Samui Airport

CityNa Thon (Ko Samui Island)


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/03/2019 HS-PPA A319-132 (Bangkok Airways) dabfz
21/07/2016 HS-PPB A319-132 (Bangkok Airways) Hitman69
21/07/2016 B-8271 Gulfstream G450- (Nanshan Corporate Jets Ltd) Hitman69
21/07/2016 HS-PZC ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Bangkok Airways) Hitman69
21/07/2016 HS-PPN A319-132 (Bangkok Airways) Hitman69
21/07/2016 HS-PPG A319-131 (Bangkok Airways) Hitman69
21/07/2016 B-6212 A319-115 (Lucky Air) Hitman69
21/07/2016 HS-PZB ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Bangkok Airways) Hitman69
21/07/2016 HS-PPA A319-132 (Bangkok Airways) Hitman69
21/07/2016 HS-ATS King Air B200- (Aeronautical Radio of Thailand) Hitman69
21/07/2016 HS-PPF A319-131 (Bangkok Airways) Hitman69
18/07/2016 HS-PGZ A319-132 (Bangkok Airways) Hitman69
06/05/1999 HS-PGF ATR 72-202 (Bangkok Airways) mcloughlin196707
09/04/1999 HS-PGH ATR 72-212 (Bangkok Airways) mcloughlin196707
09/04/1999 HS-PGD ATR 72-202 (Bangkok Airways) mcloughlin196707
28/03/1999 HS-PGE ATR 72-202 (Bangkok Airways) FBBHaegar
28/03/1999 HS-PGG ATR 42-320 (Bangkok Airways) FBBHaegar
28/03/1999 HS-PGH ATR 72-212 (Bangkok Airways) FBBHaegar
28/03/1999 HS-PGA ATR 72-202 (Bangkok Airways) FBBHaegar
28/03/1999 HS-PGF ATR 72-202 (Bangkok Airways) FBBHaegar
28/03/1999 HS-PGD ATR 72-202 (Bangkok Airways) FBBHaegar
24/03/1999 HS-PGB ATR 72-202 (Bangkok Airways) FBBHaegar