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Microsoft Edge compatability with PLogger

Posted by Jolly67 on 03 September 2020 - 13:57:05
Local Airport: LHR

I have recently had Microsoft Edge installed as an alternative to Internet Explorer.

Planelogger is not wholly compatible with Edge, for example, not allowing a view of your sightings!

Just making everyone aware that there may be a future issue as Edge has taken over from IE on Windows 10.



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Posted by R Geering on 03 September 2020 - 19:28:37
Local Airport: MAN

I'm also using Edge on Windows 10, and have been for a while. I haven't experienced any issues with it myself with regards to using Planelogger.


Data Editor Posted by Warthog1 on 04 September 2020 - 09:35:03
Local Airport: SOU

Hi Mike,

I've been using Edge for a couple of months without any issues (both for viewing and updating). The layout is slightly different as far as columns widths are concerned but that's probably my settings.

Hope you get it sorted!


Posted by KLAR on 05 September 2020 - 04:03:53
Local Airport: TUS

Works great for me as well.

Posted by Jolly67 on 07 September 2020 - 20:05:46
Local Airport: LHR

Is there a way of deleting a thread?

I look today and all is good and right with the world of PLogger in Edge! And I haven't done anything except leave it alone over the weekend!

That's probably why I don't work in IT :)

Happy logging.

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