Adelaide International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
01/11/2019 ZK-NZR 787-9 Dreamliner (Air New Zealand) Teeroy08
26/10/2019 ZK-NZL 787-9 Dreamliner (Air New Zealand) Teeroy08
31/08/2019 VH-IQR BD-700-1A10 Global Express (ExecuJet Australia) Goodybub
20/07/2019 VP-CPP CRJ-200-LR (Peak Pacific Global) Teeroy08
20/07/2019 B-6532 A330-223 (China Southern Airlines) Teeroy08
20/07/2019 UR-82009 An-124-100 (Antonov Design Bureau) Teeroy08
20/07/2019 VH-JDN Pilatus-PC-12 (RFDS) Teeroy08
14/07/2019 ZK-OKG 777-219(ER) (Air New Zealand) Teeroy08
14/07/2019 VH-OZV Merlin III (Sharp Airlines) Teeroy08
14/07/2019 B-HLQ A330-343 (Cathay Pacific Airways) Teeroy08
14/07/2019 ZK-TLL 737-484 (Airwork) Teeroy08
14/07/2019 VH-SFW BAe 146-200QT (Pionair Australia) Teeroy08
14/07/2019 VH-SFV BAe 146-200QT (Pionair Australia) Teeroy08
14/07/2019 VH-OYN -Merlin III (Sharp Airlines) Teeroy08
01/04/2019 VH-FMM Pilatus PC-12-47E (Pilatus Australia (Pty) Ltd) Teeroy08
01/04/2019 VH-STE Pilatus-PC-12-47E (Pilatus Australia (Pty) Ltd) Teeroy08
31/03/2019 N1BB Gulfstream -G-V (Bollinger Shipyards Lockport LLC) Teeroy08
31/03/2019 VH-ESM Learjet 35A (Raytheon Australia (Pty) Ltd) Teeroy08
31/03/2019 PK-YGR Hawker-800XP (Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines) Teeroy08
31/03/2019 VH-OYB Merlin II (Pearl Aviation Australia (Pty) Ltd) Teeroy08
31/03/2019 VH-MAV Aerocommander-AC50 (WETTENHALL AIR SERVICE PTY LTD) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 A39-003 A330-203MRTT (Royal Australian Air Force) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 A39-006 A330-202 (Royal Australian Air Force) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 M-ETAL P.180 Avanti II (GFG Aviation Ltd) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 VH-LYM Cessna 650 Citation-VII (Business Aviation Solutions Pty Ltd) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 VH-VGF A320-232 (Jetstar Airways) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 VH-ICK -P.180 Avanti II (ICM Australia Pty Ltd) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 VH-CXJ Learjet 45 (Careflight (QLD) Ltd) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 VH-IYG 525A Citation-Jet II (T & R Pastoral Pty Ltd) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 VH-VAT Pilatus PC-12 (Maltings Nominees (Pty) Ltd) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 VH-CBZ King Air-200C (Curtain Niugini Purchasing (Pty) Ltd) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 VH-LQR King Air B200 (Altitude Flight Operations (Pty) Ltd) Teeroy08
30/03/2019 A7-ALP A350-941 (Qatar Airways) Teeroy08
27/03/2019 VH-TQV Cessna-C208 (Private) Teeroy08
27/03/2019 VH-VOE Cessna -C404 (Private) Teeroy08
27/03/2019 VH-YFG 737-8FE(WL) (Virgin Australia) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-VXR 737-838(WL) (Qantas) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-VFY A320-232(WL) (Jetstar Airways) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-FKV Fokker 50-300 (Alliance Airlines) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-YFV 737-8FE(WL) (Virgin Australia) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-VXK 737-838(WL) (Qantas) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-FKX Fokker 50 (Alliance Airlines) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-VYZ 737-838(WL) (Qantas) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-VOT 737-8FE(WL) (Virgin Australia) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-VZT 737-838(WL) (Qantas) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-VNH A320-232 (Tigerair Australia) optimanred
27/03/2019 VH-VXT 737-838(WL) (Qantas) optimanred