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Emirates 777-300 crash lands in Dubai (E6-EMW)

Posted by A320FAN on 03 August 2016 - 20:36:32
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From AVHerald.com regarding the crash landing of an Emirates 777-300 in DXB:

Accident: Emirates B773 at Dubai on Aug 3rd 2016, touched down during go-around without gear, aircraft on fire

By Simon Hradecky, created Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2016 09:32Z, last updated Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2016 17:50Z

An Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration A6-EMW performing flight EK-521 from Thiruvananthapuram (India) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) with 282 passengers and 18 crew, was on final approach to Dubai's runway 12L at 12:41L (08:41Z) but attempted to go around from low height. The aircraft however did not climb, but after retracting the gear touched down on the runway and burst into flames. All occupants evacuated via slides, 13 passengers received minor injuries, 10 were taken to hospitals, 3 treated at the airport. The aircraft burned down completely. A firefighter attending to the aircraft lost his life.

The airline reported: "Emirates can confirm that an incident happened at Dubai International Airport on 3rd August 2016 at about 12.45pm local time."

United Arab Emirates Government confirmed an Emirates aircraft arriving from India suffered a crash landing at Dubai Airport, all passengers have been evacuated, there are no reports of injuries.

United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) reported a firefighter attending to the fire, while saving lives, lost his own life. The director of the GCAA said: "I salute his ultimate sacrifice that kept many from harm’s way. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

Emirates Airlines' chairman reported 13 passengers received minor injuries during the incident and were treated by medical teams.

According to ATC recordings the aircraft performed a normal approach and landing, there was no priority or emergency declared. Upon contacting tower tower reminded the crew of lowering the gear and cleared the aircraft to land. Another approach reported on tower frequency. About 2 minutes after EK-521 reported on tower, the crew reported going around, tower instructed the aircraft to climb to 4000 feet, the crew acknowledged climbing to 4000 feet, a few seconds later tower instructs the next arrival to go around and alerts emergency services. The position of the aircraft is described near the end of the runway.

Related NOTAM: A1156/16 - AD CLSD. 03 AUG 11:20 2016 UNTIL 03 AUG 14:00 2016. CREATED: 03 AUG 11:18 2016

A1155/16 - AD CLSD. 03 AUG 10:00 2016 UNTIL 03 AUG 12:00 2016. CREATED: 03 AUG 10:07 2016

Metars: OMDB 030900Z 11021KT 3000 BLDU NSC 49/07 Q0993 WS ALL RWY TEMPO 35015KT 1500 OMDB 030800Z 14012KT 100V180 6000 NSC 48/09 Q0994 WS ALL RWY TEMPO 35015KT 4000 DU OMDB 030749Z 14012KT 110V180 6000 NSC 47/09 Q0994 WS ALL RWY TEMPO 35015KT 4000DU OMDB 030700Z 06007KT 360V100 8000 NSC 44/10 Q0995 NOSIG OMDB 030600Z 06005KT 350V100 8000 NSC 42/12 Q0995 NOSIG

The last seconds of slide out after failed go-around:


The aircraft erupting into flames (Video: Kazim Abbas):


The wreckage of A6-EMW after fire was extinguished (Photo: dotEmirates): The wreckage of A6-EMW after fire was extinguished (Photo: dotEmirates)

A6-EMW on fire at Dubai (Photo: Airport WebCams): A6-EMW on fire at Dubai (Photo: Airport WebCams)

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth): Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth)

Admin Posted by nighthawk on 04 August 2016 - 10:48:41
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There's a great video from onboard during the evacuation: https://twitter.com/rehanquereshi/status/760883989490040833

Its a true testament to the crew, that despite the idiots trying to retrieve their bags from the overhead, they still managed to evacuate the entire plane in approximately 90 seconds!

Well done Emirates!

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