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8mm footage of CC-COA from 1966

Posted by OdinAbbott on 08 January 2016 - 00:19:41
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Is it acceptable to add pictures I did not personally take? I have 8mm footage of CC-COA from 1966, it is not the best quality, but you can clearly see the plane being loaded. Full run time of just the plane footage is about 3 min.

Just wanted to ask if stills from archival footage is acceptable.

There is also a little of an additional C-46, CC-CD(?), the last number is not visible.

Thank you!


Admin Posted by nighthawk on 08 January 2016 - 10:53:27
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Hi Odin,

Stills from videos are perfectly acceptable - unlike other sites we don't screen photos, so if you're happy with the quality, we are happy with the quality :)

However, you need to ensure you are not breaching copyright laws when uploading images - by uploading them on here and having your profile set to publicly viewable, you may be deemed to be broadcasting or sharing those images. You either need to have taken them yourself, or have obtained approval from the copyright owner to upload them before you do so.

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