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Expanding lists My Sightings page

Posted by Polehill on 06 January 2016 - 11:02:13
185 posts, 11032 aircraft seen at 52 airports. Local Airport: MAN


Is it possible to expand the Top Airlines, Top Models and Airport lists on the My Sightings page?



Admin Posted by nighthawk on 06 January 2016 - 17:00:01
377 posts, 197 aircraft seen at 20 airports. Local Airport: CAX

not currently. If you click the airline/airport, it takes you to the airline/airport page. It's on my todo list to improve this section though.

As a slight workaround though, you can use the "search" box on this page to filter the results, so for example if you enter "Emirates", it will only show you aircraft you've seen belonging to Emirates. Likewise, enter "MAN" and it will show all entries containing this text, so should show sightings for MAN airport (but may also show some airlines with this text in their name)

As mentioned, this section is next on my hitlist for improvements, so I'll be implementing better filters on here shortly.

Also, if anyone else has any suggestions on what they would like to see here, feel free to let me know :)

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