Reno Stead Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
18/09/2005 N51Z P-51A-1-NA (Dave Morss) ux166c
18/09/2005 N333XT Nemesis Air Racing NXT (Jon Sharp) ux166c
18/09/2005 165076 T-45A (United States Navy) ux166c
18/09/2005 NX805MB F7F-3N (Monique Ltd) ux166c
18/09/2005 80-0173 OA-10A (United States Air Force) ux166c
18/09/2005 NX518WB Firefly-AS Mk. VI (Private Operator) ux166c
18/09/2005 N151AF P-51D (Heritage Flight Musuem) ux166c
18/09/2005 N540BW ZIVCO AERONAUTICS-Edge 540 (Mike Mangold) ux166c
18/09/2005 N86572 FM-2 (Thomas L Camp Trustee) ux166c
18/09/2005 N2011U F-100D-50-NH (Global Aerospace) ux166c
18/09/2005 N3171P AT-6D (Private Operator) ux166c
18/09/2005 N7404C SNJ-4 (Sanders Racing) ux166c
18/09/2005 N79MM Beech E33C Bonanza (Private Operator) ux166c
18/09/2005 NL327DB P-51D (Aero Classics) ux166c
18/09/2005 N51RH P-51D (John K Bagley) ux166c
18/09/2005 N151SE P-51D (Stu Eberhardt) ux166c
18/09/2005 NL55JL P-51D (Jimmy Leeward) ux166c
18/09/2005 NX233MB Sea Fury-T.20 (Fury LTD) ux166c
18/09/2005 NX62143 Sea Fury-T.20 (Stewart Dawson) ux166c
18/09/2005 NX51SF Sea Fury-T.20 (Stuart Aviation) ux166c
18/09/2005 N777L F8F-2 (John Penny) ux166c
18/09/2005 83-1135 F-16C (United States Air Force) ux166c
18/09/2005 N36731 Raytheon 390 Premier I ( Raytheon Aircraft Company) ux166c
18/09/2005 NC37428 Interstate S-1A-65F (Kent Pietsch) ux166c
18/09/2005 N23745 T-33A-5-LO (Florida Air Museum) ux166c
18/09/2005 N75AG SNJ-6 (Alfred F. Goss) ux166c
18/09/2005 NX20SF Sea Fury-T.20 (Brian Sanders) ux166c
14/09/2003 N35350 SAAB-J-35F (Skip Holm) ux166c
14/09/2003 82-0055 C-130H-LM (United States Air Force) ux166c
14/09/2003 N115P GH-3 (Private Operator) ux166c
14/09/2003 N64824 P-51D (Dan Vance) ux166c
14/09/2003 N24KC CHAMBLISS M KIRBY {Zivco}-Edge 540A (Kirby Chambliss) ux166c
14/09/2003 N79132 AT-19 Reliant-Mk. I (Private Operator) ux166c
14/09/2003 NC17667 Spartan 7W Executive (Private Operator) ux166c
14/09/2003 N44839 N3N-3 (Private Operator) ux166c
14/09/2003 163701 F/A-18C-26-MC (United States Navy) ux166c
14/09/2003 NC37428 Interstate S-1A-65F (Kent Pietsch) ux166c
14/09/2003 80-0142 OA-10A (United States Air Force) ux166c
14/09/2003 N5264G L-19A-CE (Private Operator) ux166c
14/09/2003 NC80321 Beech G17S Staggerwing (Private Operator) ux166c
14/09/2003 N5943 LET {Yakovlev}-C-11 (Yak-11) (Sherman Smoot) ux166c
15/09/2002 NX518WB Firefly-AS Mk. VI (Private Operator) ux166c
15/09/2002 165676 F/A-18F-53-MC (United States Navy) ux166c
15/09/2002 N2869D P-51D (Douglas Driscoll) ux166c
15/09/2002 88-0466 F-16CG-40-CF (United States Air Force) ux166c
15/09/2002 N2580 F-51D (Private Operator) ux166c
17/09/2000 N260HP Aviation Specialties Challenger II (Shawn D. Tucker) ux166c