Zürich Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
02/05/2021 N27964 787-9 Dreamliner (United Airlines) jetbirdme
02/05/2021 9V-SMH A350-941 (Singapore Airlines) jetbirdme
02/05/2021 D-ARMY ERJ-135BJ Legacy 650E (Air Hamburg) jetbirdme
02/05/2021 C-FGEI 787-9 Dreamliner (Air Canada) jetbirdme
02/05/2021 9H-VJY Global 6000 (VistaJet Malta) jetbirdme
02/05/2021 HB-JWC Challenger 650 (Swiss Air Ambulance) jetbirdme
02/05/2021 D-IBTA Super King Air B200GT (Brose Fahrzeugteile) jetbirdme
02/05/2021 OE-GKW Gulfstream G100 (Tyrol Air Ambulance GmbH) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 EC-MMG A330-202 (Iberia) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 A7-ALK A350-941 (Qatar Airways) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 TC-LJO 777-F (Turkish Airlines) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 TC-LSE A321-271NX(WL) (Turkish Airlines) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 SP-LVC 737-8 MAX (LOT - Polish Airlines) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 VQ-BHC 737-800(WL) (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 HB-AZG ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Helvetic Airways) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 HB-AZA ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Helvetic Airways) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 HB-AZF ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Helvetic Airways) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 HB-AZH ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Helvetic Airways) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 HB-AZC ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Helvetic Airways) jetbirdme
01/05/2021 HB-JDC A320-271N(WL) (Swiss) jetbirdme
11/04/2021 HB-JVM ERJ-190LR (ERJ-190-100 LR) (Helvetic Airways) Matt_b
11/04/2021 HB-JCF A220-300 (Swiss) Matt_b
11/04/2021 HB-JNL 777-300(ER) (Swiss) Matt_b
11/04/2021 N45905 787-8 Dreamliner (United Airlines) Matt_b
11/04/2021 HB-JCO A220-300 (Swiss) Matt_b
04/04/2021 TC-SEM 737-8HC(WL) (SunExpress) swrmd11
27/03/2021 TC-ACF 747-481 (ACT Airlines) swrmd11
27/03/2021 D-AICR A320-214 (Condor) swrmd11
27/03/2021 HB-JMI A340-313 (Swiss) swrmd11
17/03/2021 SP-DLB ERJ-135BJ Legacy (Blue Jet) swrmd11
02/01/2021 A6-ECX 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) swrmd11
02/01/2021 LY-VTA CRJ-200-LR (KlasJet) swrmd11
22/12/2020 A6-EQF 777-300(ER) (Emirates) 508spotter
21/11/2020 HB-JNH 777-300(ER) (Swiss) swrmd11
21/11/2020 G-ZBJC 787-8 Dreamliner (British Airways) swrmd11
21/11/2020 EC-MAA A330-302 (Iberia) swrmd11
21/11/2020 A6-EQM 777-300(ER) (Emirates) swrmd11
21/11/2020 A7-BEB 777-3DZ(ER) (Qatar Airways) swrmd11
21/11/2020 9V-SMG A350-941 (Singapore Airlines) swrmd11
21/11/2020 HB-JNE 777-3DE(ER) (Swiss) swrmd11
21/11/2020 HB-JPA A321-271NX(WL) (Swiss) swrmd11
21/11/2020 TC-SON 737-86J(WL) (SunExpress) swrmd11
21/11/2020 HB-JDB A320-271N(WL) (Swiss) swrmd11
21/11/2020 HB-JPB A321-271NX(WL) (Swiss) swrmd11
21/11/2020 TC-ACR 747-428F(ER) (ACT Airlines) swrmd11
21/11/2020 N44CE Gulfstream IV- (Evergreen Executive Holdings LLC) swrmd11
21/11/2020 D-AAHB BD-700-1A10 Global Express (MHS Aviation (Germany)) swrmd11