The first airplanes in the Trans-Canada Airlines (later Air Canada) fleet were Lockheed 10A Electras. TCA got two -- CF-AZY and CF-BAF -- from Canadian Airlines (not the successor to Canadian Pacific but a pioneer company back in the 30s) and started service with them on 1 September 1937. It later added CF-TCA (msn 1112), CF-TCB and CF-TCC.

CF-TCC became rather special, because it was flown by Air Canada for its 25th and 50th anniversaries in 1962 and 1987. In 1962 the plane was leased by AC from Matane Air Services, to whom it was returned. It then changed hands a couple of times and disappeared until it was discovered in 1975 by an AC employee visiting the Confederate Air Force show in Harlingen, Texas. It was brought back to Canada in 1984 and painstakingly (and expensively) restored in time for the Golden Anniversary year.

Following a cross-country tour, CF-TCC was flown to YWG (Winnipeg) and now is stored (but not displayed) at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada. See

The information on the RAMWC site about how CF-TCC got back to Canada is contradicted by a lengthy account "Air Canada's Golden Anniversary Electra" in the Winter 1991 issue of Airliners magazine, from which I have extracted the notes above.