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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
11/12/2019 OO-TCH A320-214 (Brussels Airlines) Qprpaul
11/12/2019 A4O-OMN 747-430 (Royal Flight of Oman) Qprpaul
11/12/2019 KAF327 C-130-J-30 Hercules (Kuwait Air Force) Qprpaul
11/12/2019 YR-BMD 737-85F(WL) (Blue Air) Qprpaul
11/12/2019 SP-RSX 737-800(WL) (Ryanair Sun) Qprpaul
10/12/2019 A6-EQI 777-300(ER) (Emirates) Qprpaul
10/12/2019 9V-SFM 747-412F (Singapore Airlines) Qprpaul
10/12/2019 D-ABQF DHC-8-402Q (Eurowings) Qprpaul
01/12/2019 T.18-2 Dassault Falcon-900 (Fuerza Aerea Espanola (Spanish Air Force)) jcla
01/12/2019 144618 Challenger-604 (Canadian Armed Forces) jcla
27/11/2019 OY-JZM 737-8 (JetTime) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-SNJ A320 (Brussels Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-JAY 737-8 (TUI Airlines Belgium) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 A6-EYF A330 (Etihad Airways) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-SFB A330 (Brussels Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-SFC A330 (Brussels Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-SFD A330 (Brussels Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-SFE A330 (Brussels Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-SFF A330 (Brussels Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 N16009 787-10 (United Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 B-208T 787-9 (Hainan Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-JAV 737-8 (TUI Airlines Belgium) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 CH-12 C-130-H (Belgian Air Force) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 EI-GEC CRJ900 (Cityjet) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 EI-GED CRJ900 (Cityjet) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 LX-N90450 707-E-3A (NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 D-ACJJ ERJ-190 (WDL Aviation) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 OO-SNN A320 (Brussels Airlines) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 HA-LKG 737-8 (Travel Service Hungary) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 G-SAJU ERJ-135 (Loganair) Qprpaul
27/11/2019 JA839A 787-9 (All Nippon Airways) Qprpaul
04/11/2019 HL7618 747-446 (Asiana Airlines) SpiffPlane
04/11/2019 CH-11 C-130-H (Belgian Air Force) SpiffPlane
04/11/2019 N534LA 767-316F(ER)(WL) (LATAM Cargo Chile) SpiffPlane
18/10/2019 98-0002 C-32A (United States Air Force) LennertR
05/10/2019 VP-BMI 737-800(WL) (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) toftos
05/10/2019 YL-CSL Bombardier CSeries CS300-(BD-500-1A11) (Air Baltic) toftos
05/10/2019 C-GFAF A330-343 (Air Canada) toftos
05/10/2019 EI-RDG ERJ-175-STD (ERJ-170-200) (Alitalia) toftos
05/10/2019 JA891A 787-9 Dreamliner (All Nippon Airways) toftos
05/10/2019 HL7436 747-48EF (Asiana Airlines) toftos
05/10/2019 OO-SFC A330-342 (Brussels Airlines) toftos
05/10/2019 OO-SFE A330-343 (Brussels Airlines) toftos
05/10/2019 OO-SFG A330-343 (Brussels Airlines) toftos
05/10/2019 OO-SFU A330-223 (Brussels Airlines) toftos
05/10/2019 OO-SSA A319-111 (Brussels Airlines) toftos
05/10/2019 OO-SSR A319-112 (Brussels Airlines) toftos