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Posted by plumtim on 22 November 2017 - 00:44:30
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I've recently discovered this site which I think is great, and am still playing around with it before deciding whether to pay up to go ad free, plus availing myself of the other premium benefits.

I am currently using another (paid for) database with which I should stress I am happy, but it's good to have an alternative like Planelogger, just in case....!

I note the aircraft type list shows some in green; does that mean they are complete? Similarly I presume other types will be added in due course, although examples of the "black" types do of course already show up in searches.

My main concern is that, if anything, Planelogger seems to offer too much! I see that the offer is there to send in your own logs to be entered by the admin team, but surely that would entail a lot of work for free. Is it a one man or a team operation, and does paying the premium go towards staffing costs or is it all done on a purely voluntary basis. If the latter, great, but what if the workload became too great or they lost interest?

Sorry to ramble on, but Plenelogger really does seem an excellent alternative / supplement to those already on the market, and I really hope to switch to premium some time after more experimentation and research.

Keep up the great work......

Admin Posted by nighthawk on 25 November 2017 - 16:09:23
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Hi Plumtim,

Welcome to PlaneLogger, I'm glad you found us, and I'm sure you'll love us once you start using the site :)

The team currently consists of myself for all the development, plus three volunteer data editors that keep the database up to date - DT, BravoCharlie92 & VHarvey. We've been going for around 5 years now, and don't have nay intentions of going anywhere anytime soon :)

Currently all revenue generated goes towards web hosting and advertising to help grow the site. Additional premium members would certainly be welcome, the more we generate the more we can invest back in the site, and the better product we can bring to you.

As for the aircraft types page - I wouldnt read too much in to that, I haven't updated that page for a long time. Basically every type listed there is in the database. The ones in green are just links to production lists for those types. I haven't updated it to add links to the others for a long time

You can get production lists for the remaining types by searching for an example registration, then clicking on the aircraft type on the registration details page.

Anyway, welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy yourself here.

As always, our advertising budget only goes so far, so please help us out by mentioning us on other forums and on facebook, and be sure to tell anyone you think may be interested in our site about us.

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