Hi guys. Has it been ever discussed here to include a section of the aircraft status (active/stored/left fleet/scrapped) to the list on "my sightings" page? Next to each particular registration number? Since the aircraft page already includes that info (massive help), maybe it would be possible?

I believe it would be a great addition. Ever since I did my personal logbook of almost 900 regs photographed in a period of five years, I wanted to keep track of each aircraft' status but doing it manually, while possible to do for the first time, it's then impossible to update regularly with the number of planes I have (To do this, I would have to search every particular registration through online databases to write the status to an excel document, so you can easily figure out how time-consuming this is).

Now, with this site, that's the only thing I'm missing, especially since it includes both civilian and military planes. I appreciate all the hard work that was already put into this, however, I thought I'd still throw that idea out there for your consideration.

Greetings, Kuba.