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Mismatch registration <-> correct airline/type subject to date of sighting

Posted by peachA on 20 February 2015 - 16:24:48
3 posts, 1684 aircraft seen at 12 airports. Local Airport: Not specified

Hi, I just came across plane logger and was very delighted about a page like this, as it something I had looked for already. But while trying a few logs of my 30 year-spotting career I founded mistakes which make the datebase not very useful. I had amazingly few registrations not found, so this was ok in principle. But: I had a lot of mismatches to the correct airline or type in matter of the date seen. Example:

01/09/1984 G-BBMG BAC 1-11-408EF is matched to Birmgham European although the registration history is correct and should read as British Airways:

  • Not Seen It G-AWEJ Channel Airways 10/05/68 Left Fleet
  • Not Seen It G-BBMG British Airways 18/10/73 Left Fleet
  • Seen It! G-BBMG Birmingham European 07.02.90 Left
  • Not Seen It G-BBMG Brymon European Airways 11.92 Left Fleet
  • Not Seen It G-BBMG Maersk Air UK 1.08.93 Left Fleet
  • Not Seen It ZS-OAH Nationwide Airlines r8.04.97

Another Example: 01/09/1984 D-AICH is matched to A320-212 Condor, delivered in 1999, instead of D-AICH A310-203 Lufthansa, which had this reg back in 1984. The Lufthansa A310 is correctly in the database ...

It seems, that the database does not match correctly the date of sighting to the appropriate date in the registration history.

Could you please check this?

Best regards peachA

Posted by anorak48 on 20 February 2015 - 18:07:28

re D-AICH if a mismatch occurs enter the reg in the search bar one by one as multiple entries always go to the active aircraft. If the reg has been re-used. no matter what type of aircraft. I had the same problem with LX-LGF SE210 Caravelle Luxair it went to LX-LGF Dhc-8 Luxair when i entered it . that is the trouble with re-used regs. all you can do is delete the mismatch and then do the search.

Re the Bac-1-11 enter what you want in the corrrections blog if it doesn't match what you require and it will be addressed asap. by one of the editors.


and welcome to the site.

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Posted by anorak48 on 20 February 2015 - 18:29:03

Been and checked G-BBMG the information is correct. the dates with / i entered the dates with . was already in the database when i joined the site. did you see it as BAW on 01/09/84


Posted by peachA on 20 February 2015 - 21:00:44
3 posts, 1684 aircraft seen at 12 airports. Local Airport: Not specified

Thanks for the quick answer. Yes, I used multiple entries, as creating a log of about 17.000 registration one by one or even just checking the mismatches would be out of question for me. I expected, that the database matches the registration with the help of the given date, not the actual date. As the data exists in the database it would be "just" a matter of programming. If you have re-used regs or if the reg of one frame is used by different airlines: check automatically the date of sighting and take the appropriate database entry. I am not a database specialist, but it sounds not very difficult.

The database regarding D-AICH and G-BBMG is correct (as far as I know), the match gave me just the wrong airlines/types. I have seen G-BBMG as BAW in 1984, as it is in database. BTW, in this case it didn't match the active aircraft (as it is not active ;-) ) neither the last active aircraft. Instead it matched the second of four operators. Why?

May be this is a feature you might put on your to do-list, as it would be very helpful and for me a "must" if I want to use plane logger.


Posted by anorak48 on 20 February 2015 - 21:23:29

i am just the editor not admin or owner of the site. i have question for you is the SR in the foillowing meant to be RA- or CCCP SR86502,SR76534,SR86911.

all you can do if you get a mismatch is delete it and do a manual search. i cant say no more than that. thats what i had to do when i added mine.


Posted by peachA on 20 February 2015 - 21:58:24
3 posts, 1684 aircraft seen at 12 airports. Local Airport: Not specified

I used SR as an abbreviation for the cyrillic CCCP, so all three are CCCP-regs.

Posted by anorak48 on 20 February 2015 - 23:21:42

entered the above plus G-BOAZ they can be found at the following





to link to your entry you will have delete and click on the link here


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Admin Posted by nighthawk on 24 February 2015 - 21:02:41
377 posts, 197 aircraft seen at 20 airports. Local Airport: CAX

Hi PeachA,

Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it.

Unfortunately the database we have at the moment has been assembled from a number of sources, and as such the data is not always consistent or reliable. Not all records have a complete date field, so unfortunately we can't rely on that too much.

At present the "add multiple" feature only works for active registrations, or historic registrations where only a single hit is returned. If this doesn't happen, then there is no way of telling which reg you wanted to log, so instead the system will reject it, and you'll need to search for it and add it that way.

Our excellent team of data editors are working hard to process the database and make it as consistent as possible, so in future we may be able to take a look at using the date field as you describe.

Happy logging, and if you have any more comments or questions ask away :)

Posted by anorak48 on 25 February 2015 - 23:27:12

to schepper911 T17-3 is in the DB as T.17-3 and can be found here



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