Don Torcuato Airport

CityDon Torcuato


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
13/01/1999 LV-APL 551 Citation-II/SP (Banco Macro S. A.) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-WHV King Air 65-E90 (Starman S.A.) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-WMG King Air 65-C90A (Aero Federal SA) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-WPG King Air B300 (350)- (Las Matildes Flights S.A.) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-YCS King Air B200- (Per Trans S.A.) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-ZNR 550 Citation-II (Banco General de Negocios SA) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-VHO King Air 65-B90 (Pertrans S.A.) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-ZNU Cessna Caravan-208B (Transportes Bragado SA) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-WZR King Air 65-E90 (VIP Air Servicios Aereos) erdni
13/01/1999 ZP-TJW King Air 65-E90 (Goya S.A.) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-WJP King Air 65-C90 (Air Service S.A.-Andes Aviacion S.A.) erdni
13/01/1999 N2WU Rockwell 1121- (Fair Sky Corporation) erdni
13/01/1999 LV-WXD 551 Citation-II/SP (Digital Air Taxi S. A.) erdni
01/01/1970 LV-ZSL Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (Private) Skyhawk
01/01/1970 LV-X210 Rearwin 8500 Sportster (Private) Skyhawk
01/01/1970 LQ-LSU MBB Bo105CBS-5 (Argentina - Police of Buenos Aires) Skyhawk
01/01/1970 LQ-BJE Robinson R22 Beta (Argentina - Police of Buenos Aires) Skyhawk
01/01/1970 H-10 Bell UH-1H Iroquois (Argentina - Air Force) Skyhawk
01/01/1970 83-0497 Beechcraft C-12D Huron (United States - US Air Force (USAF)) Skyhawk