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Update and Addition requests - CIVIL aircraft (11)

Posted by DT on 12 August 2020 - 05:49:49

Hi everyone,

again in short time the previous one has filled up with requests with many still needing to be done. So I have started round 11 here.

IMPORTANT: I will be off starting Saturday for a much needed holiday (no flights though) so please bear with me that it will take some time to get old stuff done and do not flood this one here too much.



Premium Posted by Erazkiel on 12 August 2020 - 09:22:04
Local Airport: GVA

Enjoy your holidays :)

Posted by Swakeleys on 12 August 2020 - 17:09:08

Hi Dennis,

On you return could you please add the following:


See: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1699546




See: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1661590

Private Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III N344AC C/N 28R-7803350

See: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1174625


See: https://www.jetphotos.com/registration/G-MDAM


See: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1247358

For full registration history of British aircraft see: https://siteapps.caa.co.uk/g-info/

I'll try and keep further requests to a minimum until you're back. Enjoy the time off!


Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 12 August 2020 - 18:11:26
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Hope you enjoy your time away. I'll wait until your return before jamming the inbox full with requests.

Regards Brian

Posted by DT on 13 August 2020 - 07:58:20

Hi Alan,

request 03 August 2020 - 06:58:34 has been added.



Posted by DT on 13 August 2020 - 08:04:00

Hi Marcin,

request 03 August 2020 - 16:56:28 has been added.



Posted by DT on 13 August 2020 - 08:05:51

Hi Dimitar,

request 03 August 2020 - 21:18:32 has been added.



Posted by DT on 13 August 2020 - 08:12:22

Hi Matthew,

request 04 August 2020 - 16:50:15 has been added.



Posted by DT on 13 August 2020 - 09:27:06

Hi John,

request 04 August 2020 - 16:54:37 has been added.



Posted by DT on 13 August 2020 - 10:18:57

Hi erdni,

request 05 August 2020 - 08:11:44 has been added.



Posted by DT on 13 August 2020 - 10:34:10

Hi Brian,


05 August 2020 - 20:13:46

06 August 2020 - 20:26:50

and 06 August 2020 - 20:32:32

have been added.



Posted by DT on 13 August 2020 - 13:41:52

Hi Steve,

request 07 August 2020 - 07:21:27 has been added.

And there is no D-HFFJ helicopter. You most probably mean D-HRFJ which has already been marked "seen" by you!



Posted by Hitman69 on 13 August 2020 - 13:54:41
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis,

The helicopter must be a slip on my part. Enjoy your time off.

Posted by dabchick on 13 August 2020 - 15:03:54
Local Airport: Not specified

Hello Dennis.

Thank you for my last adds. Trust you had a great break from all our requests.

At your convenience can you please kindly add for me:-

G-AXUI HP137 Jetstream 222

G-ASXJ Luton Minor PFA801

G-SAMZ Cessna 150 150-60536

G-SEEK Cessna T210 210-64579

Many thanks in advance, Ian

Posted by Mbae146 on 13 August 2020 - 22:07:00
Local Airport: Not specified

Hello Dennis,

Enjoy your holiday ūüėÄ‚úąÔłŹ


Posted by DT on 14 August 2020 - 06:27:53

Hi Marcin,

request 07 August 2020 - 08:37:38 has been added.



Posted by DT on 14 August 2020 - 08:33:51

Hi Mike,

request 07 August 2020 - 08:38:06 has been added.



Posted by DT on 14 August 2020 - 10:16:40

Hi erdni,

request 07 August 2020 - 11:02:38 has been added.

I have to admit that spotting is rare right now but DUS is home airport. I usually also go to the GAT area as it is easy to reach with the car. Have to look out for you next time ;-) Drinks are of course gladly accepted haha.

Versuche den zweiten Post gleich auch noch.

Alles Gute!


Posted by DT on 14 August 2020 - 12:09:00

Hi erdni,

did it. Request 07 August 2020 - 12:23:58 has been added.

The history is very helpful as I just need to quickly re-check it and then can copy it into the database. Thanks!



Posted by erdni on 14 August 2020 - 18:16:12

Hi Dennis

That's bad news in a double pack.

I was desperately hoping my copy work was not helpful because it's so time consuming. Well, whom do I tell this? Jetzt komm ich aus der Nummer nicht mehr raus. I'm trapped.

Secondly I was hoping you wouldn't finish my request before going on holiday since politeness and patience are not often mentioned when it comes to a characterization of my persona. Now I must try to refuse to put the next request in here right now. This is hard, especially because I'm such a dyslexic when it comes to computers and the plus of work made me teach myself a new technique of copying,that somehow went wrong. A couple of registrations I prepared got lost, but you didn't forget them. They never got in here I just found out. I'll try again right now to improve my skills, not expecting any work to be done on them in months. Feel free to move this request behind all others that go in here before you restart working on them fully recovered..

Pardon me.and expect a warme Mahlzeit to come with your drinks.

Notebook 03/2013 ‚Äď 04/2014:

N3755P L-100-30 382-5032 now Prescott Support

An-2T Construction Number:1 078 473 02

Last Civil Registration:D-FONL

Latest Owner or Location:Teuge International Airport, Teuge, Gelderland

0 May 1957 Taken on Strength/Charge with the Nationalen Volksarmee (National Peoples Army) with s/n 888.

30 July 1990 To Interflug with c/r DDR-SKL.

3 October 1990 To unknown owner with c/r D-FONL.

N253CS 737-5H6 26446 mityped in DB as N253SC photoproof on jetphotos.com

PH-GER Fokker 50 20110 probably SAMCO in MST in between SE-LEL and 5Y-SKN

N162AT, N164AT and N194AT all L1011s still carry these regs std in RKT never been OB- anything

EX-151 An-12BP 3341606 S Group Aviation

ex LZ-SFI asd June 2004 Air Sofia>Ethiopian Airlines

LZ-SFI dd Jun 2004 Air Sofia

ER-ADN rg 10/99 - 6/04 operating for DHL Tiramavia Ltd

RA-11328 rrg 3/93 Russia NAPO

CCCP-11328 dd 11/91 USSR MAP

CCCP-11328 mfd 11/63 Mongolia Air Force

UR-CTO Il-76TD 1013409295

Ex UP-I7601 Mar 2018 Sigma Airlines

UP-I7601 by 2009 Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

Air Almaty.ZK

YL-LAJ Inversija

RA-76820 Dobrolet Airlines

RA-76820 ATRAN

RA-76820 Aeroflot 1992

CCCP-76820 Aeroflot 27/02/1992

RA-76403 IL-76 1023412414 Air Company Continent 12/2009

ex UP-17620 rrg 7/08 Asia Continental Airlines

UN-76025 dd 10/07 Asia Continental Airlines

EW-241TH dd 6/06 Gomelavia

RA-76403 dd 7/04, ceased operations 10/08 TESIS

RA-76403 dd 6/01 Ilavia

RA-76403 dd 7/98 East Line Airlines

RA-76403 dd 3/94 Vladivostok Air

CCCP-76403 dd 7/92 Aeroflot

UP-I7636 IL-76 0093496923 dd 9/09 Air Trust Aircompany Kazakhstan

ex RA-76786 dd 6/05 Russian Sky

RA-76786 leased 7/98 East Line Airlines

RA-76786 dd 7/94 Domodedovo Airlines

RA-76786 leased 9/92 Pacific Express

CCCP-76786 dd 9/90 Aeroflot

UR-PAS An-12AP 2401105 Veteran Air

3X-GDF An-26 3504

ex EK-26640 Air Highnesses

RA-26640 Special Cargo Airlines?

CCCP-26640 Soviet Air Force

RA-76846 Il-76T 0093497936 Aviacon Zitotrans

ex EP-TPU 1999-2009 Payam Aviation Services

RA-76791 1996 Samara Airlines

RA-76791 1993 TESIS

CCCP-76791 1989-1993 Aeroflot

RA-76489 Il-76 TD 0083485554 Russian Sky by 11/2011

ex RA-76489 rrg by 6/02 Aram Air, stored VKO at VARZ-400 since 2002 less engines

EP-RAM leased 1/01 Aram Air

RA-76489 dd 2/98 Atlant-Soyuz Airlines

RA-76489 North East Cargo Airlines (SVGAL)

CCCP-76489 dd 7/88 Aeroflot

UP-I7621 Il-76 0013434018 East Wing

ex UN-76004 GST Aero

EP-ALJ Atlas Aviation Group

RA-86896 Russian Federation Air Force

YI-YAA Afghanistan Air Force

CCCP-86896 Soviet Air Force

EX-019 An-24RV 77310710 Phoenix Aviation

ex ST-ING ?

YR-BMO Tarom 04/04/1991

TC-FPB TH Tasmaciligi 25/05/1990

YR-BMO Tarom 18/07/1977

ST-AWR Il-76TD 0033447365 Alfa Airlines

ex ST-AWR Tarco Air

ST-AWR East West Cargo

RDPL-34138 Euro Asia Aviation dd late 2002

76562 Ukraine Air Force 21/03/1997

CCCP-76562 Soviet Air Force in Aeroflot cs 29/08/1983

Lost from last list by misadventure:

UR-CMD Ilyushin IL-76TD 0053460832 ALPHA AIR dd 10/16 expired 2/2017

ex UR-CMD dd 8/19/14 ELERON Eleron (–≠–Ľ–Ķ—Ä–ĺ–Ĺ)

ER-IAB rg 3/13 Jet Star Moldova

3X-GGY by 8/11 with whom?

RDPL-34163 dd 3/10 Lao Capricorn Air

UP-I7610 rrg 10/08 Skylink Arabia

UN-76030 rg 10/07 SkyLink Arabia Skylink Arabia

ER-IBY returned 12/06 Airline Transport Inc

EX-065 leased by 5/05 Tiramavia Tiramavia Ltd

ER-IBY by 8/04 Airline Transport Inc

RA-76482 rrg 1/93 - 8/03 wfu Aeroflot

CCCP-76482 dd 7/85 Aeroflot

EW-383TH Ilyushin IL-76TD 1013405177 Rubystar Air Enterprise dd02.201410081

ex EY-608 by 2012

EK-76808 by 4/11 Rus Aviation

EY-602 rg 10/07 Click Airways

EX-108 by 2/06 Click Airways

4L-GLL rg 2009

RA-76808 leased 06/00, ceased operations 10/08 TESIS (Baikal Airlines)

RA-76808 rg 1/93 Baikal Airlines

CCCP-76808 dd 8/91 Aeroflot

Thanks in advance, and make sure the restaurant,bar etc. of your choice is a posh one.

Happy Holidays, take care and just in case: Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Posted by Jota3cl on 16 August 2020 - 05:11:08
Local Airport: WLG

Hi Dennis,

Hope you had / are having an enjoyable break and thanks again for all your work. When you can, please add the following:

Mountain Helicopters Fox Glacier Limited

ZK-HCC = McDonnell Douglas 369E (s/n 0220E). Previously N1622X and N1601X

ZK-HKY = Aerospatiale AS 355 F1 (s/n 5123). Previously N909CH and N5792Y

ZK-HYO = Eurocopter AS 350 B2 (s/n 4409). Previously 9M-AZA

Southern Alps Air Limited

ZK-DXZ = Cessna U206F (s/n U20602976). Previously N2497Q

ZK-FMA = Cessna A185F (s/n 18503513). Previously N2177Q

ZK-JMS = Cessna U206F (s/n U20601838). Previously ZK-PDZ, ZK-DFW and N9638G

ZK-MLF = Gippsland GA8 (s/n GA8-04-063). Previously VH-KNP and VH-YAH

ZK-WMF = Gippsland GA8 (s/n GA8-02-022). Previously VH-CCI

The Northland Emergency Services Trust

ZK-HQC = Sikorsky S-76C (s/n 760743). Previously C-FYDD, PR-CHP, C-FYDD and N743N

ZK-HQO = Sikorsky S-76C (s/n 760711). Previously C-FWOX, PR-CHM, C-FWOX and N757Y

ZK-IAL = Sikorsky S-76A (s/n 760133). Previously N76LP, N56EH, VP-BJF, VR-BJF and SX-HBE

ZK-IKM = Sikorsky S-76A (s/n 760106). Previously VH-XHA, B-7306, VH-XHA, N9046U, ABLE-10 (RJAF) and 730 (RJAF)

ZK-ISJ = Sikorsky S-76A (s/n 760012). Previously VH-CFH, VH-SHW, N4237S, XB-RXV, N4237S, VH-JQI, N4237S, R01 (RJAF), ABLE-1 (RJAF) and N4237S

Best regards


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Premium Posted by Jens67 on 16 August 2020 - 09:04:35
Local Airport: LUX

Hi Dennis,

could you pls add UP-85701 Kazakhstan Air Force Boeing 757-2M6ER which I spotted in Novosibirsk yesterday ? DISREGARD found it as UP-B5701 !!! BTW it has Kazakhstan Air Force titles on the fuselage....

Thx a lot Brgds Jens

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Premium Posted by Jens67 on 16 August 2020 - 09:06:03
Local Airport: LUX

Hi Dennis,

another interesting BIZJET spotted in HKG : VP-CYA BD700.Global Express Pls add.

Thank you Jens

Posted by grovebiker on 16 August 2020 - 09:42:15
Local Airport: CEG


Could you please add : G-SAPM Socata TB-20 Trinidad seen Gloucester to Liverpool yesterday.

Many thanks, David Pennill

Posted by greeny73 on 17 August 2020 - 01:20:46
Local Airport: MEL

Hi Dennis,

Hope you are well.

Got a few more to be added when you have a moment!




VH-AWE Beech G36

VH-BZQ Beech E33

Cheers, Andy

Posted by olympus593 on 17 August 2020 - 03:41:09
Local Airport: Not specified


Little correction needed.

PP-JAQ is listed as C208, but actually is a Beech Bonanza A36, BE36, s/n E-2242 with a Private owner.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Jolly67 on 17 August 2020 - 17:42:37
Local Airport: LHR

Hi Dennis

Wishing you a happy and relaxing hol!

Here are some additions for the database:

G-EMOL : Schweizer 269C-1 C/N 0300

G-AVNS : Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C/N 28-4129

G-MPLA : Cessna 182T Skylane c/n 18281686

G-BFZM : Rockwell Commander 112TCA C/N 13191

The following were all seen preserved at Bournemouth Aviation Museum:

G-BBFC : Grumman American AA-1B Trainer C/N AA1B-0245

G-BKRL : Chichester-Miles Leopard C/N 001

LX-ARS : Grumman American AA-1B Trainer 2 c/n 0556

G-BOUT : Colomban MC-12 Cri-Cri (Cricket) C/N 12-0135

G-BFZR : Gulfstream American AA-5B Tiger C/N AA5B-0979

G-BEYF : HPR.7 Herald-401 - cockpit only

G-CEAH : 737-229 - fuselage only

Many thanks


Premium Posted by Jens67 on 20 August 2020 - 05:11:59
Local Airport: LUX

Hi Dennis ,

could you pls add Twin Otter DHC6-400 N600MH Blade Leasing LLC which I spotted in ANC ?

Thx and take care Jens

Premium Posted by sherror on 20 August 2020 - 13:56:37
Local Airport: NWI

Hi Dennis

Should the 5 A300 Beluga's come under Airbus Transport International (which was formed in 1996 specifically for these aircraft) rather than Airbus Industries.

That would tie in with the A330 Beluga then.


Premium Posted by bosshep on 21 August 2020 - 02:11:27
Local Airport: LGB

Good evening/morning Dennis,

Just an update on Interjet SSJs, the following need to return to active status after verifying they are flying (and saw one in person):


The other three active on the list are accurate. Thanks as always, Tim

Premium Posted by BHSkeie on 21 August 2020 - 12:28:28
Local Airport: SVG

Hi Dennis

LN-PFG Diamond DA42 NG, msn 42.N369, Pilot Flight Academy


Posted by geoffj53 on 23 August 2020 - 22:22:45
Local Airport: FFD

Hi Dennis,

Could you please add/update the following:

CCCP-04102 Mil Mi-10 Harke c/n 01-02 Aeroflot, to Mil Mi-10UPL in 1966

G-ASNL Sikorsky S-61N c/n 61-220 British European Airways Helicopters, 02/10/1969 - 31/10/1983 to USA as N4503E 11/1983, to N220WW 11/2010-07/2016 US State Dept, to N626CK 12/16 - current Croman Corp, ex PH-SBH Schreiner Northsea Helicopters 07/1968 - 10/1969, G-ASNL British European Airways Helicopters, 31/12/1963 - 09/07/1968

G-ASNM Sikorsky S-61N c/n 61-221 British European Airways Helicopters, w/o 15/11/1970, ex PH-SBC Schreiner Northsea Helicopters 13/01/1969 - 02/01/1970 and G-ASNM British European Airways Helicopters 04/02/1964 - 13/01/1969

G-ATUE Viscount 812 c/n 357 Channel Airways regd 3/05/1966 wfu 28/02/1972 and std EGMC until 28/05/1972, ferried to EGNX and regd to Alidair 13/06/1972, used for spares, b/u 03/1977 and moved to Wilnecote, Staffs and scr 03/1978

G-ASHZ ATL-98 Carvair c/n 9/27249 Aviation Traders 06/1963, British United Air Ferries 07/1963 "Maasbrug", British Air Ferries 10/1967 "Fat Annie", sold to USA as N89FA Falcon Airways 06/1979, Mercantile National Bank of Dallas 03/1980, James Blumenthal 12/1982, Custom Air Service 03/1987, Academy Airlines 12/1996, leased Custom Air Service 12/2000, Gator Global Flying Services 01/2003, South African Air Lease 13/03/2012, currently stored

G-ARZH Pa-25-235 Pawnee c/n 25-2026 ADS Aerial, regd 06/04/1964, dbr 02/08/1969, regn canxd as destr 01/08/1970, ex CSE Aviation 04/07/1962 - 03/04/1964

G-ATTZ Pa-25-235 Pawnee c/n 25-3746 ADS Aerial, regd 02/05/1966, to Kenya 18/06/1975

Many thanks, Geoff

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Posted by hotel on 25 August 2020 - 10:42:37
Local Airport: OXF

Hi Dennis

could you please add

G-JNRE Cessna 525A 525A-0043

thanks Andy

Posted by Jolly67 on 27 August 2020 - 15:22:53
Local Airport: LHR

Hi Dennis

Please can these be added to the lists:

G-XSFT : Piper PA-23-250 Aztec - already listed but reg needs to be updated

G-PSRT : Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior C/N 28-7615225

G-BUJM : Cessna 120 C/N 11784

N2177G : Cessna 182A Skylane C/N 51477

G-BGXT : Socata TB-10 Tobago C/N 40

G-BOOE : Gulfstream American GA-7 Cougar C/N GA7-0093

G-OWOW : Cessna 152 C/N 152-83199

G-BEFA : Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior C/N 28-7615416

G-BJSZ : Piper L-4H Grasshopper (J3C-65D) C/N 11874

D-ECFE : Oberlerchner Job 15-150 C/N 058

N114AT : Rockwell Commander 114B C/N 14619 - already listed but reg update required.

G-BTMK : Cessna R172K Hawk XP C/N R172-2787

G-SNUZ : Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II C/N 28-8416021

G-BRPH : Cessna 120 C/N 12137

G-BUHZ : Cessna 120 C/N 14950

G-EMCA : Rockwell Commander 114B C/N 14661

G-XAVI : Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II C/N 28-7916258

G-LFLF : AutoGyro MTOSport 2017 C/N RSUK/MTO2/012

N8163P : Cirrus SR20 C/N 1391

G-CKYA : AutoGyro MTOsport 2017 C/N RSUK/MTO2/006

G-CEPY : Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 C/N 0707-6900

Many thanks


Posted by Johnny1979 on 27 August 2020 - 15:37:45
Local Airport: EMA

Hi Dennis

Can you please add:

M-INES it is AgustaWestland AW109SP Grand New owner: GFG109 LTD from 30/04/2020 previous owners : change reg. N116MV Wing & Rotor Transportation Holding LLC from 19/07/2019, change reg. N6MV Wing & Rotor Transportation Holding LLC from 23/08/2013, change reg. N422SH Agusta Westland Philadelphia Corp. from 04/09/2012 c/n 22282

G-ITOR it is Robinson R44 Raven II owner Tubrid Ltd from 18/03/2019 previous owners: MV Commercial Ltd from 07/03/2014, change reg. EI-UNI unknown owner or delivery date. c/n 11498



Posted by Johnny1979 on 27 August 2020 - 16:35:30
Local Airport: EMA

Hi Dennis

Can you please add:

G-PULR it is Pitts S-2AE Pitts Special owner: Ayre to Air from 22/03/2019 previous owners: The Waddington Flying Club from 20/03/2015, Anthony Ayre from 18/01/2010 c/n LAA 009A-14904

G-GYRA it is Rotorsport UK Calidus owner: David Bruce Roberts from 01/11/2017 previous owners: William Campbell Walters from 05/07/2015 c/n RSUK/CALS/027



Posted by MCAviation on 28 August 2020 - 08:03:07

HS125 5N-BXQ is another one but I have no idea who currently owns it.

Posted by geoffj53 on 29 August 2020 - 15:33:17
Local Airport: FFD

Hi Dennis,

Can you please add the following:

G-ADUR DH-87B Hornet Moth c/n 8085

Rt Hon Lord Lloyd of Dolobran 12/02/1938-08/07/1941

de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 08/07/1941-06/01/1950

London Aero Club Ltd 08/02/1950-14/02/1955

LW Clark 11/03/1955-17/02/1962

GJ Davidson 19/02/1962-11/09/1971

Webster Aviation Ltd 13/02/1973-26/02/1976

Jannock Loan Co Ltd 26/02/1976-15/03/1976

SR Flack 22/03/1976-18/08/1976 & 14/09/1976-28/06/1977

RC Lenton 07/07/1977-16/06/1986

Wessex Aviation & Transport 16-06/1986-09/07/2001

RA Seeley 09/07/2001-28/07/2004

Transferred to USA as N9026Y

re-regd G-ADUR RA Seeley 14/10/2004-18/08/2005

WA Gerdes 18/08/2005-04/11/2010

Transferred to Australia as VH-???

re-regd G-ADUR PR & CJ Harvey 07/12/2015-current

G-AFVR GAL 42 Cygnet 2 c/n GAL/42/109

General Aircraft Ltd 14/06/1939-15/11/1941

Royal Air Force HL539 15/11/1941-11/02/1946

Newman Aircraft Co :td 11/02/1946-05/08/1948

JW Wilkinson 25/08/1948-04/04/1949

TFW Gunton 21/04/1949, w/o 26/08/1969 crashed Woerth, Alsace, France

G-AKIR Miles M.38 Mesenger 2A c/n 6726

Miles Aircraft Ltd 19/09/1947-10/03/1948

P Blamire 01/04/1948-31/03/1950

CH Tomkins 03/05/1950-01/04/1965

Shackleton Aviation Ltd 07/04/1965-30/04/1965

LM Walton 12/05/1965-09/08/1968

JWE Banks Ltd 17/09/1968-22/07/1971, PWFU 02/11/1971

G-AOKH Percival P40 Prentice 1 c/n PAC-212

ex Percival Prentice T.1 Royal Air Force VS251 d/d 19/04/1949, sold 19/06/1956

Aviation Traders Ltd 11/04/1956-25/02/1960

JL Tankard & Co Ltd 26/02/1950-28/02/1965

KW Baynes 27/09/1965-15/04/1967

JR Batt 01/05/1967-22/02/1972

JDM Roberts 28/02/1972-25/09/1972

PH Louks 13/11/1972-17/01/1978

JF Moore (Surrey Aviation/Cobaircraft) 17/01/1978-17/06/1992, canx by CAA

G-APPL Percival P40 Prentice 1 c/n PAC-013

ex Percival Prentice T.1 Royal Air Force VR189 d/d 24/07/1947, sold 06/10/1958

Aviation Traders Ltd 07/10/1958-02/12/1958

FJ Ibbotson 02/12/1958-19/04/1960

Hadrian Flying Group 27/04/1960-31/05/1963

Tyneside Light Alloys Ltd 06/06/1963-23/04/1964

GP Layton 05/05/1964-12/03/1965

JP Croft & P Dreelin 20/04/1965-08/05/1972

SJ Saggers 15/05/1972-current

G-APVP DH.82A Tiger Moth c/n 85758

ex Royal Air Force DE873 d/d 16/01/1942, sold 06/11/1953

AJ Whittlemore (Aeradio) Ltd 06/11/1953-29/07/1959

Rollason Aircraft & Engines Ltd 29/07/1959-07/09/1959

Norfolk & Norwich Aero Club Ltd 15/09/1959-30/03/1963

Waveney Flying Group 04/04/1963, w/o 21/07/1968 crashed Ellingham, Norfolk

G-ARSY PA-28-160 Cherokee c/n 28-103

Vigors Aviation Ltd 11/12/1961-29/01/1962

BEAS Ltd 06/02/1962-17/05/1962

RC Soffe 28/05/1962-15/06/1963

Highsky Transport Ltd 18/06/1963-02/10/1967

South Essex Plant Ltd 05/12/1967, w/o 13/02/1970

G-ARXP Luton LA4A Minor c/n PAL1119 / PFA816

WC Hymas 23/02/1962-17/05/1994

E Evans 17/05/1994-24/03/2009

RM Weeks 24/03/2009,

G-ASEU Rollason Druine D.62A Condor c/n RAE/607

Rollason Aircraft & Engines Ltd 12/02/1963-05/02/1964

NH Jones 10/02/1964-13/06/1980

Tiger Club Ltd 30/06/1980-11/06/1981

WM Grant/D McNicholl 02/07/1981-22/10/1992

WM Grant 22/10/1992-24/08/2015, crashed 18/04/2015 extensive damage to the wings and forward fuselage; engine shock-loaded

RAS Sutherland 24/08/2015 ,

G-ASVS Let L-13 Blanik c/n 172604

LC Marmol 19/08/1964-05/05/1983

CH Dobson 19/05/1983-07/12/1984

Nottingham Gliding Club 07/02/1985-20/04/1989 sold 1994, to tri-graph EVR

G-ATFP Ercoupe 415D c/n 2168

Pan Aeronautics Ltd 28/06/1965-09/03/1967

KFP Couling 29/03/1967-01/01/1968

West London Aero Services Ltd 23/01/1968-24/02/1968

South Essex Plant Ltd 10/07/1968-16/08/1973, PWFU

G-ATRY Alon A-2 Aircoupe c/n A-140

KFP Couling 11/03/1966-23/01/1967

A West 02/02/1967-13/06/1968

South East Plant Ltd 16/08/1968-28/03/1969

West London Aero Services Ltd 16/07/1969-22/07/1977

BWG Swann 26/06/1978-14/07/1986, canx by CAA

G-ATYR Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche c/n 30-1183

ADS(Aerial) Ltd 16/08/1966-21/12/1972

DEC Stapleton 19/01/1973, crashed 17/10/1974 Saulmore Bay, Argyll & Bute, regn canx 31/10/1974

G-AVTK Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six c/n 32-223

Marmol Aviation Ltd 14/08/1967-11/09/1970

Budge Bros & Co (Plant Hire) Ltd 06/10/1970-18/09/1974

RW Budge 18/09/1974-04/11/1976

JD Barber 16/11/1976-20/06/1979

Rodney Saunders Associates Ltd 28/06/1979-23/04/1981

Mannix Aviation Ltd 20/05/1981-06/06/1991

Malu Aviatiom 06/06/1991-12/03/1993

Aeroclub Montagnana (Italy) 08/11/1993-10/09/1996

Flying Work SRL (Italy) 10/09/1996-20/04/1998

To Italy as I-GOES regd 25/11/1997 Flying Work SRL

To Germany as D-???? 20/05/2016 RS Fintelmann

G-AVVV Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee c/n 28-2853

Marmol Aviation Ltd 19/10/1967-16/02/1968

DEC Stapleton 21/02/1968-29/01/1973

GJ Dunster 29/01/1973-18/04/1973

Channel Aviation Ltd 18/04/1973-28/05/1975

J McW Henderson 28/08/1975-12/05/1976

Alba Motels Ltd 12/05/1976-13/10/1981

CB Healey 13/10/1981-01/07/1982

DF Field 06/10/1982-03/06/1987

Courtrun Ltd 03/06/1987-17/10/1991

AH Lavender 17/10/1991-24/05/1993

To Ireland as EI-CIF

regd to AA Flying Group 18/12/1995-current

Many thanks, Geoff

Posted by 151734 on 30 August 2020 - 08:13:12
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis,
Hope you had a restful holiday. Can you add N212WQ GLEX 7500 c/n 70010 when time allows.

Posted by Nottinghamlad on 01 September 2020 - 21:26:55
Local Airport: CAX

Hi Dennis, Please would you add the following:

LX-FPP Beech 200T Super King Air, CAE Aviation SRL, s/n BT-11, Del 01/20. b.1980, test reg N60576, 11/06/80 to JA8815, 11/01 to N857GA, 01/11/12 to PP-BPI, 11/05/16 to OO-AIS.

HB-VRF Pilatus PC-24 Private, s/n 174, b2020, Del 17/02/20.

N77VA Honda HA-420, private, s/n 42000159, b2019

I-WLFX Dassault Falcon2000, s/n 208, prev LX-MBE and G-GEDY

Regards, Dan

Premium Posted by Polehill on 03 September 2020 - 09:36:09
Local Airport: MAN

Hallo Dennis,

Please could you add these:

ES-BHR Hawker 750 H25B Panaviatic

F-HMED Hawker Beechcraft 1000 Airlec Air Espace

G-CJRZ Icarus C42 FB88 Bravo David William Cross

G-ZOMB Ikarus C42 FB100 Bravo The Ikarus Flying Group

G-BHRC Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II The Sherwood Flying Club Ltd

G-MERR Cessna 550 Citation Bravo Black Merlin Limited

G-TRVR Vans RV-7 Perlucid LLP

G-RVWJ Vans RV-9 Nicolas John William-Jones

G-SLIV Sling 4 David John Pilkington

G-SHMB Aero L-39ZA Albatros L39 Aviation Limited

HB-DVM Mooney M.20E Super Private Owner

N77VA Honda HA-420 Hondajet HJO LLC

N220RJ Sirrus SR22 CD Aero Inc Trustee

N242CV Diamond DA 42-NG Quality Bird Inc Trustee

N26DJ Gulfsream IVDumont Aviation Group

2-GIGI Agusta A109E Volare Avaition


PH-CKA/B/C 747-406ERF appear to be operated by Martinair rather than KLM Cargo. I know they are all part of KLM/Air France group, do they deserve to be listed as Martinair?


Bleib sicher


Post Edited By Polehill on 14/09/2020 - 13:05:21
Posted by R Geering on 03 September 2020 - 19:43:41
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis,

If you could please add Hawker 900XP F-GPGA, which is supposedly c/n HA-0205, making it ex N636AB (which is already in the database).



Many thanks,


Posted by geoffj53 on 05 September 2020 - 15:52:48
Local Airport: FFD

Hi Dennis,

Can you please add the following:

N46CL Bell 206B-III c/n 4518 Helicopters Inc ex C-GBUB

N887AE Bell 206L-4 c/n 52487 TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee

N5CN Cessna 414A c/n 414A0073 Lewis Gentry Holdings LLC

N3CX Piper PA-46-350P c/n 4636695 Warehouse Properties #2 LLC

N1958C Robinson R44 II c/n 13600 Carriage Enterprises Inc

N119CJ Cessna 525A c/n 525A0119 JV RH LLC

N920SP Bell 407 c/n 53213 Georgia Dept of Public Safety

N924SP Bell 429 c/n 57151 Georgia Dept of Public Safety

N925SP Bell 407 c/n 53893 Georgia Dept of Public Safety ex N407GB, N793BP

N940SP Bell 407 c/n 53527 Georgia Dept of Public Safety ex N3046P

N29LT EC120B c/n 1418 Lance Toland Ltd ex N504WP

N951GV Tecna P2006T c/n 212/US GV Air Inc

N434AM Bell 407 c/n 54407 Air Methods Corp ex N407ML, C-GVOJ, C-FOFE

N573AM AS350B2 c/n 4487 Air Methods Corp

N761HN Cessna T210M c/n 21062271 A-1 American Fence Inc

N52HL Piper PA-31T1 c/n 31T-8004023 Mark Baker

N2QU Bell 407 c/n 53162 Air Sansone LLC ex N211KT ntu, N90TV, C-GBUB

N2AQ Bell 206L-4 c/n 52099 Helicopters Inc ex N125NH

N3701G Boeing B-17G ex 44-8543 "Madras Maiden" Fortress LLC

N500BA Beech 58 c/n TH-1814 KW Plastics

N83CM Cirrus SR22T c/n 1690 Delta Echo Tango Juliet LLC

N5TC Bell 206B c/n 2282 City of Atlanta ex N112RF, N101HL ntu, N16911

N423AE Bell 206L-4 c/n 52423 Air Evac EMS Inc ex C-GBUP

N572AM AS350B2 c/n 4481 Air Methods Corp

N889UP Beech 300 c/n FL-1128 Wheels Up

N26NR Bell 407 c/n 54564 Georgia Dept of Natural Resources ex N566MB, C-FICQ

N8273V Piper PA-28-181 c/n 28-8190050 1313 LLC

N507MC Cirrus SR22 c/n 3389 Wayne Bowden

N719CM Cirrus SR20 c/n 2239 Anthony H Harwood Trustee

N133PE Pilatus PC-12/47E c/n 1018 Epps Air Service Inc

N505CQ Bell 505 c/n 65055 Bell Textron Inc

N814HH Lancair LC41-550FG c/n 41096 Grant Zerbe

N846EC Cirrus SR22T c/n 0743 Chest One LLC

N720GD Gulfstream GVII-G600 c/n 73002 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp

N567SD Cessna 182Q c/n 18267477 Scott Bordett

N2119C Piper PA-34-200T c/n 34-7970015 Avery Cleland

N107TQ Cirrus SR22 c/n 3996 Southland Air Holdings LLC

N129MT Piper PA-44-180 c/n 4496172 Middle Tennessee State University

N43700 Piper PA-28-161 c/n 28-8416117 Aviation Career Enrichment Inc

N56KM Beech 58 c/n TH-1391 Paul Rodman O

N548CC Canadair CL-601-3A c/n 5087 Challenger 5087 LLC

N658HC Gulfstream GVI c/n 6022 TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee

N58BE Beech 58 c/n TH-2055 Paradox Aviation LLC

N54AE Bell 206L-1 c/n 45157 Air Evac EMS Inc

N915MC Cessna 525B c/n 525B0322 Kestrel Inc

N883SC Cesna 560XL c/n 560-5124 Areus Aviation

N399PV Cessna 560XL c/n 560-5211 60W Air LLC ex PR-VRD, to N60SW

N445CH MBB-BK 117 C-2E c/n 9729 Egleston Childrens Hospital at Emory Univ Inc DBA

N81771 Piper PA-28-181 c/n 28-8090269 Skyfusion II LLC

N801MM Learjet 45 c/n 457 Marquis Aviation Inc

N704RB Cessna 172S c/n 172S9657 Airway Equipment Leasing LLC

N22CS Textron T206H c/n T20609504 Van Sant Aviation LLC

And one update please:

N441WT Cessna 441 c/n 441-0313 Haven Air LLC 24/03/2017

many thanks, Geoff

Posted by Tristardelta on 05 September 2020 - 16:42:47
Local Airport: EXT

Hi Dennis

Just the one from me

G-KOLO Dassault falcon 8x

Many thanks


Posted by DT on 07 September 2020 - 13:34:08

Hi Brian,

request 07 August 2020 - 20:57:33 has been added.



Posted by DT on 07 September 2020 - 13:34:24

Hi Tim,

request 08 August 2020 - 05:46:10 has been added.



Posted by DT on 07 September 2020 - 13:46:26

Hi Andy,

request 08 August 2020 - 11:07:35 has been added. D-ISJP is already in the database.



Posted by DT on 07 September 2020 - 13:57:15

Hi Brian,


08 August 2020 - 17:01:36

08 August 2020 - 20:31:11

09 August 2020 - 21:18:07

have been added.



Post Edited By DT on 07/09/2020 - 14:04:29
Posted by DT on 07 September 2020 - 14:02:26

Hi Ron,

request 09 August 2020 - 12:10:11 has been added.



Premium Posted by Dangerous on 07 September 2020 - 16:33:10
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Hope you enjoyed your break, always nice to get away. However, back to additions and updates...

When you have time could you update the following please:

N32NG on PL is listed as an active PC-12 however the FAA Registry has the following… after N32NG the PC-12 became

N7GS Shottenkirk Holdings LLC from 10 Jul 2012

The new N32NG is , I believe…….

Augusta SPA A109E Power c/n 1112, history…..

N109LF test reg

N555GS Fleet National Bank op by Atlantic Coast Helicopters Jul 2001 ‚Äď Feb 2003

N555GS T.J.H. Helicopters Inc Trustee Mar 2003 ‚Äď Oct 2007

M-IDAS Benvarden Ltd 16 Oct 2007 ‚Äď 13 Jul 2020


N32NG Wee Aviation Inc Trustee 16 Jul 2020


2) Update to PL listing for 2-GJJA….. Now SX-GJA GainJet date ???? https://www.laasdata.com/corpjet/corpjet-search.php https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9815042

Regards Brian

Post Edited By Dangerous on 07/09/2020 - 16:34:25
Posted by DT on 08 September 2020 - 08:38:08

Hi Brian,


10 August 2020 - 09:48:34


11 August 2020 - 08:37:35

have been added.



Posted by DT on 08 September 2020 - 08:38:28

Hi Greg,

request 11 August 2020 - 13:26:17 has been added.



Posted by DT on 08 September 2020 - 08:46:35

Hi Marcin,

request 11 August 2020 - 16:23:04 has been added.



Posted by DT on 08 September 2020 - 09:23:09

Hi Steve,

request 11 August 2020 - 17:10:04 has been added.



Posted by DT on 08 September 2020 - 11:30:06

Hi Andy,

request 11 August 2020 - 19:07:37 has been added.



Posted by DT on 08 September 2020 - 12:15:56

Hi swakeleys,

request 12 August 2020 - 17:09:08 has been added.



Posted by 151734 on 08 September 2020 - 13:14:18
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis,
Small correction needed. N610SN Falcon 2000EX C/n 136 is still current and is not N610SW. Aircraft flew into Shannon 7th August and is on https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9805360 pictured in Malta in July.
Many thanks,

Posted by DT on 08 September 2020 - 13:16:37

Hi Ian,

request 13 August 2020 - 15:03:54 has been added.



Premium Posted by Griffith on 08 September 2020 - 13:55:51
Local Airport: DXR

Hi Dennis,

Hope you had a nice holiday, when you get a chance:

C-GJET Cessna 560 Citation c/n 560-0445 5/7/19 Chartright Air Inc xC-GKZP

N1099 Cessna 525 c/n 525-1028 11/6/19 Erebus LLC

N116RW Dassault Falcon 900 c/n 58 29/5/19 Iflyajet LLC, 22/8/18 Falcon Group V LLC, 19/4/18 Jet Sense Aviation Aircraft Holdings Corp, 21/8/15 Trination Capital Inc, 10/7/15 Apogee Finace LLC xHB-IGL

N119NY AugustaWestland AW119MK11 c/n 14945 1/12/18 City of New York

N1549E Dassault Falcon 900EX c/n 219 22/2/19 Hudson Takeoff LLC x9H-LAS

N159NS Embraer 545 c/n 55010062 30/3/20 Norfolk & Southern Railway Comp

N163CK Bombardier Global 7500 c/n 70012 2/4/20 Rrg EWA Holdings LLC xN70EW, 3/31/20 EWA Holdings LLC, 27/3/20 Bombardier Aerospace USA xC-FXAP, 11/2/19 Bombardier Aerospace

N200AP Cessna 750 c/n 750-0003 15/1/19 DP Ownership Montana LLC xPT-MMN

N234JQ Embraer ERJ 175-LR c/n 17000229 20/3/20 rrg Delta Connection xN627CZ

N245JQ Embraer ERJ 175-LR c/n 17000259 21/12/19 Rrg Delta Connection xN638CZ, 4/12/19 Republic Airline

N26HF Sikorsky S-76C c/n 76088 21/12/16 rrg Heliflite Shares LLC xN1875A, 24/5/16 Heliflite Shares LLC, 7/3/14 rrg US Bank NA Trustee xN187SP, 6/1/09 US Bank NA Trustee, 5/1/99 Prudential Insurance of America

N278KP Cessna 525B c/n 525B0413 21/8/18 Aero Harbor LLC, 20/6/14 Cloud Nine Aviation Corp

N282HV Cessna 560 c/n 560-0282 11/10/19 Red Wing Aeroplane Co., YV3225 Servicios Imbobilarios 661466 CA x N282VR

N295ML Cessna 525 c/n 515-1043 24/1/20 RDM Aviation LLC

N30LB Dessault Falcon 7X c/n 280 16/11/17 Hanger Acquisition Corp

N303TC Raytheon 400A c/n RK-444 31/5/18 Rae Mae Air LLC, 30/11/17 N702LP Blue Currant Capital LLC, 13/11/17 Sky Aviation Holding

N308GV Embraer Phenom 300 c/n 50500436 5/5/20 rrg IBW Air Services xN654SR

N341N Cessna 525B c/n 525B0485 2/5/18 rrg Mockingbird Air LLC xN485CZ, 22/12/17 Mockingbird Air LLC, 24/3/16 Textron Aviation Inc

N363G AugustaWestland AW139 c/n 41531 3/11/17 Vertical Aviation No. 1 LLC

N379FX Embraer EMB-505 c/n 50500524 29/8/19 TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee

N407TC Raytheon Beech 400A c/n RK-378 23/12/19 TJTwo LLC, 9/10/19 rrg Sky Aviation Holdings LLC xN370FC, 10/4/19 Sky Aviation Holdings LLC

N41166 Piper PA-31-350 c/n 31-8452008 18/12/19 Moyer Aviation Inc, 25/5/06 Cheeky Aviation LLC

N447SF Cessna 550 Citation c/n 550-1020 20/1/15 rrg Seneca Foods Corp x N495MH, 19/11/14 Seneca Foods Corp

N459FX Gulfstream GIV-X (G450) c/n 4280 3/10/19 rrg Flexjet LLC, 30/5/19 Flexjet LLC

N50FG Dassault Falcon 50 c/n 187 3/7/18 rrg Falcon Group IV LLC xN133NM, 13/4/17 Falcon Group IV LLC

N508EL Cessna 525C c/n 525C0187 9/7/19 rrg Round Hill Company LLC xN309CQ, 26/10/18 Round Hill Company LLC, 8/1/16 rrg Richard F Shaeden PC xN187CJ, 30/11/15 Richard F Shaeden PC, 7/5/15 Cessna Aircraft Company

N523CP Cessna 525B c/n 525B0078 7/11/16 Click Bond Inc xVH-MIF

N525KD Cessna Citation CJ3 c/n 525B0126 8/7/16 rrg Data Services Leasing LLC xN621GA, 28/3/16 Data Services Leasing LLC, 31/12/15 Cessna Aircraft Company

N5261A Boeing 737-83N c/n 32348 12/6/20 rrg Sun Country Airlines xN547RL (no longer stored)

N562P Cessna 560 Citation Excel c/n 560-5172 17/7/17 G-1 Aviation LLC, 9/8/16 Pollard Aircraft Sales, 8/8/16 SE-RKD Bromma Air Sales x I-BEDT

N610SW Bombardier 6000 21/7/20 rrg TVPX Aircraft Solutions Solutions Inc Trustee xN850MP, 1/4/20 TVPX

N621GA Gulfstream GVI (G650) c/n 6421 6/12/19 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp

N624DN Learjet 60 c/n 60-210 1/4/20 LB Jet Aviation LLC, 11/12/19 rrg Lowe Investments LLC xN512CZ, 23/9/19 Lowe Investments LLC

N627GA Gulfstream GVI (G650ER) c/n 6427 16/6/20 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp

N661AT Sikorsky S-76B c/n 760448 5/4/06 rrg Helios Leasing LLC xN549G, 30/12/04 Helios Leasing LLC, 7/2/97 Bristol Meyers Squibb

N68338 Cessna T310R c/n 310R2133 4/1/87 J. A. R. Management Corp

N703QS Bombardier BD-100-1A10 c/n 20807 14/8/19 Netjets Sales Inc

N706QS Bombardier BD-100-1A10 c/n 20812 28/2/20 Netjets Sales Inc

N708JH Gulfstream GV-SP (G550) c/n 5599 14/1/20 US Department of Justice

N750HF Gulfstream GVI (G650ER) c/n 6399 12/12/19 Central Management Services LLC

N7679S Sikorsky S-76C c/n 760509 16/8/12 Sikorsky Fractional Sales

N803QS Cessna 700 Citation c/n 700-0026 26/6/20 AZ Aviation LLC

N843JS Cessna 560XL c/n 560-5343 28/9/16 LGM Enterprises LLC, 17/8/16 rrg JS Jet IV LLC xN969XX, 9/3/16 JS Jet IV LLC

N898CH Gulfstream G650 c/n 6277 6/12/17 Bank of Utah Trustee

N899SC Gulfstream G280 c/n 2160 11/2/20 rrg MCH Wilson Inc xN260GA, 22/2/19 MCH Wilson Inc, 26/10/18 Gulfstream Aerospace

N91AE Sikorsky S-76C c/n 760552 29/7/04 American Express Travel Related Services Co. Inc.

N954JS Cessna 750X c/n 750-0145 30/9/19 FE X 145 LLC, 27/19/19 Aircraft Logistics Group, 24/9/18 rrg Tactical Aircrafts Solutions xN709FL

N954MB Dassault Falcon 2000 c/n 153 30/11/18 rrg Illuminad LLC xN523QS, 16/7/18 Illuminad LLC

N971MC Bombardier BD-100-1A10 c/n 20126 24/5/19 rrg MC3 Air LLC xN995G, 18/4/19 MC3 Air LLC, 28/1/19 Cloud Nine Aviation LLC xTC-AFF

N971PD Raytheon 58 c/n TH-1808 30/10/18 Spyglass Aircraft LLC, 19/10/16 David Hallman Chevrolet, 5/9/07 Castine Group, 3/5/01 Skyprop LLC

N991ML Beech 390 c/n RB-254 20/5/19 Gator One Air LLC

N996DN Cessna 560XL c/n 560-5202 27/11/19 Excel 5302 LLC, 13/4/18 rrg Derenzo Aviation Inc xN600CF, 27/3/18 Derenzo Aviation Inc

TI-BEC Cessna 206 c/n 206-09003 15/6/11 Inversiones Triple C SA

Thanks, Greg

Premium Posted by Jens67 on 08 September 2020 - 17:39:18
Local Airport: LUX

Hi Dennis,

could you pls add RA-87829 YAK40 of SibNIA Airlines seen in OVB on 05SEP2020. Also RA-88164 which is also a YAK40 of SibNIA (Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute)

Thx a lot Brgds Jens

Post Edited By Jens67 on 08/09/2020 - 17:43:32
Premium Posted by Dangerous on 08 September 2020 - 20:11:53
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Some more please when time permits...


Avions Mudry Et Cie


Serial No: 02

F-GKKF ???? 1992

G-BVXL Richard John Pickin 05 Jan 1995

F-GKKF ???? 10 Jan 1995

G-GKKI ACRO Laser Co Ltd c/o Karberry Building Ltd 12 Jan 2007

G-GKKI Lee Love 08 Aug 2011

G-GKKI Philip Charles Massetti 06 Oct 2014

G-GKKI David Robert Farley 22 May 2017


Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna 182S Skylane

Serial No: 18280571

N7276Y Cessna Aircraft Company test reg

D-EMWJ ?? 01 Aug 1999

HQ-CQZ ?? 29 Mar 2000

G-MRMA TWC Facilities Ltd 07 Jan 2020


Reims Aviation SA

Reims Cessna F150M

Serial No: 1359

Re-reg to….

G-TOML UK Flying Clubs Ltd 17 Jul 2020


Robinson Helicopter Co Inc

Robinson R44 Raven

Serial No: 0814

G-BZLP Scotia Helicopters Ltd 17 Jul 2000

G-BZLP Regentweb Ltd 13 Feb 2003

G-BZLP Richard Charles Hayward t/a Rotorways Helicopters 22 Nov 2004

G-BZLP Janet Helen Garrioch & Richard Charles Hayward t/a Polar Helicopters
20 Jan 2007

G-BZLP Trevor Alferd Wells t/a Polar Helicopters 19 Mar 2010

G-BZLP Polar Helicopters 25 Oct 2012

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Dangerous on 08 September 2020 - 20:16:12
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Another batch please...


McDonnel Douglass Helicopter 369E / 500E

s/n 0502E

N1604M test reg

N124PD Puerto Rico Police Dept Aug 1993 - 2013

N124PD EAHOT Inc Trustee Feb ‚Äď May 2014

N124PD Highfield Aviation Inc Trustee 20 May 2014 https://www.helis.com/database/cn/31421/


Gulfstream Aerospace Corp

Gulfstream GVI (G650ER)

c/n 6355

N655GD Gulfstream Aerospace Corp (test reg?) until 29 Mar 2019

G-VOIF Executive Jet Charter Ltd 29 Mar 2019

Update to PL listing for G-REDB

after Red Baron Haulage Ltd….

N315P International Air Services Inc Trustee 07 Dec 2012

Premium Posted by bosshep on 09 September 2020 - 07:05:48
Local Airport: LGB

Good Day Dennis!

I'm writing for an update to the JetSuiteX 145 fleet. There are updates to the 135 fleet as well but since the 145 fleet is smaller I figured would start with this.

With the current two already in system:
N286SK - This aircraft is missing its time with California Pacific Airlines. After ADI but before JSX. Was with California Pacific Airlines 01/09/2018 to 02/07/2019 when it went to JSX. N286SK was reregistered to N246JX 07/11/2019 for JSX.

N259JQ - This aircraft is missing its time with California Pacific Airlines. After ADI but before JSX. Was with California Pacific Airlines 01/08/2018 to 01/08/2019 when it went to JSX. N259JQ was reregistered to N247JX 07/11/2019.

N241JX - former N281SK. Went to JSX 19/11/2019 and reregistered as N241JX on 30/01/2020.

N242JX - former N270SK. Went to JSX on 05/11/2019 and registered as N242JX on 25/12/2019.

N244JX - former N273SK. Went to JSX on 19/05/2020.

N245JX - former N277SK. Went to JSX on 08/11/2019 and reregistered as N245JX on 20/02/2020.

Thanks for all your hard work. Hope you enjoyed time off. Tim

Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 09 September 2020 - 08:04:12
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Some more adds and updates please...


Textron Aviation Inc

Cessna 680 (Citation Sovereign ??)


N90525 Delta Rim Inc 13 Dec 2016

N798LG Delta Rim Inc 21 Mar 2019

N798LG Textron Aviation 17 Dec 2019


Grob-Werke GMBH and Co

Grob G109B

c/n 6366

D-KINK ????

G-CHIG Southdown Gliding Club 17 Jul 2012


Reims Aviation SA

Reims Cessna F152

c/n F152-1904

G-BJVT Rogers Aviation Ltd 12 Jan 1982

G-BJVT The Cambridge Aero Club Ltd 23 Jan 1984

G-BJVT Just Plane Trading Ltd 30 Jul 2004

G-BJVT Northern Aviation Ltd 24 Aug 2004

G-BJVT Cleveland Flying School Ltd 09 Oct 2008

G-BJVT Northumbria Flying School Ltd 03 Feb 2010

G-BJVT Pilot Training and Testing Ltd 22 Jun 2016

G-PTTA Pilot Training and Testing Ltd 22 Dec 2016

G-PTTA NAL Assent Management Ltd 05 Sep 2018

G-PTTA North Weald Flight Training Ltd 28 Nov 2018

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 09 September 2020 - 08:06:55
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis Some more please....


Reims Aviation SA

Reims Cessna F152

s/n 1827

G-WACS Hartmann Ltd 28 May 1986

G-WACS RAF Halton Aeroplane Club 15 Sep 1992

G-BVTM RAF Halton Aeroplane Club 31 Aug 1994


Burkhart Grob Luft-Und Raumfahrt GMBH and CO KG

Grob G115D 2

S/N 82006

G-BVHD Airwork Ltd 14 Dec 1993

G-BVHD Short Brothers PLC Support Services Division 12 Oct 1994

G-BVHD VT Aerospace Ltd 23 Aug 2000

G-BVHD Military Helicopters Ltd 10 Mar 2005

G-BVHD Tayside Aviation Ltd 12 May 2005

G-BVHD Jeremy Andrew Woodcock 03 Jun 2016


Cessna Aircraft Co

Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair

SERIAL NO: T20608910

N5234J private Owner 2009

N5234J Patriot Aircraft Sales Inc 23 Sep 2011

G-CHJK George Garfield Weston 27 Jul 2012

Update to listing for Eurocopter EC155 B1, s/n 6658, reg OY-HSL…


G-CKVB Waypoint Asset Euro 1A Ltd 02 Mar 2018

G-CKVB MacQuarie Rotocraft Leasing Holdings Ltd 15 Mar 2019


Piper Aircraft Corp

Piper PA-32R-301T Turbo Saratoga SP

SERIAL NO: 32R-8329016

Built 1983

F-GDJG Private Owner 1983

N32LE Southern Aircraft Consultancy ????

G-CLJS Paul’s Planes Ltd 28 Nov 2019

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Erazkiel on 09 September 2020 - 10:18:49
Local Airport: GVA

Hi Dennis,

Hope you holidays were good. Here are some chopper updates.

  1. F-GMBA, Aérospatiale AS 355N Ecureuil 2, cn 5320, built in 1986, Hélicoptères de France (HDF)
  2. F-GTRD, Aérospatiale AS 350B2 Ecureuil, cn 9063, built in 2003, Heli Securité
  3. F-HBJR, Bell 206B JetRanger III, cn 2584, built in 1978, Alpes Hélicoptères // ex F-GOPY // ex G-BNUW // ex G-SHZZ // ex N5018B // ex OO-JBB // ex G-RSMA (Gama Leasing Ltd, from 1996-05-22 to 1998-03-30) // ex F-HBJR
  4. F-HIPA, 505 Jet Ranger X, cn 65080, built in 2018, Rotor Fly
  5. F-HMCC, AgustaWestland AW109
  6. F-ZAGC, SA-365N Dauphin 2, cn 6010
  7. F-ZAHC, AS 350 (sorry didn't find any info)
  8. OM-BYU, Mil Mi-17 Hip, cn 59489617770

and one E2

  1. HB-AZE, Embraer 190-300STD, cn 19020038, buit in 2020, Helvetic Airways
Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 09 September 2020 - 10:19:14
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis,

The next batch from a road trip yesterday...


Piper 28R-201 Cherokee Arrow III


N9469C M T Willy Inc

D-EAWW Private Owner 26 Apr 1993


Socata TB20

F-GDNR Private Owner ???? (seen at Enstone)


De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd

DH60G Gipsy Moth

Serial No: 1284

G-ABDA Redhill Flying Club 07 Feb 1935

DG583 Royal Air Force 25 Jan 1941 ????

2595M GI reg ??

G-ABDA Ian Michael Castle 18 Dec 1992

N60GD John H Burson III 07 Dec 1998

G-ABDA Roy Adrian Palmer 12 Aug 2005

G-ABDA Till August Bechtolsheimer c/o Bianchi Aviation Film Services Ltd 18 Feb 2016


Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna 180

Serial No: 32567

N7670A Whitco Libya Inc 14 Mar 1961

G-ASIT Shackleton Aviation Ltd 24 May 1963

G-ASIT A G Spiller Ltd 26 Jun 1963

G-ASIT Andrew Wood & Paul Anthony Wood 02 Sep 1982

G-ASIT Richard Allen Seeley 28 Apr 2004

G-ASIT William Joseph Dennis Tollett 03 Sep 2014

G-ASIT AT Aviation Sales Ltd 07 Jul 2020

G-ASIT Andrew Philip Rouse 21 Jul 2020


Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna 150E

Serial No: 150-61113

N3013J Cessna Aircraft Co 1964

G-ASZB Rogers Aviation Ltd 16 Dec 1964

G-ASZB Marshall of Cambridge (Engineering) Ltd 16 Nov 1965

G-ASZB The Cambridge Aero Club Ltd 06 Oct 1966

G-ASZB Shackleton Aviation Ltd 26 Jan 1971

G-ASZB John Charles Freeman 18 Jun 1971

G-ASZB Howard John Cox 04 Sep 1978

G-ASZB John David Beckett c/o Exmoor Flying Syndicate 25 Feb 1987

G-ASZB William Andrew Smale 08 Mar 1989

G-ASZB Tarrant Wilfred Richard Chase 27 Jun 1997

G-ASZB Reginald James Scott 15 Feb 1999

G-ASZB AKKI Aviation Services Ltd 01 Dec 2017

As always, regards Brian

Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 09 September 2020 - 10:45:12
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

A few more please as time permits....


Cessna 150H

s/n 150-69283

N50410 ???? until 09 Jun 1989

G-BRBH Laurance Chessman Macknight 13 Jun 1989

G-BRBH Peter John Webb 04 Jan 1991

G-BRBH Professional Flight Management Ltd 01 Feb 1995

G-BRBH Professional Flight Management Ltd & Stuart James Reeves 02 Nov 1995

G-BRBH John Maffia & Haim Merkado 10 Apr 2001

G-BRBH John Maffia 13 Dec 2001

G-BRBH Horizon Aircraft Engineering Ltd 19 Nov 2014

G-BRBH David Molyneux Harbottle 21 May 2019

G-DAVH James Miles Harbottle 04 Feb 2020


Rotosport UK Ltd

Rotosport UK Cavalon


G-IDYL Michael John Newman & June Mildred Newman 30 Sep 2014

G-IDYL Michael John Newman 05 Feb 2020


Extra Flugzeugbau GMBH


s/n 134

YR-EWG ????

G-IIXI Ralph Jones t/a Southern Sailplanes & Pelham Ltd c/o The Old Flying Machine Ltd 06 Aug 2003

G-IIXI Stephen George Jones & Pelham Ltd c/o The Old Flying Machine Ltd 06 Apr 2005

G-IIXI Bartle Henry David Hoare Frere 05 Dec 2007

G-IIXI Benedict Nielsen 15 Apr 2011


Enstrom Helicopter Corp

Enstrom 480

s/n 5037

G-LADD Lantway Properties Ltd 20 May 1999

G-LADD Combilift Ltd 16 May 2001

G-LADD Richard Cecil Graham Davidson 14 Dec 2007

G-LADD Elmridge Ltd 07 Jun 2011

G-LADD Foscombe Transport LLP 07 Jul 2011

G-LADD Davad Partnership 06 Dec 2018

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Dangerous on 09 September 2020 - 12:05:15
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

the last for today...


Beech Aircraft Corporation

Beech A23-19A Musketeer Sport III

Serial No: MB-323

N2811B Beech Aircraft Corporation 1968

G-AWFZ Eagle Aircraft Services Ltd 03 Apr 1968

G-AWFZ Business Air Travel Ltd 28 Aug 1968

G-AWFZ Northair Aviation Ltd 23 Jul 1970

G-AWFZ Robert Hadyn Morley 11 Dec 1970

G-AWFZ Truman Aviation Ltd 09 Nov 1971

G-AWFZ Spooner Aviation Ltd 30 Jan 1973

G-AWFZ Spencer Aviation Ltd 25 Jul 1973

G-AWFZ Ralph Sweet & Brian Douglas Corbett 10 Sep 1974

G-AWFZ Brian Douglas Corbett 17 Nov 1977

G-AWFZ Kerry Andrew Wayne Ashcroft 11 Dec 2000

G-AWFZ Bob Crowe Aircraft Sales Ltd 21 Oct 2003

G-AWFZ Robert Ensell Crowe 07 Mar 2017


Societe Nationale De Constructions Aeronautiques Du Nord

Stampe-Vertongen SV-4C

Serial No: 360

F-BCOI 1949

360 military reg ??

F-BHMZ ???? nothing on web

G-AWXZ Personal Plane Services Ltd 30 Jan 1969

G-AWXZ Bianchi Aviation Film Services Ltd 25 Jul 2000

Regards Brian

Posted by Hitman69 on 09 September 2020 - 12:42:35
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis,

Just the one today please

G-VDOT Airbus A350-1041c/n 71 delivered to Virgin Atlantic today



Posted by DT on 09 September 2020 - 18:20:07

G-VDOT has already been added.



Posted by DT on 10 September 2020 - 06:35:29

Hi erdni,

request 14 August 2020 - 18:16:12 has been added.

Did not want to change your position in line so all russian transporters and so are in the database.

The 737 N253SC has been mispainted. I checked the reg in the US database and N253SC is correct. I have added a comment to the database that it has been mispainted.

Ansonsten alles gut?



Premium Posted by Dangerous on 10 September 2020 - 08:50:02
Local Airport: HYC

Good morning Dennis,

Some more please. There are a few with sketchy or no details, mostly helicopters...


MDD Helicopter Co

Hughes 369E / Hughes 500

s/n 0396E

N1607G MDD Helicopter Co to 01 Feb 1991




EC-LEH Cathelicopters ????

G-CHRI Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd 15 Mar 2013

N51LK Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Inc 04 May 2013

5Y-TLS ??

N369NM EAHOT Inc Trustee 22 Mar 2018

G-MDMX Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd 25 May 2018

G-MDMX MH Pilot Services Ltd 13 Aug 2018

All of the blank reg are listed on this http://www.rotorspot.nl/historic/g-2.php but no details on web so not sure if they existed


Robinson Helicopter Co Inc

R22 Beta

s/n 1800


G-BTNA Sloane Helicopters Ltd 23 May 1991

G-BTNA MG Group Ltd 25 Oct 1991

G-BTNA Sloane Helicopters Ltd 20 Oct 1997

G-BTNA Heli Charter Ltd 05 Nov 1998

G-BTNA Quay Contracts Ltd 08 Nov 2002

G-BTNA G-ZZLE Ltd 21 Nov 2003

G-BTNA The Air Group Ltd 04 Feb 2004

G-BTNA Nicholas John Randall 03 Jan 2006

G-BTNA Sloane Helicopters Ltd 14 Jun 2007

G-BTNA Helicopter Training and Hire Ltd 25 Jul 2007

G-BTNA Paul George Eagles & Sheila Jennifer Adams 24 Jun 2010

G-BTNA Attitude Aerobatics Ltd 13 Jan 2011

G-BTNA HQ Aviation Ltd 23 Jan 2017

G-NIKL HQ Aviation Ltd 10 Apr 2019



EC120 B Colibri

s/n 1224

SE-JMF Berguven Aero 13 Jun 2001

G-TGGR Blue Five Aviation Ltd 22 Jul 2004

G-TGGR Edward Peter & Rosemary Susan Sadler 18 Aug 2006

G-TGGR Derek Michael McGarrity 12 Sep 2007

G-TGGR Winterburn & Son Ltd c/o Barclays Mercantile Finnance Ltd 31 Jan 2008

G-TGGR Messiah Corp Ltd 21 Jun 2010


American Eurocopter Corp

AS350B3 Ecureuil (H125)

s/n 7316

N383AE ????

N1CR ????

N31LE Friedkin Adventure Co Inc 26 Sep 2019

All three reg listed at http://www.rotorspot.nl/historic/n-1.php but can find no details on first two

Regards Brian

Post Edited By Dangerous on 10/09/2020 - 08:56:59
Premium Posted by Dangerous on 10 September 2020 - 09:00:16
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis,

Some more adds and updates please...

Update…PL listing for N9BX (G450)

Re-reg to

N25GM Wilmington Trust Co Trustee 07 Jan 2019


Update…PL listing for G-OJTR (CL350)

Re-reg to

OE-HAA AVAG Air 14 Dec 2018

https://www.laasdata.com/corpjet/corpjet-search.php and G-INFO


BD-700-1A10 Global 6000

s/n 9705

VP-CZJ TAG Aviation Asia 03 Sep 2016


New Piper Aircraft Inc

PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer III

s/n 2843048

N9272E American Aviation Services Ltd 15 Aug 1996

G-BWUH Technical Flight Services Ltd 30 Aug 1996

G-BWUH Ronald Paston 28 Feb 1997

G-BWUH Technical Flight Services Ltd 10 Dec 2001

G-BWUH Jonathan Edward Thorne 22 Jan 2002

G-BWUH G-BWUH Flying Group 11 Jul 2002

G-BWUH Just Plane Trading Ltd 26 Jan 2009

G-BWUH Alan Davis 03 Mar 2009

G-BWUH Flying at Lee-on-Solent Ltd t/a Phoenix Aviation 07 Sep 2015


Skyranger Nynja 912S(1)

s/n BMAA/HB/670

G-CITG Barbara Anne Aiken & Andrew Charles Aiken 27 Jul 2015

G-CITG Andrew Charles Aiken & John Attard 12 Apr 2018

regards Brian

Premium Posted by Dangerous on 10 September 2020 - 10:46:22
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

The last for today please...


Piper J4A Cub Coupe

SERIAL NO: 4-1080

1941 ‚Äď 1989 no info on web. Aircraft exported to UK in 1989 and still has reg N27860 in the tail.

G-BRBV Jack Pearson 13 Jun 1989

G-BRBV Janette Schonburg 27 Jun 1991

G-BRBV Janette Schonburg & Miriam Yeo 27 Sep 1994

G-BRBV Janette Schonburg & Timothy James Pearson 26 May 2004

G-BRBV Paul Clarke 29 Sep 2007


Cessna 120

SERIAL NO: 11784

1946 ‚Äď 1992 nothing on web until..

N77343 Buffalo Aircraft Sales 15 Apr 1992

G-BUJM De Cadenet Engineering Ltd 19 Jun 1992

G-BUJM Brian Roy Johnstone trustee of Cessna 120 Flying Group 23 Oct 1998

G-BUJM Martyn Holliday trustee of Cessna 120 Flying Group 23 Jan 2003

G-BUJM David Hugh Mackay trustee of Cessna 120 Flying Group 25 May 2004

G-BUJM Timothy Colin Eastaugh trustee of Cessna 120 Flying Group 15 Sep 2010

G-BUJM Simon Alan Thomas trustee of Cessna 120 Flying Group 15 May 2013

G-BUJM Kevin Gordon Grayson 03 Nov 2017


Intreprinderea De Avioane Bacau

Yakolev Yak-52

Serial No: 899912

Built 1989

Military serial 99 yellow ‚Äď which military ??




G-CDJJ Jeremy John Miles 26 May 2005

G-CDJJ Digitakumi Ltd 23 Jan 2020



Burkhart Grob Luft-Und Raumfahrt GMBH And Co Kg

Grob G109B

Serial No: 6261

1984 ‚Äď 2011 nothing on web


G-CGXP Timothy Robert Dews 26 Aug 2011

G-CGXP Stephen Harvey Gibson trustee of Gransden Grob XP Group 09 Nov 2011

G-CGXP Stewart Michael Rathband 16 Oct 2016


Sky Arrow 650 T

Serial No: PFA 298-13095

G-CIAO Jeffrey Hosier 23 Jul 1997

G-CIAO George Arscott 02 Aug 2000

G-CIAO Peter Leslie Turner 06 Aug 2018

Regards Brian

Posted by Johnny1979 on 10 September 2020 - 13:58:12
Local Airport: EMA

Hi Dennis Can you please add:

G-CCND it is Vans RV-9A owner: Christopher Robert Harrison from 12/06/2020 previous owners: David Sidney Murrell from 30/08/2018, Kevin Stephen Woodard from 10/12/2003 c/n PFA 320-14142

G-TWTR it is Robinson R44 Raven II owner: Volitant Aviation Ltd from 11/01/2018 previous owners: Excelerate Technology Ltd from 18/02/2016, Heli Aviation Ltd from 25/06/2010, Heli Air Ltd from 19/03/2010 c/n 13003

G-BYWV it is Grob G115E Tutor owner: Babcock Aerospace Ltd from 19/01/2001 c/n 82156/E

G-BUUC it is Slingsby T67M Mk II Firefly owner: Swiftair Maintenance Ltd from 09/11/2010 previous owners: Babcock Support Services Ltd 13/03/2001, Hunting Aviation Ltd from 27/05/1997, Hunting Aircraft Ltd from 17/03/1993 c/n 2113

G-CFMX it is Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II owner: Stapleford Flying Club Ltd from 03/11/2008 previous owners: change reg. N4306Z Senate Inc. unknown delivery date. c/n 28-8316073

Update: G-OROA is now registered in France as F-GRUT



Posted by DT on 10 September 2020 - 14:47:50

Hi Martin,

request 16 August 2020 - 05:11:08 has been added.



Posted by DT on 10 September 2020 - 14:48:44

Hi Jens,

request 16 August 2020 - 09:06:03 has been added.



Posted by Hitman69 on 10 September 2020 - 16:37:56
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis,

A few more to help you get back into it after your holiday,

C-FBMG Sud Aviation SA-318C Alouette II C/N 2151

F-GDDE Reims FR182 C/N 0059

F-BSMK Socata MS-894A Rallye Minerva C/N 11829

F-BKSM SAN Jodel D-140C Mousquetaire III C/N 101

F-GDQR Sud Aviation SA-318C Alouette Astazou C/N 2262

C-FBMU Sud Aviation SA-318C Alouette II

F-GASU Reims F152 C/N 1480

F-GDDV Reims F152 C/N 1871

F-GDST Cessna 172RG Cutlass C/N 172RG-0831

F-GDIZ Reims F152 C/N 1923

F-BRXK Reims F150K C/N 0615

F-BSIG Reims F150K C/N 0643

F-BRXS Reims F150K C/N 0628

F-BPJE Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six C/N 32-40388

F-BHPE Piper PA-22-150 Tri Pacer C/N 22-2695

F-BLMF CEA Jodel DR-1050 Sicile C/N 434

F-BNQC Gardan GY-80-180 Horizon C/N 133

F-GAUG Mudry CAP-10B C/N 144

F-BLNQ Wassmer WA-40A Super IV C/N 66

F-GAQZ Reims F172M Skyhawk C/N 1496

F-BMGK CEA Jodel DR-1050 Sicile C/N 572

F-BOBR Wassmer WA-41 Baladou C/N 142

F-PPPM Croses EC-7 Tout Terrain C/N 01

F-GCYH Reims FR182 C/N 0066

F-BVIJ Reims F177RG Cardinal RG C/N 0081

F-BOSX SIAI-Marchetti S-205-20R C/N 376

F-GATT Grumman American AA-5B Tiger C/N AA5B-0651

F-BOJK SIAI-Marchetti S-205-18F C/N 240

F-GCSA Cessna 172RG Cutlass C/N 172RG-0276

F-BFMA Piper PA-11 Cub Special C/N 11-946

F-BPMQ Socata MS-880B Rallye Club C/N 1200

F-GBTJ Piper PA-28RT-201T Arrow IV C/N 28R7931282

F-BXRU Robin DR-400-108 Dauphin 2+2 C/N 1084

F-GCIS Robin DR-400-140B Major C/N 1468

F-BNXT Morane-Saulnier MS-880B Rallye Club C/N 836

F-BTZI Robin DR-400-120A C/N 756

F-GCUR Robin R-1180TD Aiglon C/N 273

F-GBQQ Reims F172N Skyhawk C/N 1848

F-BXIO Reims F177RG Cardinal RG C/N 0129


F-BNDU Reims F172G Skyhawk C/N 0202

F-BOBV Wassmer WA-41 Baladou C/N 145

F-PJSV Constructeur Amateur DABOS JD 24 C/N 01

F-BTBD Robin DR-300-108 2+2 C/N 638

F-GAVQ Robin DR-400-120 C/N 1278

F-GCIN Robin DR-400-160 Chevalier C/N 1467

F-BONY Socata MS-880B Rallye Club C/N 869

F-GCRV Robin DR-400-120 C/N 1487

F-GBJK Reims F152 C/N 1548

F-GDIL Reims F152 C/N 1828

F-GEIC Robin DR-400-120 C/N 1678

F-GDDS Reims F152 C/N 1862

F-BRXO Reims F150K C/N 0624

F-BVXF Reims F150L C/N 1129

F-GARI Socata MS-880B Rallye Club C/N 2920

LX-JFO Socata TBM-850 C/N 422

N418EE Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 C/N 50000418



Post Edited By Hitman69 on 14/09/2020 - 16:30:17
Posted by erdni on 10 September 2020 - 16:54:43

Thanks Dennis,very grateful of you.

Ansonsten everything is close to perfect,but the variety of movements at our favourite regional airport that used to be intercontinental.

Of course you knew that I would use the long time span to prepare a little list that doesn't earn to be called little. Then again it's just one notebook as usual, containing only four months (17/11/12 - 02/03/13) and it only looks monstrous because I put all the info in I could find. Actually it's 36 airframes. (Da lachst du doch dr√ľber):

UR-CPZ Antonov An-12BP Aerovis Airlines dd 10/17 ARN- [05/23/19]

ex UK-12002 leased 7/04 - 05 (AviaLeasing) based OPF SRX Aviation


RA-12122 rrg 1995 Russian Federation Air Force

CCCP-12122 by 12/73 Soviet Air Force dd 1964

UK-12005 Antonov An-12B 4342103 SRX Aviation Last noted engineless OPF Jan 2013. Minus 2 engines KOPF Apr 2015.

ex RA-93915 ATRAN

N560PT Douglas DC-3C 14994 26439 Priority Air Charter rrg 1/20/17

ex N467PA bought 7/17/14 Priority Air Charter

YV2119 rg 2/21/08

N9562N Dee Cee Tres Sales & Leasing Corp rg 2/20/08

ZS-OJI Dodson International Charter rrg 3/3/99

N195RD Dodson International Charter rg 7/8/98, converted to turboprop using Greenwich STC

6892 44 sq South African Air Force SAAF

ZS-IPX rrg May 1977

A2-AAA dd 10/73 Bamwangato Concessions Ltd BCL titles (November 1985)

ZS-IPX dd Apr 1972 Contractor Air Service (General Erection Co.)

A2-ZEP transferred 9/68 Wenela Air Services

VP-YSP rrg 10/12/60 Wenela Air Services (Africair Ltd)

ZS-DKP rg 1/18/55 Wenela Air Services (Africair Ltd)

6849 dd 11/1944 5 wg South African Air Force SAAF

KK100 lend lease 10/44 RAF Nassau Royal Air Force

43-49178 C-47B-10-DK, dd 10/26/44 U.S. Air Force

N99800 Beech H-18 BA-759 rg 02/11/15 Rugged Investments One Llc North Miami F

N471CM Beech E18S BA-76 rg 01/20/05 Martin-Remesz Michele Boca Raton FL

YV1854 Douglas C-47-DL 6135 AEROEJECUTIVOS 8/20/2013 Scrapped.Broken up Opa Locka, FL, USA and fuselage trucked out.

ex YV1854 rrg 2/07 based La Carlotta, stored at OPF 2007 still there 2012 less rudder AEROEJECUTIVOS



C-FDBJ rrg 1/80, dd 10/82 Perimeter Airlines

CF-DBJ dd 30 Dec 72 $35k, rg 3/28/73 Lambair Canada

YA-AAC dd 4/55 Ariana Afghan Airlines

VT-DGU dd 6/53 Hindustan Aircraft Co.

N9080C 10th AF India India China Wing ATC

41-19492 dd 1/24/43US Army Air Forces USAAF

N911E Beech E18S BA-10 rg 12/29/99 C-Tiger Enterprises Ltd Wilmington DE

N8746H H-18 Tri-gear BA-749 Kevin & Joanne McCole bsd FXE (Info Survivors 2017 by Roy Blewett)

ex Monarch Air Group titles (Info My own sighting 20/11/2012 in FLL)

ex Jim Hankins Air Service Inc. (Info JP Airline Fleets 1998 and following)

N8WJ Douglas C-47A-20-DL 9276 rg 03/30/16 Stonehenge Air Museum Inc. Kalispell MT

ex N8WJ rg 08/06/07 World Jet of Delaware Inc. CoA renewed 2012 valid to Aug 2015



FAM-UNO fake rg

XA-CMA fake rg Mexicana

EATM-6042 Fuerza Aerea Mexicana




N58U bought 1954

TC-AFA dd Jul 1946 DHY Devlet Havayollari Idaresi

42-23414 US Army Air Forces USAAF

N2069C Beech E18S BA-430rg 12/14/11 Aztec Worldwide Airlines Inc. Wilmington DE

N501KQ Quest Kodiak 100 100-0046 rg 01/6/11 Air Choini Llc Miami FL

YV2157 PZL Mielec An-28 1AJ007-02 by 12/06

ex YV403T

ex RA-28717

Attention: YV403T worn still or again TMB 11/2012 (Info: My sighting + Turboprop Airliners & Military Transports of the world 1948-2012 by Terry Smith/Air Britain+airliners.net)

PH-EDJ Fokker 50 20115 probably SAMCO 12/2012 MST inbetween SE-LEU and OB-2043P

PH-LXG Fokker 100 11420 rg 12/8/09 Aircraft Financing & Trading B.V. inb. XA-LXG and VH-XKN

N2298C Douglas R4D-7 33201 rg 08/21/96 Catalina Flying Boats Inc. Long Beach CA

ex N2298C rg 5/20/89 Salair Incorporated Seattle WA





99835 converted Douglas TC-47B-35-DK United States Navy

44-76869 U.S. Air Force

N16005 Douglas C-47A-75-DL 19394 rg 05/09/08 N1944M Llc Wilmington DE preserved at Lyon Aircraft Museum KSNA in American Airlines c/s as NC16005

ex N1944M rg 4/05 Courtesy Aircraft Sales of Rockford IL

N1944M bought 10/20/94 Era Classic Airlines cls Era Aviation

N394CA rg 8/3/92 Salair Inc. Spokane WA

N394CA bought 3/89 Classic Airlines Corp. Spokane WA

C-FJUV rg 1/88 Knight Air Ltd.

C-FJUV bought 5/80 North Cariboo Flying Service

C-FJUV bought 5/76 Knight Air Ltd.

CF-JUV dd 3/58 Transair Canada

N56U Remmert Werner St. Louis MO

42-100931 forced landing 4/56 Norton AFB SAC U.S. Air Force

42-100931 dd 1/44 97 TCS U.S. Air Force

N497CA C212 291 now Rampart Aviation

N495CS C212 195 now Rampart Aviation

N434CA C212 286 now Rampart Aviation

Registration: N80232 Construction Number: 726-7198 Model Lockheed SP-2H Neptune Operator: Maricopa Aircraft std AVW

Registration:¬†N9370Z Construction Number:¬†AF-780 Model¬†Beech C-45H Expeditor Operator:¬†Private std Airport:¬†Tucson - Avra Valley (AVW / KAVW), USA ‚Äď Arizona

ex Code Number: 52-10850

N133HP Lockheed C-130A Hercules 3189 IAR International Air Response rg 03/7/07 International Air Response Inc. Coolidge AZ

ex N133HP rg 4/4/89 Hawkins & Powers Avia Inc. Greybull WY


57-0482 USAF

N131FF Lockheed C-130A-II Hercules 3138 IAR International Air Response International Air Response Chandler Memorial AZ derelict Coolidge AZ

ex 131FF rg 7/24/90 Aero Firefighting Services Co. Inc. Anaheim CA 81

N131FF by 1988 converted to tanker operated by Hemet Valley Flying Service 81

wfu 1987 KDMA AMARC

56-0530 dd 10/57 converted for electronic surveillance by TEMCO, dd 10/58 Rhein-Main AB W. Germany, 7406th Support Sqdr U.S. Air Force

Registration:¬†N25WK Construction Number:¬†AF-28 Model¬†Beech C-45G Expeditor Operator:¬†Private std Airport:¬†Chandler - Municipal Airport (CHD / KCHD), USA ‚Äď Arizona

N844TH Douglas C-47A-20-DK 13070 Herbert Terry Chandler AZ rg 1/10/14

ex N844TH rg 04/29/1998 Fly One Llc Las Cruces NM

C-FIMA rg 8/31/88 Air North

C-FIMA rg 7/82 Soundair

C-FIMA Survair rrg 6/76 Questor Surveys Ltd. SURVAIR Ltd

CF-IMA Survair Ottawa bought 10/11/61 SURVAIR Ltd

CF-IMA Canadian Aero Services Ottawa bought 8/16/61

N88740 Aero Service Corp.

NC88740 Gulf Research and Development Co. bought 12/53

42-93186 dd 4/20/44 US Army Air Forces USAAF

N145AZ Beech D18S A-235 rg 12/30/08 American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Inc. Midland TX

Now active for Commemorative Air Force Arizona Wing (KFFZ 02/2013 my sighting + Survivors 2017+airliners.net)

Registration: N7025N Construction Number: G-409 Code Number: 141262 / 262 Model Grumman UF-1 Albatross Operator: Private

N50670 PZL-Mielec An-2 1G21318 rg 06/2/17 American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Inc. Dallas TX

ex LZ-1227 Bulair Service (1991)

N91292 PZL-Mielec An-2 1G178-16 rg 12/12/00 Flying Billboards Llc Granada Hills CA

Ex SP-FMS KAMA-eko reserved but possibly ntu 1999

LY-AFT Nobiles (07/99)

LY-ACT Lietuva opb Klaipeda Airlines

CCCP-62624 Aeroflot

Registration: N190CE Construction Number: A-546 Model Beech D18S Operator: North Valley Occupational Centre std without visible reg Airport: Van Nuys (VNY / KVNY), USA - California

Registration:¬†N87DT Construction Number:¬†20030 Model¬†Fairchild C-123K ProviderOperator:¬†Military Aircraft Restorations Corp (Dave Talichet) std Airport:¬†Chino (CNO / KCNO), USA ‚Äď California

Registration: N2872G Construction Number: 66300 Code Number: 124 Model Consolidated P4Y-2 Privateer Operator: Yanks Air Museum

ex  Hawkins and Powers Aviation

N47TF Douglas C-47A-5-DK 12317 Air Museum Inc. rg 01/30/09 Air Museum Inc. Chino CA wearing PSA Pacific Southwest Airlines livery

ex C-FBVF Terra Mining Co.

CF-BVF dd 4/16/46

KG320 Royal Air Force

42-92509 U.S. Air Force

Registration: N10GN Construction Number: G445 Model Grumman HU-16D Albatross Operator: Private

N101WA Shorts SC-7 Skyvan- 1859 now Perris Valley Aviation

N25648 Douglas DC-3-201C 2236 back with this reg since 2013

ex N20TW rg 02/10/88 Paralift Inc. Perris CA, rg canx

N25648 Mackey Air Lines

N25648 dd 5/57 - 4/68 North Central Airlines

NC25648 dd 6/40 355 Eastern Air Lines

N5BA Beech G18S Expeditor BA-614 rg 06/6/12 Carlsbad Raceway Corp. Hemet CA

N26MA Douglas DC-3-313 2169 rg 05/27/87 Paralift Inc. Perris CA. Rebuilt & Returned to flying status 08 May 2018

ex N180WK


N21781 merged 7/61 - 6/62 United Airlines

N21781 transferred 4/48 - 6/71 214-C Capitaliner Detroit Capital Airlines

N21781 dd 11/39 PCA Pennsylvania Central Airlines

Well it also looks monstrous because I visited the USA twice after 8 years of staying away because of too much September 11 paranoia in 2004.

Thanks in advance,


Posted by Johnny1979 on 10 September 2020 - 17:14:00
Local Airport: EMA

Hi Dennis Can you please add:

G-CEJJ it is P&M Quik GT450 owner: Ian David Baxter from 14/07/2017 previous owners: Juliet Juliet Group from 02/01/2007 c/n 8236

G-CGJT it is CZAW Sportcruiser owner: Derek Frank Toller from 10/11/2009 c/n LAA 338-14911

G-CGNO it is P&M Quik GT450 owner: John Whieldon Thurston from 04/10/2018 previous owners: Alan Fern from 11/03/2013, Airways Airsports Ltd from 08/10/2010 c/n 8522

G-MEGZ it is Ikarus C42 FB100 Bravo owner: My New Flying Club Ltd from 14/07/2020 previous owners: Justin Michael Mooney from 03/12/2013 c/n 1311-7286

G-ZACE it is Cessna 172S Skyhawk owner: Sywell Aerodrome Ltd from 10/07/2007 previous owners: Maarten Christiaan Tonsbeek from 14/07/2004, Just Plane Trading Ltd from 09/07/2004, Martin John Foggo from 20/09/2002, Oxford Aviation Services Ltd from 03/09/2002 change reg. F-HMAC unknown owner and delivery date. c/n 172S8808

G-BCJO it is Piper PA-28R-200-2 Cherokee Arrow II owner: G-BCJO Group from 18/11/2019 previous owners: Robert Ross from 29/11/1994, Tomcat Aviation from 02/12/1988, George Ingram Cooper from 27/05/1980, Express Aviation Services Limited from 05/11/1979, Ron Webster (Midlands) Limited from 02/05/1978, John McWilliams Henderson from 12/05/1977, Roland Charles Harding from 17/07/1974 c/n 28R-7435272



Posted by Swakeleys on 10 September 2020 - 19:41:58

Hi Dennis,

Many thanks for adding my requests from 12 Aug.

A couple of new (minor) corrections when you have time.

Reference: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ES-ATI/920370

This now seems to be operated by Xfly instead of Nordica.

Reference: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-EZGR/890186

The aircraft was back on the U.K. register 19 Aug 2020. See:


Kind regards,


Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 11 September 2020 - 07:30:32
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Some more adds please...


Skyranger Nynja 912S(1)

c/n BMAA/HB/700

G-SUMM Andrew Summers 16 Feb 2018


Bombardier Global Express XRS

c/n 9349

LX-ZED Global Jet Concept or Silver Arrow ????

Not much on web about this but DEFFINITELY not the CL605 listed on PL as LX-ZED.


AugustaWestland Italy


s/n 31716

I-EASG test reg

M-SHRM Frozendale Ltd 01 Jul 2016


Cessna 414A Chancellor

s/n 414A0425

N2694H test reg

G-SMJJ Rogers Aviation Sales Ltd 24 Mar 1981

G-SMJJ Gull Air Ltd 16 Apr 1981

M-SMJJ Gull Air Ltd 10 Jun 2008

N569JM Southern Aircraft Consultancy 13 Aug 2012


Bell Jet Ranger X

s/n 65188

2-BELL ???? ????

No info on web but photos from Wycombe Air Park Air Expo 2019, I was also there.

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 11 September 2020 - 07:34:35
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis


Avions Pierre Robin

Pierre Robin DR400/180 Regent

s/n 1980

G-BSDH Aeromarine Ltd 18 Apr 1990

G-BSDH Hamilton Slade Co Ltd 13 Aug 1990

G-BSDH Richard Louis Brucciani 20 May 1991

G-BSDH G-BSDH Group 20 Aug 2013


Piper Aircraft Corp

Piper PA-16 (Modified) Clipper

s/n 16-475

Built 1949 but could only find one reg…N5865H… prior to export to UK. No info on FAA reg site.

G-BSWF Clifford Charles & Jennifer Mary Lovell 12 Oct 1990

G-BSWF Thomas Michael Storey 07 Dec 1990

G-BSWF Durham Clipper Group 23 Apr 2007

G-BSWF GW Evans Ltd 22 Aug 2014

G-BSWF Marc Eschalier 03 Mar 2020

Transferred to France


New Piper Aircraft Inc

Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer III

s/n 2843176

OY-JAA ???? from new 1998

G-CCHL Archer Three Ltd 04 Aug 2003


MCR-01 Club

s/n PFA 301A-14133

G-CCPN Peter Hugh Nelson 28 Nov 2003

G-CCPN Martin Sibson 05 Nov 2008

G-CCPN John Clifford Thompson 24 Jun 2014


Robin Aviation

Robin DR400/180 Regent

s/n 1756

F-GFXG nothing on web

G-CGGO Exeter Aviation Ltd 06 Oct 2009

G-CGGO AWE Holdings Ltd 23 Dec 2010

G-CCGO Gregory Ian James Thomson 25 Jul 2016

G-CGGO Gregory Ian James Thomson & Robert Anthony Hawkins 30 Oct 2017

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 11 September 2020 - 07:38:30
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Some more please...


Vans RV-7

s/n PFA 323-13981

G-CHIR Frank Staples 15 May 2012

G-IBEN Benjamin Andrew Fawkes 13 Mar 2020


Rotosport UK Ltd

Rotosport UK Cavalon


G-CIMT Martin Lionel Watson 12 May 2015


Ascent Industries Ltd

Eurofox 3K

s/n 51216

G-CJOM Graham Richard Postans 02 Feb 2017


Ascent Industries Ltd

Eurofox 3K

s/n 56019

G-CLDT Steven Bois Williams & Luke Steven Williams 11 Mar 2019



AS350B Ecureuil

s/n 2079

JA9742 Melwa Transportation 1988-1993

ZK-HYT ???? 1993-2005

HB-ZHC Heli Bermina Dec 2005

HB-ZHC Verein Helibiz Jan 2009

HB-ZHC Bonsai Helikopter Sep 2012

HB-ZHC Helialpin Sep 2013

G-FEST Wavendon Social Housing Ltd 23 Sep 2016

Info from https://www.helis.com/database/cn/52375/

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Dangerous on 11 September 2020 - 09:17:54
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

The last ones for today...


Grob-Werke Gmbh And Co Kg

Grob G109

Serial No: 6100

D-KAMS ???? 1982

G-DKDP Diss Aviation Ltd 09 Jul 1985

G-DKDP David William Page & Janet Elizabeth Page trustees of GROB 4 03 Jun 1993

G-DKDP David William Page trustee of GROB 4 08 Dec 2009

G-DKDP Peter Wardell 29 Apr 2015

Update to G-TULA….


G-LDGD Leading Edge Aviation Ltd 15 Apr 2020


Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna 152

Serial No: 152-83199

G-BMSZ Dennis Morrison Leonard 26 Aug 1986

G-BMSZ RJS Aviation Ltd 17 May 1988

G-BMSZ Aerohire Ltd 05 Oct 1989

G-BMSZ Amarjit Singh Bamrah t/a Falcon Flying Services 27 Oct 1993

G-OWOW Amarjit Singh Bamrah t/a Falcon Flying Services 10 May 1995

G-OWOW Plane Talking Ltd 16 Dec 2005

G-OWOW Hinton Pilot Flight Training Ltd 20 May 2013

G-OWOW Thomas William Gilbert 22 Jul 2013

G-OWOW Mycroft David Perry 18 May 2015


Grob-Werke Gmbh And Co Kg

Grob G109B

Serial No: 6381

G-WAVE Malcolm Livingstone Murdoch 1 Aug 1985

G-WAVE Colin Gilbert Wray 29 Dec 2004

G-WAVE Timothy Robert Dews 23 Jul 2019

G-WAVE Julian Michael Roach 06 Dec 2019

Update to G-NADN…

Re-reg to

G-XSFT Miroslaw Lawrynowicz 02 Jun 2020


Cessna 182A Skylane

c/n 51477

N2177G Bob Swainson 2006

N2177G Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee 02 Feb 2015

Regards Brian

Posted by Johnny1979 on 11 September 2020 - 16:49:33
Local Airport: EMA

Hi Dennis

Can you please add:

N508RA it is Cirrus SR22 GTS owner: Woodford Aviation Inc. Trustee c/n 4458


Sorry this plane is in system my mistake


Post Edited By Johnny1979 on 12/09/2020 - 07:38:04
Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 12 September 2020 - 09:21:08
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Could you add the following please...


Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six



G-BHGO Leslie John Steward 16 Nov 1979

G-BHGO Oxford Aero Charter Ltd t/a OXAERO 03 Dec 1981

G-BHGO AM Aviation Ltd

G-BHGO Andrew Paul Spens & Estelle Lianne Gentle 16 Aug 1990

G-BHGO Arthur Jack Crisp 14 Apr 1993

G-BHGO DDCS Ltd 22 Apr 1996

G-BHGO Ian Parkinson 06 Dec 2004

G-BHGO Shirley Ann Boyall 27 Apr 2006

G-BHGO Lee Charles Myall 07 Feb 2008

G-BHGO Andrew Victor Harmer 24 Aug 2012

G-BHGO William John Henry 13 Aug 2014

G-BHGO Woodpecker Air.Com Ltd 11 Apr 2018

G-BHGO Robert Cranborne & Aviation Global Services Ltd 04 Feb 2020

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 12 September 2020 - 09:27:43
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Some more additions please....


Eurocopter EC120B Colibri

s/n 1480

EC-KCR test reg ??

G-HEHE HE Group Ltd 20 Jun 2007


Vans RV-7

LAA 323-15232

G-ICRV Ian Alan Coates 09 Mar 2017


Zenair CH 601XL

PFA 162B-14207

G-KIMA Kenneth Martindale 21 Mar 2006

G-KIMA Laurence David Johnston 05 Apr 2011

G-KIMA Huw Richard Carey 29 Aug 2013

G-KIMA David Joy 12 Jan 2016

G-KIMA John Richard Powell 05 Aug 2020


Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd

Bell 505 Jet Ranger X

s/n 65179

G-MADZ Overby Ltd 24 Jan 2019


Robinson Helicopter Co Inc

Robinson R44 II Raven II

s/n 12664

G-MENU Heli Air Ltd 27 Jan 2009

G-MENU Eagles in Flight Ltd 19 Feb 2009

G-MENU HQ Aviation Ltd 21 Oct 2015

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 12 September 2020 - 09:33:37
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Some more additions when time permits...


Cosmik Aviation Ltd

EV-97 Teameurostar UK (EV-97 Eurostar)

s/n 3718

G-OCMS Christopher Mark Saysell 14 Apr 2010


Red-Air UK

Ikarus C42 FB80

s/n 1406-7323

G-PAPI Avion Training & Consultancy Ltd 30 Jul 2014


Vans RV-7

LAA 323-14963

G-RVAH Howard William Hall 20 Apr 2012

G-RVAH Richard Charles William King 16 Sep 2013

G-RVAH Christopher Morris trustee of Regent Group 23 Jan 2014


Vans RV-9A

PFA 320-14265

G-RVSG Stephen Gerrish 10 Nov 2004


Remos Aircraft GMBH

Remos GX

s/n 353

G-SBDB David Brook trustee of G-SBDB Group 07 Dec 2009

G-SBDB Mark Julian Woolard 12 Apr 2019

Regards Brian

Premium Posted by Brian Capel on 12 September 2020 - 09:41:23
Local Airport: HYC

Hi Dennis

Some more please, the last for today....

Update to PL listing for HA-YAO (Su-29). Now…

G-SUUK David James Barke 10 Jan 2018


Alpha Aviation Manufacturing Ltd

Aplha R2160

s/n 160A-07012

ZK-CTT CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd 2007

G-VZIM Ian Michael Hollingsworth 07 Mar 2011


Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam SRL

Tecnam P2006T

s/n 076

G-XVAX James Byrne 04 Apr 2011

G-XVAX Daniel James Lee 24 Aug 2016

G-XVAX Daniel James Lee & Michael Allen Baldwin 19 Dec 2017

G-XVAX Michael Allen Baldwin 18 May 2018


Robinson Helicopter Co

Robinson R66

s/n 0034

N44829 Test reg May 2011

N44829 Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee May 2013

N44829 HQ Aviation Jan 2015

N44829 Southern Aircraft Consultancy 13 Sep 2018

Info from https://www.helis.com/database/cn/40525/


Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP


N51AH Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee ????

Regards Brian

Posted by tangoscar on 13 September 2020 - 08:45:05
Local Airport: BDL


N354AA was re-registered to N397AZ in Sep 2019 and is now flying for Amazon Prime Air under ATI AOC.

Thanks Thomas

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Hi David,

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