A recent article in Zimbabwean newspaper reported that "Proflight Zambia" had suspended service to HRE due to forex problems. Search here has nothing for "Proflight Zambia", but there is a listing for "Proflight" of 9J-PCS, J31-3201, which shows up in a search of Google Images. Company's website - https://proflight-zambia.com/corporate/about-us.php#fleet -doesn't show this one, but has a number of other types. The real mystery is another image on Google showing what looks like an older B737 in a July 2018 article in Bulawayo 24 News - https://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-national-byo-139988.html - reporting that "Proflight Zambia" was due to make its first flight to HRE. Difficult to make out the reg. no. of the plane pictured but could be ZS-SMG, which has changed hands many times, but not reported as owned by Proflight, and not shown in the fleet list on their website. Can anyone provide further info?