/08/2019 HP-1561CMP ERJ-190-AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) (COPA Airlines) Mathega
22/08/2019 HI956 BAe -Jetstream 3201 (ACSA Air Century SA) Mathega
22/08/2019 N124US A320-214 (American Airlines) Mathega
22/08/2019 N529JB A320-232 (JetBlue Airways) Mathega
22/08/2019 N570WN 737-7CT(WL) (Southwest Airlines) Mathega
22/08/2019 N190JB ERJ-190AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) (JetBlue Airways) Mathega
22/08/2019 N739GB 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) Mathega