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Flybe enters Administration

Posted by Swakeleys on 05 March 2020 - 09:50:55



Another sad day for British aviation with the collapse into Administration of Flybe. See:


Admin Posted by nighthawk on 05 March 2020 - 13:24:02
Local Airport: CAX

indeed it is, however it wasn't entirely unexpected.

They've been on the ropes for years.. i think it's time they were laid to rest. Others will expand to pick up the slack.. who knows, we may even see a new airline created to add some competition - perhaps Virgin Connect, set up as a whole new entity without all the debt.

Posted by Swakeleys on 08 March 2020 - 19:08:50

Loganair has announced it will take up to 16 former Flybe routes. See:


Admin Posted by nighthawk on 09 March 2020 - 18:25:54
Local Airport: CAX

I cant help but wonder where the aircraft are going to come from - surely they cant have enough spare capacity lying around to operate all these new routes?

Posted by Swakeleys on 20 October 2020 - 11:57:51

Thyme Opco has bought the assets of Flybe. See:


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