Southend Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
07/09/2020 EI-STN 737-4Q8 (ASL Airlines Ireland) drummerboy83
29/08/2020 EI-STU 737-4M0 (ASL Airlines Ireland) ollym2015
29/08/2020 EI-GXJ 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) ollym2015
10/08/2020 G-EZIM A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
10/08/2020 G-EZDK A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
10/08/2020 G-EZFV A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
10/08/2020 G-EZUA A320-214 (easyJet) D9013
10/08/2020 G-EZEH A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
10/08/2020 OE-LQK A319-111 (easyJet Europe) D9013
10/08/2020 EI-GSG 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) D9013
27/07/2020 G-JOTD BAe 146-300QT (JOTA Aviation) ollym2015
22/07/2020 EI-GSG 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) Denniswhite
22/07/2020 G-UZLA A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) Denniswhite
17/07/2020 EI-STK 737-448 (ASL Airlines Ireland) Denniswhite
14/07/2020 G-SMLA BAe 146-200 (JOTA Aviation) joshuahayden9
07/06/2020 G-UZHV A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZTR A320-214 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZUS A320-214 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-UZLA A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZWH A320-214(WL) (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZTT A320-214 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-UZME A321-251NX(WL) (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZIY A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZBV A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZAP A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZBK A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZBH A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZIX A319-111 (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-EZWG A320-214(WL) (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-UZHX A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-UZHW A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) D9013
07/06/2020 G-LCYW ERJ-190-LR (ERJ-190-100 LR) (BA Cityflyer) D9013
07/06/2020 G-LCYP ERJ-190-SR (ERJ-190-100 SR) (BA Cityflyer) D9013
07/06/2020 G-LCYL ERJ-190-SR (ERJ-190-100 SR) (BA Cityflyer) D9013
07/06/2020 EI-GSH 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) D9013
07/06/2020 EI-GXH 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) D9013
02/06/2020 G-EZWG A320-214(WL) (easyJet) drummerboy83
28/05/2020 G-UZLA A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) drummerboy83
19/05/2020 2-TBMI Socata TBM-700N (TBM Aviation Ltd) Wicklady
19/05/2020 2-TBMI Socata TBM-700N (TBM Aviation Ltd) Wicklady
19/05/2020 G-UZHK A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) crewboyneo
19/05/2020 G-UZHV A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) crewboyneo
19/05/2020 G-UZHW A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) crewboyneo
19/05/2020 G-UZHX A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) crewboyneo
19/05/2020 G-UZLH A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) crewboyneo
18/05/2020 G-UZME A321-251NX(WL) (easyJet) ollym2015
18/05/2020 G-UZHW A320-251N(WL) (easyJet) drummerboy83