San Bernardino International Airport

CitySan Bernardino


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
23/11/2020 N477NA BAe 146-200 (Neptune Aviation Services) TWACSA
23/11/2020 N137CG 737-3H4(WL) (Coulson Aviation) TWACSA
23/11/2020 UR-CNN Antonov An-12BK (Cavok Air) TWACSA
23/11/2020 VH-VNO A320-232 (Tigerair Australia) TWACSA
08/08/2020 UR-CJN Antonov An-12-B (Cavok Air) TheArcticBeluga
15/06/2020 N522AX DC-10-30 (10 Tanker Air Carrier) jcla
21/01/2020 PR-GIG 737-73S (GOL Transportes Aereos) Jens67
21/01/2020 N946BC 737-73W(BBJ) (Boeing Company) Jens67
21/01/2020 N859AA 727-223 (American Airlines) Jens67
21/01/2020 HS-TEC A330-321 (Thai Airways International) Jens67
21/01/2020 N574UA 737-86B (Unical Aviation) Jens67
21/01/2020 05-0730 C-40C Clipper (United States Air Force) Jens67
21/01/2020 N293UP MD-11 (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Jens67
21/01/2020 TC-OCC A330-322 (Onur Air) Jens67
21/01/2020 HS-TEK A330-322 (Thai Airways International) Jens67
21/01/2020 TC-OCA A330-322 (Onur Air) Jens67
21/01/2020 N612AT 737-7BX (Contrail Aviation Support) Jens67
21/01/2020 N280UA 777-237(LR) (Unical Aviation) Jens67
21/01/2020 N165TS 727-223 (Bank of Utah Trustee) Jens67
21/01/2020 N612AX DC-10-30ER (Omni Air International) Jens67
21/01/2020 N928NK A320-271N(WL) (Spirit Airlines) Jens67
21/01/2020 VT-JEQ 777-35R(ER) (Jet Airways) Jens67
21/01/2020 F-OJTN A340-313 (Air Tahiti Nui) Jens67
27/12/2019 PR-GIG 737-73S (GOL Transportes Aereos) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N947BC 737-73W(BBJ) (Boeing) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N946BC 737-73W(BBJ) (Boeing Company) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 B-5155 737-8K5(WL) (China Southern Airlines) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 JA8419 737-54K (ANA Wings) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 JA8500 737-54K (ANA Wings) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N612AT 737-7BX (Contrail Aviation Support) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N693UA 737-5L9 (Unical Aviation) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N972EX 737-505 (Jetran) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N579UA 737-73V(WL) (CFM Materials LP) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N966UA 737-54K (Unical Aviation) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 JA8198 777-281 (All Nippon Airways) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 JA8943 777-346 (Japan Airlines) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 JA8967 777-281 (All Nippon Airways) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 OE-IIJ 777-35R(ER) (DVB Bank) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 B-16412 747-45E (EVA Airways) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 B-18205 747-409 (China Airlines) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 JA8324 767-381 (All Nippon Airways) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 JA8578 767-381 (All Nippon Airways) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N112TU 767-381 (ANA Trading Corporation) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N573UA 767-346 (Unical Aviation) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 JA8404 737-54K (ANA Wings) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N164TS 727-227 (Bank of Utah Trustee) p.loughnane
27/12/2019 N815EA 727-225 (Capital Cargo International Airlines) p.loughnane