C-46 with registration N9841F in year 1959 as listed by Planelogger was once registered as RX-136 LAPSA or Panamanian. It indicates this aircraft crashed in Israel in May 1948 and was written off. This event did occur but is not relevant to N9841F. The correct aircraft is RX-135 which crashed in Israel but on date 10 September 1948. RX-135 was refurbished by Bedek Aviation Company in Israel in the 1950's. RX-135 went to the USA in 1959 and acquired registration N9841F. Note: RX-135 is identified by c/n 26812 s/n 42-3679 and RX-136 is identified by c/n 26995 s/n 42-107308. For each of the cited aircraft, these numbers have been identity reversed resulting in erroneous information to various researchers.

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