Stavanger Airport

CitySola, Stavanger


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
14/09/2020 G-RJXH ERJ-145EP (Loganair) Flygalen
13/09/2020 HA-LJB A320-271N(WL) (Wizz Air) BHSkeie
12/09/2020 HA-LJC A320-271N(WL) (Wizz Air) Flygalen
12/09/2020 G-DHKP 757-223(WL) (DHL Air) Flygalen
12/09/2020 LN-WID DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) Flygalen
12/09/2020 SE-RUB A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Flygalen
12/09/2020 HA-LXJ A321-211(WL) (Wizz Air) BHSkeie
12/09/2020 LN-FTD Cessna 172S Skyhawk (Flyteknisk AS) BHSkeie
12/09/2020 HA-LJC A320-271N(WL) (Wizz Air) BHSkeie
12/09/2020 HA-LXV A321-231(WL) (Wizz Air) BHSkeie
11/09/2020 SE-ROP A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Flygalen
10/09/2020 OO-LUM Dassault Falcon-7X (Belgian Air Force) Flygalen
08/09/2020 SE-ROY A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Flygalen
08/09/2020 LN-WIG DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) Flygalen
07/09/2020 LN-ONW Sikorsky S-92A (Bristow Norway AS) BHSkeie
07/09/2020 LN-OIA Sikorsky S-92A (Bristow Norway AS) BHSkeie
05/09/2020 G-BMRI 757-236 (DHL Air) Flygalen
05/09/2020 HA-LJD A320-271N(WL) (Wizz Air) BHSkeie
05/09/2020 SE-ROK A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) BHSkeie
04/09/2020 PH-TFM 787-8 Dreamliner (TUI Airlines Netherlands) Flygalen
04/09/2020 SE-ROL A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) BHSkeie
03/09/2020 LN-NGS 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Flygalen
01/09/2020 4576 P-3-N (Royal Norwegian Air Force) Flygalen
30/08/2020 EI-GEF CRJ-900-ER (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Flygalen
30/08/2020 EI-GED CRJ-900-ER (Cityjet) Flygalen
24/08/2020 SE-ROJ A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Flygalen
22/08/2020 HA-LXT A321-231(WL) (Wizz Air) BHSkeie
22/08/2020 EI-FPR CRJ-900LR (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) BHSkeie
22/08/2020 0275 Agusta AW101-612 Merlin (Royal Norwegian Air Force) BHSkeie
21/08/2020 LN-SAA Cessna 680A Citation Latitude (Luftambulansetjenesten) BHSkeie
21/08/2020 LN-RGE 737-86N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) BHSkeie
21/08/2020 PH-EZT ERJ-190STD (ERJ-190-100) (KLM Cityhopper) BHSkeie
20/08/2020 0264 Agusta AW101-612 Merlin (Royal Norwegian Air Force) BHSkeie
20/08/2020 PH-EZK ERJ-190STD (ERJ-190-100) (KLM Cityhopper) BHSkeie
19/08/2020 LN-TUJ 737-705(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) BHSkeie
19/08/2020 LN-PFG Diamond DA 42NG Twin Star (Pilot Flyskole AS) BHSkeie
18/08/2020 OY-RUF ATR 42-500 (Danish Air Transport (DAT)) BHSkeie
17/08/2020 SE-ROK A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Flygalen
16/08/2020 SE-DOZ A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Flygalen
16/08/2020 D-AALF 777-FZN (AeroLogic) BHSkeie
15/08/2020 LN-BSC Super King Air B200GT (Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance AS) BHSkeie
15/08/2020 LN-OQI Sikorsky S-92A (CHC Helikopter Service AS) BHSkeie
15/08/2020 G-BMRA 757-236 (DHL Air) BHSkeie
13/08/2020 HA-LJA A320-271N(WL) (Wizz Air) Flygalen
11/08/2020 HA-LJE A320-271N(WL) (Wizz Air) Flygalen
11/08/2020 5607 C-130J-30 Hercules (Royal Norwegian Air Force) BHSkeie
10/08/2020 N769CS 560 Citation-Encore+ (Cessna Finance Corporation) Flygalen