Seychelles International Airport

CityMahe Island


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
09/09/2019 A6-CJE A319-115(CJ) (Emirates) Dougiehd
09/09/2019 F-ONGA 737-89M(WL) (Air Austral) Dougiehd
09/09/2019 ZS-TGY 737-5Y0 (Africa Charter Airline) Dougiehd
05/06/2019 S7-SIL A320-232 (Air Seychelles) Dougiehd
04/06/2019 A6-SSV ERJ-135BJ Legacy (Empire Aviation Group) Dougiehd
04/06/2019 S7-IDC Beech 1900D (Seychelles Islands Development Co) Dougiehd
03/06/2019 6V-AFW ATR 42-300 (ASECNA) Dougiehd
03/06/2019 TC-JIL A330-202 (Turkish Airlines) Dougiehd
03/06/2019 T7-ARG Gulfstream G550 (Luxaviation Germany) Dougiehd
03/06/2019 A7-ACI A330-202 (Qatar Airways) Dougiehd
03/06/2019 S7-LDI DHC-6-400 Viking Air (Air Seychelles) Dougiehd
03/06/2019 S7-PRN DHC-6-400 Viking Air (Air Seychelles) Dougiehd
15/10/2018 A6-EPC 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) rhoward
20/02/2017 SP-WOI BD-700-1A10 Global Express (Flyjet) Pyaseki
20/06/2016 A6-EBW 777-36N(ER) (Emirates) eastflight
28/05/2016 A6-EBY 777-36N(ER) (Emirates) eastflight
28/05/2016 A6-EIX A320-232(WL) (Etihad Airways) eastflight
23/04/2016 A6-EPC 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) eastflight
23/04/2016 4X-ECD 777-258(ER) (El Al Israel Airlines) eastflight
23/04/2016 S7-AAR DHC-6-300 (Air Seychelles) eastflight
28/02/2016 S7-CUR DHC-Viking Air 6-400 (Air Seychelles) Timgade
03/10/2013 MP-CG-1 Dornier 228 (Mauritius Coast Guard) Dougiehd
03/10/2013 S7-AAI F406 Caravan II (Government of The Seychelles) Dougiehd
03/10/2013 S7-AAF DHC-6-300 (Air Seychelles) Dougiehd
03/10/2013 S7-PRI Shorts 360 (Air Seychelles) Dougiehd
01/10/2013 S7-AAU BN-2A Islander-2A-21 (IDC Aircraft - Islands Development Company) Dougiehd
01/10/2013 S7-AAR DHC-6-300 (Air Seychelles) Dougiehd
01/10/2013 5Y-FFD ERJ-190-AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) (Kenya Airways) Dougiehd
01/10/2013 S7-AAJ DHC-6-300 (Air Seychelles) Dougiehd
01/10/2013 S7-CUR DHC-Viking Air 6-400 (Air Seychelles) Dougiehd
09/05/2010 5Y-KYE 737-8Q8(WL) (Kenya Airways) DeMo Bo