San Francisco International Airport

CitySan Francisco


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
13/04/2018 N17229 737-824(WL) (United Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N866AS CRJ-200-ER (SkyWest Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N66814 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N78448 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N68836 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N157UW A321-211 (American Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N797SK CRJ-702-ER (United Express) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N68811 737-924(ER)(WL) (United Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 HB-JNF 777-3DE(ER) (Swiss) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 TF-WOW A330-343 (Wow Air) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 ZK-OKN 777-319(ER) (Air New Zealand) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N806UA A319-131 (United Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N951WN 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 B-7588 777-31B(ER) (China Southern Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N893UA A319-132 (United Airlines) hawaiian717
13/04/2018 N925EV CRJ-200ER (SkyWest Airlines) hawaiian717
08/04/2018 N8310C 737-8H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) ChesterCasey
24/03/2018 N270WN 737-700 (Southwest Airlines) MasterKEK
24/03/2018 N8683D 737-800 (Southwest Airlines) MasterKEK
24/03/2018 B-7365 777-300ER (China Eastern Airlines) MasterKEK
24/03/2018 N7705A 737-700 (Southwest Airlines) MasterKEK
24/03/2018 N412WN 737-700 (Southwest Airlines) MasterKEK
24/03/2018 N227FR A320 (Frontier Airlines) MasterKEK
13/03/2018 N791SW 737-7H4(WL) (Southwest Airlines) ChesterCasey
30/01/2018 N8536Z 737-800(WL) (Southwest Airlines) ChesterCasey
21/12/2017 N104NN A321-231(WL) (American Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 N630VA A320-214 (Virgin America) rhoward
21/12/2017 N303AS 737-990 (Alaska Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 N854VA A320-214 (Virgin America) rhoward
21/12/2017 N818DA 737-932(ER)(WL) (Delta Air Lines) rhoward
21/12/2017 N38268 737-824(WL) (United Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 B-5903 A330-243 (China Eastern Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 B-2029 777-31B(ER) (China Southern Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 N8545V 737-800(WL) (Southwest Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 B-KQE 777-367(ER) (Cathay Pacific Airways) rhoward
21/12/2017 N562AS 737-890(WL) (Alaska Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 N361VA A320-214(WL) (Virgin America) rhoward
21/12/2017 N461AS 737-990(ER)(WL) (Alaska Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 N627VA A320-214 (Virgin America) rhoward
21/12/2017 N636VA A320-214 (Virgin America) rhoward
21/12/2017 N217NN ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) (American Eagle) rhoward
21/12/2017 HL8007 777-3B5(ER) (Korean Air Lines) rhoward
21/12/2017 N824UA A319-131 (United Airlines) rhoward
21/12/2017 C-GHOZ 767-375(ER) (Air Canada) rhoward
21/12/2017 N637VA A320-214 (Virgin America) rhoward
21/12/2017 D-AIMB A380-841 (Lufthansa) rhoward
21/12/2017 N901AA A321-231(WL) (American Airlines) rhoward