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Sending Corrections/Additions (47)

Posted by DT on 09 April 2019 - 06:58:42

Hi everyone,

we have once again reached capacity on no. 46 so I have started a new one.



Posted by 151734 on 09 April 2019 - 08:17:21
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis, thanks for all the support. On my most recent post 7/4 F-BUFC should read F-BUFE, apologies for that.

Cheers Greg

Posted by 151734 on 09 April 2019 - 09:29:41
Local Airport: ORK

So Sorry Dennis, another correction to my post of 7/4 - 163259 VH60N not 163159 as stated. C/n is 70-1075

Thanks Greg

Posted by JayDee3 on 09 April 2019 - 12:51:16
Local Airport: GLA

Hi Dennis, could you add the following to Database

9 Dassault-Breguet Atlantique II French Navy

11 Dassault-Breguet Atlantique II French Navy

60+06 Lockheed P-3C Orion German Navy

3298 Lockheed P-3C Orion Royal Norwegian Air Force

166848 Boeing P-8A Poseidon US Navy

G-CEIS Jodel DR.1050


Posted by DT on 10 April 2019 - 11:48:49

Hi Greg,

here are your next requested aircraft:

EI-BSY: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EI-BSY/906714

EI-ICG: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EI-ICG/906742

F-BUFA: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BUFA/906716

F-BUFE: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BUFE/906719

F-GBRX: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-GBRX/906724

F-GCLQ: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-GCLQ/906726

F-GFAH: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-GFAH/906730

G-BCTX: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BCTX/906745

G-BFDA: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BFDA/906748

G-BTEU: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BTEU/906762

G-FMFC: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-FMFC/906766

N731A (no real info on its history): http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N731A/906776

N4575C: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N4575C/906778

N47311: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N47311/906783

VP-YKF: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/VP-YKF/906795

D-IFSB: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/D-IFSB/906797

G-BRYF: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BRYF/906804

EI-BFH: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EI-BFH/906812

G-RNMO: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-RNMO/906808

N4565L: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N4565L/906837

63-7887: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/63-7887/906707

02-1434: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/02-1434/906708

78-0938: unknown registration

163259: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/163259/906814

EI-CNL: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EI-CNL/906821

EI-ICR: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EI-ICR/906828

N1 (already in database): http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N1/706633

RP-C1383: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/RP-C1383/906738

VQ-BVD: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/VQ-BVD/906739

154589: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/154589/906825



Posted by 151734 on 10 April 2019 - 14:09:57
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis, Next batch for whenever you have a moment:

SE-GAM PA31 c/n 31P-42

N50AS L1329 JetStar c/n 4/5058

465 C130 RSAF c/n 4609

G-BDWF BN2A Islander c/n 519

F-BTOK Beech 90 c/n LJ.32

N302EH DHC6 c/n 455 on DB as 9N-ABM

VR-BGB Bell 212 c/n 30600 to PK-HCI

F-BJTI SE210 Caravelle c/n 105 on DB as 9Q-CZZ

F-BUFH SE210 Caravelle c/n 123 on DB as 9Q-CZL

F-BYAC F27 c/n 10431 on DB as N4560Z

F-BUTA F27 c/n 10229 on DB as G-BHMW

G-BYAF F27 c/n 10245 on DB as VH-EWS

F-GAMR DHC6 c/n 523 on DB as HB-LRO

130321 C130 CAF c/n 4191

G-BELS DHC6 c/n 530 on DB as ZK-MCO

G-BBZP PA31 c/n 7405182

F-BVRA Beech 99 c/n U.94 to N9FH,F-OGKF,N981EP

OY-BDK PA31 c/n 31.604

130320 C130 CAF c/n 4096

C-GOKA S61N c/n 61722

1602 C130 RSAF c/n 4614

N46877 DC3 c/n 9186 to HK3293X

F-BTOV V952 Vanguard c/n 746 on DB as PK-MVH

LN-NPZ PA31 c/n 7512047

F-GAJG PA31 c/n 7652028

G-BDOS BN2A Trislander c/n 1024 on DB as G-OJAV

G-ANXB DH114 Heron c/n 14048

OO-FKT P68 Victor c/n 26 to D-GIUT

LN-NPY PA31 c/n 31.418

N49MZ SA226 Merlin c/n T26.173 on DB as N22NR

C-FALF S58 c/n 58.1093 to N559AZ, PK-OBX

EI-ICA S92 c/n 92-0045 to OY-HKA

Many thanks


Premium Posted by Dougiehd on 10 April 2019 - 20:08:12
Local Airport: CMB

Hi Dennis

a few updates from the Trans Maldivean and Maldivian fleets:

8Q-MAN: Trans Maldivian, listed as crashed and sunk but she is alive and well and seen in Male 02Dec18 and again today when i took a photo.

8Q-TMA:DH6 Trans Maldivian. listed as in Canada but seen today as 8Q-TMA and photo uploaded.

8Q-TMW: DHC6. Listed with Maldivian Air Taxi but it is now with Trans Maldivian Airways (I flew it 10Apr)

8Q-TAI; DHC6 Trans Maldivian. Soneva colour scheme. not listed but seen 10Apr and is on Jetphotos

8Q-TAK; DH6 Maldivian: Four Seasons colour scheme. Not listed but exists as per Flightradar and Jetphotos.

8Q-TMY listed with Trans Maldivian Airlines but it is with Trans Maldivian Airways.

8Q-IAN A320 listed as Island Aviation but is now op by Maldivian


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Posted by eastflight on 13 April 2019 - 12:47:32
Local Airport: AUH

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the updates. A small one for BBJ 2-SGSG. Marked as stored at Jakarta but seen in the bright lights of Luton on 06/04/2019.



Posted by LIN104 on 14 April 2019 - 07:41:14
Local Airport: WID

Hi Dennis,

another batch to add for me when you have time to do so:

XW765 Harrier GR.3, RAF, c/n 712082, w/o 12.03.1980, crashed two-and-three-quarter miles south-south-east of Lampeter, Dyfed, Wales, due to a bird strike (buzzard) at 200 ft. The pilot - Flight Lieutenant Paul Barton - ejected safely.

XW766 Harrier GR.3, RAF, c/n 712083, w/o 04.10.1979, crashed in a wood near Ravensberg, West Germany after the pilot (Flight Lieutenant C C N Burwell) ejected due to loss of power following a bird strike

XP542 Gnat T.1, RAF, c/n FL544, stored

XW329 Jet Provost T.5A, RAF, c/n EEP/JP/993, w/o 16.06.1981, the pilot mishandled the aircraft after a simulated engine failure after take off from Leeming, North Yorkshire. XW329 stalled while turning back towards the airfield and struck the ground under full power in a nose up attitude. The crew stayed with the aircraft and were only slightly injured. Struck off charge as Cat.5(G/I) and allocated to Church Fenton fire dump as 8741M. Reported as being moved during 1986 to an exercise area near Halifax for use by the Yorkshire Fire Brigade

XW429 Jet Provost T.5A, RAF, c/n EEP/JP/1051, to N556A

ZE352 F-4J(UK), RAF, c/n 1870, scrapped, ex BuNo 153783

XV868 Buccaneer S.2B, RAF, c/n B3-17-67, scrapped

D-6666 F-104G, Netherlands AF, c/n 6666, to Greece as 6666

J-219 F-16A, Netherlands AF, c/n 6D-8, GIA

J-220 F-16A, Netherlands AF, c/n 6D-9, scrapped

68-16009 CH-47C, US Army, c/n B601, to 82-23779 CH-47D

69-17106 CH-47C, US Army, c/n B621, to 89-00131 CH-47D

81-0046 F-15C, USAF, c/n 797, stored AMARG

84-0002 F-15C, USAF, c/n 910, active

84-0003 F-15C, USAF, c/n 911, active

84-0009 F-15C, USAF, c/n 918, active

84-0044 F-15D, USAF, c/n 924, active

63-7854 C-130E, USAF, c/n 3924, scrapped

37+50 F-4F, German AF, c/n 4471, scrapped

37+51 F-4F, German AF, c/n 4474, w/o 22.04.1993, hit the ground while flying a roll at 150 meters during an airshow practice routine at CFB Goose Bay/Canada; both crew members killed.

40+89 Alpha Jet, German Air Force, c/n ?, stored USA

41+05 Alpha Jet, German Air Force, c/n ?, preserved Friedrichshafen

41+16 Alpha Jet, German Air Force, c/n ?, scrapped

41+33 Alpha Jet, German Air Force, c/n ?, to Portugal as 15246

43+77 Tornado, German Navy, c/n 200, scrapped

44+42 Tornado, German Air Force, c/n 362, scrapped

44+52 Tornado, German Air Force, c/n 388, scrapped

MM55005 Tornado, Italian Air Force, c/n 164, active

Greets Alfred

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Premium Posted by BHSkeie on 14 April 2019 - 14:01:51
Local Airport: SVG


Could you add
LN-OOW Airbus Helicopters H135, serial 1169
OY-PHM Piper PA-28-181 Matcher III, serial 2843629
LN-ORA Bell 47 J Ranger, serial 2834, reg. 20/5-1964 Scancopter A/S Oslo, op by Helikopter Service, before as N73937, sold as OH-HIM in 1976, scraped 13/7-1976 after acsident


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Posted by thedouth on 14 April 2019 - 14:26:57
Local Airport: BRS

Hi, Could you please add 2-NORN Embraer 505 Phenom 300 c/n 50500272


Posted by Jolly67 on 15 April 2019 - 10:55:18
Local Airport: LHR

Hi Dennis

Please can the following be added to the database:

G-BPUR - Piper J-3L-65 Cub - C/N 4708

G-CJXF - Best Off SkyRanger Swift - C/N BMAA/HB/696

G-CJTX - Evektor EV-97 - C/N 2016-4238

G-WCKM - Skyranger Swift - C/N BMAA/HB/611

G-KENG - Rotorsport UK MT-03 - C/N RSUK/MT-03/011

G-CDVI - Comco Ikarus C42 - C/N 0602-6794

G-CDDK - Cessna 172M Skyhawk - C/N 172-65258

G-CDMS - Comco Ikarus C42 - C/N 0506-6689

G-BYBL - Gardan GY-80-160D - C/N 127

WP971 - De Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk - C/N C1/0837 (also reg'd G-ATHD)

G-ATVK - Piper PA-28-140 - C/N 28-22006

G-CLDO - BRM Aero Bristell - C/N LAA 385-15555

G-AVNV - Piper PA-28-180 - C/N 28-4206

G-BCVB - Piper PA-17 - C/N 17-190

9H-OVG - BD700 Global - c/n 9622

M-GFGC - Piaggio P180 - C/N 1231

T7-DNK - Challenger 300 - c/n 20706

Many thanks



Posted by Brandon W on 15 April 2019 - 10:56:46
Local Airport: Not specified

Hi, could you add Nymphsfield airfield please

Posted by thedouth on 15 April 2019 - 12:37:57
Local Airport: BRS

Hi, Could you please add Headcorn airfield please


Premium Posted by Alistair on 16 April 2019 - 11:19:24
Local Airport: BLK

Hi Dennis

Can you please add the following to the database

G-OECM Rockwell Commander 114-B

2-MLBU Piper PA46-350P

G-AXDK Robin DR.315 Petit Prince

Thank you


Posted by Brandon W on 16 April 2019 - 16:42:10
Local Airport: Not specified

Please could you add Antonov An-2 HA-ANG

Premium Posted by Alistair on 17 April 2019 - 11:09:31
Local Airport: BLK

Hi Dennis

Another addition if you would please

F-HSHC Cessna 525 CitationJet M2



Posted by tangoscar on 18 April 2019 - 01:48:54
Local Airport: BDL

Hi Dennis,

HI-1024 is now being operated by Sky High Aviation Services. Not sure if this is a different airline or if it was just re-branded from Republic Flight Lines (Google didn't offer much help on this one). It says "Sky High" on the airframe.

Seen at ANU on 10-Apr-2019.

Thanks, Thomas

Posted by thedouth on 18 April 2019 - 14:15:18
Local Airport: BRS

Hi, Could you please add N329HF Gulfstream G450 c/n 4108



Posted by tangoscar on 18 April 2019 - 15:08:30
Local Airport: BDL

Hi Dennis,

Please add:

N963HL - DHL / Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

PJ-WIQ - Winair / Bombardier DHC-6-300 (MSN 518)

PJ-WIU - Winair / Bombardier DHC-6-300 (MSN 831)

PJ-WED - Windward Express Airways / Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander

PJ-SXM - St. Maarten Airways / Britten-Norman BN-2B-20 Islander

VP-ALT - Anguilla Air Services / Cessna 414A Chancellor

All seen at SXM this month.



Posted by Teeroy08 on 19 April 2019 - 13:59:50
Local Airport: BGW

Please add Fars Air Qeshm B747-281F EP-FAB, Hex 731822 (c/n 886) Ex-4L-MRK.

Logged/spotted overhead Baghdad 19/04/19


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Premium Posted by Polehill on 19 April 2019 - 18:21:02
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis,

Please can you add these to the database:

G-DAYR Bombardier-Challenger 605 Gama Aviation

G-MEGG Europa -XS R L Hitchcock

G-NHRJ Europa -XS R J Dawson

HB-FRO Pilatus PC-12/47E Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

G-VGMC Airbus Helicopters-AS355 Ecureuil Cheshire Helicopters Ltd

84-0015 Beech C-12U Huron United States Army

N835GL Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 Global Flight Inc

G-RADI Piper PA-28-181 Sherwood Flying Club

G-GCKI Mooney -M20K Peter Gamble

G-EGAG SOCATA -TB20 Darren Booth

G-BNOH Piper PA-28-161 Sherburn Aero Club Ltd

G-CONL SOCATA -TB10 John Huntington

G-RVTB Vans-RV7 Thomas Bootyman

G-BODE Piper PA-28-161 Sherburn Aero Club Ltd

F-GFGH Socata Rallye -235E Private Owner

G-BVEH Jodel-D112 Martin Copland

G-IRJE Diamond-DA 62 Gemstone Aviation

G-TALG Piper PA-28-151 Tattenhill Aviation

G-HOWI Cessna-F182Q Howard Poulson

G-BOIG Piper PA-28-161 Richard Flanagan

G-SPVI SOCATA-TB20 Stephen Parke

Vielen Danke


Posted by tangoscar on 19 April 2019 - 20:43:37
Local Airport: BDL

Hi Dennis,

According to FR24 N900MX is operated by Air Sunshine:


Seen at STT this month:


Thanks Thomas

Premium Posted by Dougiehd on 20 April 2019 - 16:54:06
Local Airport: CMB

Hi Dennis

738 9M-LCK is now in colours of Batik Air Malaysia

Posted by DT on 21 April 2019 - 14:39:24

Hi Greg,

here are your requested aircraft. As these are mostly really oldies it takes forever to do the research on history and fate. Some aircraft weren´t in any database or identifiable with minimum info for an addition to the database...

SE-GAM: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/SE-GAM/906864

N50AS: sorry aircraft not in any database

465: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/465/906872

G-BDWF: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BDWF/906873

F-BTOK: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BTOK/443235

N302EH: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N302EH/906875

VR-BGB: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/VR-BGB/906877

F-BJTI: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BJTI/906889

F-BUFH: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BUFH/906892

F-BYAC: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BYAC/906896

F-BUTA: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BUTA/906902

G-BYAF: --> must be F-BYAF: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BYAF/906906

F-GAMR: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-GAMR/906910

130321: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/130321/906885

G-BELS: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BELS/906913

G-BBZP: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BBZP/906916

F-BVRA: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BVRA/906919

OY-BDK: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/OY-BDK/906922

130320: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/130320/906887

C-GOKA: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/C-GOKA/906923

1602: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/1602/906888

N46877: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N46877/906935

F-BTOV: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-BTOV/906938

LN-NPZ: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/LN-NPZ/906940

F-GAJG: aircraft not found in any database

G-BDOS: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BDOS/906954

G-ANXB: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-ANXB/906958

OO-FKT: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/OO-FKT/906962

LN-NPY: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/LN-NPY/906964

N49MZ: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N49MZ/906971

C-FALF: aircraft not found in any database

EI-ICA: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EI-ICA/906952



Posted by DT on 21 April 2019 - 14:47:43

Hi eastflight,

2-SGSG amended: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/2-SGSG/906953



Posted by DT on 21 April 2019 - 15:00:21

Hi Alfred,

here´s your next batch of requested aircraft:

XW765: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XW765/907057

XW766: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XW766/907058

XP542: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XP542/907059

XW329: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XW329/907060

XW429: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XW429/907061

ZE352: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZE352/907065

XV868: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XV868/907064

D-6666: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/D-6666/907066

J-219: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/J-219/906659

J-220: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/J-220/907068

68-16009: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/68-16009/907069

69-17106: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/69-17106/907070

81-0046: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/81-0046/907075

84-0002: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/84-0002/907076

84-0003: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/84-0003/907077

84-0009: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/84-0009/907078

84-0044: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/84-0044/907079

63-7854: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/63-7854/907082

37+50: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/37+50/907087

37+51: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/37+51/907089

40+89: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/40+89/907090

41+05: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/41+05/907091

41+16: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/41+16/907092

41+33: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/41+33/907093

43+77: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/43+77/907007

44+42: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/44+42/907006

44+52: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/44+52/907005

MM55005: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/MM55005/907084



Posted by DT on 21 April 2019 - 15:01:45

Hi Ben,

here is 2-NORN: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/2-NORN/907003



Posted by LIN104 on 22 April 2019 - 06:50:53
Local Airport: WID

Hi Dennis, another Batch to add for me when you have time to do so:

XE627 Hunter F.6A, RAF, c/n 41H-679985, preserved

XK149 Hunter F.6A, RAF, c/n 41H-688151, preserved

XW763 Harrier GR,3, RAF, c/n 712080, scrapped

XW770 Harrier GR.3, RAF, c/n 712087, w/o 06.07.1976, crashed five miles NW of Cloppenburg near Borken, West Germany following severe vibration caused by engine compressor blade failure . The pilot - Flt. Lt. Kirton - ejected safely.

XS111 Gnat T.1, RAF, c/n FL605, w/o 08.07.1976, the undercarriage collapsed when the aircraft ran into the overrun area after the brakes failed on landing at Kemble, Gloucestershire. The pilot - Squadron Leader Richard "Dickie" Duckett - was unhurt

XT668 Wessex HC.2, RAF, c/n WA536, to Uruguay as 078

ZB672 Gazelle AH.1, AAC, c/n 1959, preserved

ZE357 F-4J(UK), RAF, c/n 2529, scrapped, ex BuNo 153892

90-0260 F-15E, USAF, c/n 1201, active

90-0262 F-15E, USAF, c/n 1204, active

68-0590 RF-4C, USAF, c/n 3579, preserved

69-0366 RF-4C, USAF, c/n 3836, to South Korea as 90-366

71-20950 CH-47C, US Army, c/n B684, to 92-00470

71-20952 CH-47C, US Army, c/n B686, to 88-00097

150511 VP-3A, US Navy, c/n 5037, d/d 25.02.1963, preserved

CR.12-45 RF-4C, Spanish AF, c/n 1082, preserved ex 64-1069 USAF

CR.12-47 RF-4C, Spanish AF, c/n 1177, preserved,ex 64-1083 USAF

40+69 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n ?, to C-GLTO

41+03 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n ?, to Portugal as 15236

43+25 Tornado, German AF, c/n 062/GS008/4025, active

E-600 F-16A, Danish AF, c/n 6F-35, d/d 01.10.1982, active

MM55003 Tornado, Italian AF, c/n 108/IST004/5009, scrapped

N-233 NH-90NFH, Dutch Navy, c/n 1233, active

N-318 NH-90NFH, Dutch Navy, c/n 1318, active

Thanks for your work here, great Job!! Cheers Alfred

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Posted by DT on 22 April 2019 - 12:57:07

Hi Bjoern,

here are the requested aircraft:

LN-OOW: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/LN-OOW/907004

OY-PHM: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/OY-PHM/907179

LN-ORA: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/LN-ORA/907181



Premium Posted by BHSkeie on 22 April 2019 - 14:16:50
Local Airport: SVG

Thanks Dennis.

Snme more
LN-OPS Robinson R44 Clipper II, serial 14181.
D-GDWL Piper PA34-220T Seneca III, Serial 3448025, Private owner
OY-BSV Cessna 172M Skyhawn, Serial F17202435


Post Edited By BHSkeie on 25/04/2019 - 05:08:38
Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 09:31:40


I have forwarded the requests of the addition of airfields to our webmaster Gavin who can take care of this.



Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 09:33:17

Hi Alistair,

here are the requested aircraft:

G-OECM: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-OECM/907126

2-MLBU: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/2-MLBU/907114

G-AXDK: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-AXDK/907133



Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 09:35:25

Hi Brandon,

here is HA-ANG: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/HA-ANG/907136



Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 09:36:21

Hi Alistair,

here is F-HSHC: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-HSHC/907145



Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 09:37:56

Hi Thomas,

here is HI-1024: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/HI-1024/907147

Delivery date is still unknown.



Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 09:52:08

Hi Ben,

here is N329HF: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N329HF/907208



Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 09:56:40

Hi Troy,

here is EP-FAB: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EP-FAB/907210



Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 11:47:26

Hi Mike,

here are ther requested aircraft:

G-DAYR: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-DAYR/907238

G-MEGG: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-MEGG/907240

G-NHRJ: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-NHRJ/907242

HB-FRO: is a test reg from the manufacturer. I have added the latest aircraft with serial 1856. It has since been reregistered. If you need another serial please let me know: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/HB-FRO/907243

G-VGMC: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-VGMC/907252

84-0015: reg incomplete, there must be one more number

N835GL: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N835GL/907246

G-RADI: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-RADI/907257

G-GCKI: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-GCKI/907264

G-EGAG: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-EGAG/907267

G-BNOH: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BNOH/907269

G-CONL: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-CONL/907271

G-RVTB: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-RVTB/907273

G-BODE: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BODE/907275

F-GFGH: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/F-GFGH/907301

G-BVEH: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BVEH/907279

G-IRJE: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-IRJE/907280

G-TALG: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-TALG/907290

G-HOWI: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-HOWI/907293

G-BOIG: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BOIG/907298

G-SPVI: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-SPVI/907300

Gern geschehen :-)



Posted by DT on 23 April 2019 - 11:50:11

Hi Thomas,

here is N900MX: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N900MX/907302



Premium Posted by Alistair on 23 April 2019 - 15:01:03
Local Airport: BLK

Hi again Dennis

Can you please add G-FIXX Vans RV-7 to the database and also amend G-AXSW as now owned and operated by Air Navigation and Trading Ltd.

Thanks and regards


Posted by Jolly67 on 23 April 2019 - 21:05:50
Local Airport: LHR

Hi Dennis

Please can you add these to the database, all preserved/stored at Brooklands Museum, in Weybridge.

Z2389 - Hawker Hurricane Mk2 - c/n unknown

N2980 - Vickers Wellington - c/n unknown

XD816 - Vickers Valiant (nose only) - c/n unknown

WK198 - Swift F4 (fuselage only) - c/n unknown

XF368 - Hawker Hunter F51 - C/N 41H/680271

WF372 - Vickers Varsity T.1 - c/n 531

XN586 - Jet Provost - c/n PAC/W/11828

ZA101 - Hawk 100 - c/n 312008/008

E-421 - Hunter F51 - 41H/680280

Many thanks



Posted by tangoscar on 24 April 2019 - 03:00:16
Local Airport: BDL

Hi Dennis,

Swift Air N767AS has been re-regged to N806TJ on 01-Jun-2018 (source: airfleets.net).

Seen at BOS last month.

Thanks, Thomas

Posted by Brandon W on 24 April 2019 - 06:08:41
Local Airport: Not specified

Hi Dennis, Please could you add Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter OE-EMD of the Flying Bulls. Many thanks

Posted by Brandon W on 24 April 2019 - 06:13:47
Local Airport: Not specified

Hi Dennis, Please could you add Airbus Helicopters H125 G-ETPH. Many thanks

Posted by Brandon W on 24 April 2019 - 06:24:43
Local Airport: Not specified

Hi Dennis, N104CJ is no longer allocated to a Rockwell 1121 it is now allocated to the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron MiG-15

Posted by 151734 on 24 April 2019 - 08:53:20
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis, Sorry for increasing your workload. I will edit out unimportant sightings and submit shorter lists.
G-BDFE HPR Herald c/n 167 on db as 9Q-CAA

C-GOKT Bell 212 c/n 30722 became LN-OLK

OO-PSM SA226 Merlin c/n AT-057 became N31AT, N5392M and others

468 C130 Hercules RSAF c/n 4753

469 C130 Hercules RSAF c/n 4754

1604 C130 Hercules RSAF c/n 4633

C-FOKM S61N c/n 61492 became G-BFZC

HB-ICQ SE210 Caravelle c/n 222 on db as TC-ASA

EC-CUM SE210 Caravelle c/n 212 on db as OY-STC

C-GOKL Bell 212 c/n 30597

HB-ICN SE210 Caravelle c/n 253 became TC-ABA

EI-BCI B175 Britannia c/n 13449 on db as 9Q-CHU

C-GOKH S61N c/n 61767 became G-BHAH

130316 C130 Hercules CAF c/n 4075

F-BYAC F27 Friendship c/n 10431 became VH-EWT

Thanks again Dennis for all the great work.


Posted by Brandon W on 24 April 2019 - 15:41:32
Local Airport: Not specified

Hi Dennis, could you add the following: G120 Prefect ZM309 (Royal Air Force) DH.60 Moth G-EBLV (BAE Systems) Cirrus SR.22 G-CTNG (Private) G120 Prefect ZM320 (Royal Air Force) MS.760 Paris F-AZLT (Private) Many thanks

Posted by R Geering on 24 April 2019 - 15:51:48
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis,

Could you please update the database entry for CRJ9 EC-JZS:


The aircraft is currently flying for SAS in a basic SAS scheme:


Many thanks,


Posted by toftos on 25 April 2019 - 01:29:24
Local Airport: BGO

Hi Dennis

Please can you add these to the database:


Thank`s Richard

Posted by DT on 25 April 2019 - 13:57:25

Hi Thomas,

here is N806TJ: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N806TJ/907363



Premium Posted by Polehill on 25 April 2019 - 14:33:22
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis,

Please add these to the database:

84-00157 Beech C-12U Huron United States Army

WJ903 Vickers-Varsity T.1 Royal Air Force

XX411 Sud-Gazelle AH.1 Royal Navy

WB969 Slingsby -Sedbergh TX.1 Royal Air Force

WE987 Slingsby-Prefect TX.1 Royal Air Force

XN238 Slingsby- Cadet TX.3 Air Force

XM561 SARO-Skeeter AOP.12 Army Air Corp

EI-JWM Robinson R-22 21 Century Aviation Ltd at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

G-DELB Robinson R-22 Robert Hields at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

ZD938 Panavia-Tornado F.2 Royal Air Force

FX322 North American-Harvard II Royal Air Force

G-MMDK Mainair-Triflyer Peter Blyth at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

XS216 Hunting-Jet Provost T.4 Royal Air Force

G-MJKP Hiway-Skytrike Michael Horsfall at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

WT741 Hawker-Hunter GA.11 Royal Air Force

XG297 Hawker-Hunter FGA.9 Royal Air Force

SN280 Hawker-Tempest V Royal Air Force

WL131 Gloster-Meteor T.7 Royal Air Force

N4565L Douglas DC-3-201A South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

WB733 de Havilland Canada-Chipmunk T.10 Royal Air Force

XE935 de Havilland-Vampire T.11 Royal Air Force

G-AVAA Cessna-F.150G Laura Cook at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

G-ACBH Blackburn -B.2 South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

G-ADFO Blackburn -B.2 South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

XT242 Westland Bell-47 Sioux AH.1 Army Air Corp

KB976 Avro-Lancaster X Royal Air Force Rear Fuselage at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

VP519 Avro-Anson C.19 Royal Air Force

Many thanks


Premium Posted by Alistair on 25 April 2019 - 15:54:56
Local Airport: BLK

Hi Dennis

Can you please update the entry for N78MC, this has now been transferred to a Cirrus SR-22 Xi owned by Anchor Air Inc. Trustee

Posted by ballymoss on 27 April 2019 - 01:43:08
Local Airport: MBW

Hi Dennis When time permits please add the following entry to B707 Cn 19378 N455PA Pan Am returned from lease with Air Afrique May 1978 sold to ATASCO Leasing 15/01/1979 as N455PA Paul

Posted by DT on 27 April 2019 - 09:59:07

Hi Alistair,

here is G-FIXX: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-FIXX/907400

G-AXSW: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-AXSW/870478



Posted by DT on 27 April 2019 - 12:26:52

Hi Alfred,

thanks. Here is the next batch:

XE627: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XE627/907204

XK149: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XK149/907205

XW763: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XW763/907206

XW770: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XW770/907207

XS111: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XS111/907211

XT668: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XT668/907212

ZB672: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZB672/907213

ZE357: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZE357/907215

90-0260: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/90-0260/907401

90-0262: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/90-0262/907402

68-0590: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/68-0590/907403

69-0366: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/69-0366/907404

71-20950: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/71-20950/907405

71-20952: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/71-20952/907406

150511: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/150511/907413

CR.12-45: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/CR.12-45/907416

CR.12-47: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/CR.12-47/907417

40+69: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/40+69/907418

41+03: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/41+03/907422

43+25: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/43+25/907424

E-600: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/E-600/907425

MM55003: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/MM55003/907426

N-233: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N-233/907427

N-318: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N-318/907428



Posted by DT on 28 April 2019 - 10:59:28

Hi Bjoern,

here are the requested aircraft:

LN-OPS: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/LN-OPS/907449

D-GDWL: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/D-GDWL/907450

OY-BSV: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/OY-BSV/907451



Posted by DT on 28 April 2019 - 11:23:22

Hi Brandon,

here are the requested aircraft:

OE-EMD: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/OE-EMD/907457

G-ETPH: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-ETPH/907461

N104CJ: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N104CJ/907466



Posted by DT on 28 April 2019 - 11:28:12

Hi Rob,

EC-JZS already has been updated in due course: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EC-JZS/907334



Posted by Swakeleys on 28 April 2019 - 13:43:29

Hi Dennis,



Seen at DUS this morning. Could you change status from Stored?

Aircraft is now operational again. See:


Owner now seems to be Bank of Utah Trustee.

Thanks in advance,


Posted by LIN104 on 28 April 2019 - 22:07:32
Local Airport: WID

Hi Dennis,

more to add when you have time to do so:

XR769 Lightning F.6, RAF, c/n 95234, w/o 11.04.1988, crashed into the North Sea five miles off Easington, Humberside after an inflight fire. The RAAF exchange pilot (Flt Lt. Dick Coleman) ejected safely. This was the last Lightning to be lost in RAF service.

ZD905 Tornado F.2, RAF, c/n 397/AS001/3182, scrapped

ZE355 F-4J(UK), RAF, c/n 2038, scrapped, ex BuNo 153803

ZE792 Tornado F.3, RAF, c/n 704/AS068/3317, scrapped

XV647 Sea King HAR.5, Royal Navy, c/n WA635, stored

XZ581 Sea King HAS.6, Royal Navy, c/n WA849, stored

ZA127 Sea King HAS.5, Royal Navy, c/n WA888, stored

ZA169 Sea King HAS.5, Royal Navy, c/n WA902, GIA Cosford

ZB507 Sea King Mk.4X, RAE , c/n WA928, stored

XL602 Hunter T.8M, Royal Navy, c/n 41H-695332, to G-BWFT

FA-58 F-16A, Belgian AF, c/n 6H-58, d/d 20.12.1982, to Jordan as 140, 10.09.2008

FA-78 F-16A, Belgian AF, c/n 6H-78, d/d 29.03.1984, to Jordan as 149, 19.03.2009

FA-79 F-16A, Belgian AF, c/n 6H-79, d/d 02.04.1984, w/o 30.06.1986, crashed after a mid-collision over Petit-Han/Belgium with a Armée de l'Air Sepecat Jaguar A (A116/11-MW Escadron de Chasse 2/11 'Vosges'). The F16-pilot, Kapt.vl.Jack Cavenas, ejected safely (10 Wing - 23 Squadron).

BA-01 Mirage VBA, Belgian AF, c/n 01, f/f 06.03.1970, d/d 29.06.1971, wfu 05.1989, to Chile as 701 1994

BA-02 Mirage VBA, Belgian AF, c/n 02, f/f 10.06.1970, d/d 21.08.1970, wfu 29.08.1983 after accident take-off accident

BA-23 Mirage VBA, Belgian AF, c/n 23, d/d 28.05.1971, wfu 01.1990, to Chile as 704 1994

BA-50 Mirage VBA, Belgian AF, c/n 50, d/d 24.04.1972, wfu 02.1990, to Chile as 709 1994

BA-60 Mirage VBA, Belgian AF, c/n 60, d/d 25.10.1972, wfu 1994, to Chile as 714 1994

40+20 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n ?, to N572AJ

40+27 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n ?, to 98+27, to Thailand AF

40+57 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n ?, to C-GJTA

133542 CT-133, Canadian AF, c/n T33-542, toc ? as 21542, fate?

104743 CF-104, Canadian AF, c/n 683A-1043, toc 27.04.1962 as 12743, to Turkey as 62-743 18.03.1986

104837 CF-104, Canadian AF, c/n 683A-1137, toc as 12837 12.03.1963, to Turkey as 62-837 21.01.1986, w/o 02.02.1987

104843 CF-104, Canadian AF, c/n 683A-1143, toc as 12843 04.07.1963, GIA by 05.1985

63-7869 EC-130E, USAF, c/n 3939, scrapped

73-1583 EC-130H, USAF, c/n 4545, active

66-7505 F-4D, USAF, c/n 2021, scrapped

85-0132 F-15D, USAF, c/n 964, active

85-0134 F-15D, USAF, c/n 980, active

86-0166 F-15C, USAF, c/n 1014, active

88-0400 F-16C, USAF, c/n 5C-614, active

Cheers Alfred

Post Edited By LIN104 on 29/04/2019 - 07:56:55
Posted by 151734 on 29 April 2019 - 08:33:50
Local Airport: ORK

Morning Dennis,

Next batch when you have the time, thanks:-

176 DH 104 Dove c/n 4368 to EI-BJW

141 Avro Anson c/n 1313 (Irish Air Corps) preserved

F-BVTA F27 Friendship c/n 10227 to G-BMAS

G-ANAP DH 104 Dove c/n 04433

F-BYAP F27 Friendship c/n 10113

G-BCML Bell 212 c/n 30601

F-GBRR FH 227 c/n 103 to F-OGJB

G-AWWS Shorts SC7 Skyvan c/n 1854 to EI-BNN

G-CHEV EMB 110 c/n 199 on DB as G-BKWB

G-BFZK EMB 110 c/n 200 to N5071N, N829AC

G-BGMD DHC 6 Twin Otter c/n 629 to ZK-KHA, C-GKVT, 8Q-IAE

470 C130 Hercules c/n 4758

C-FITH Douglas DC 3 c/n 20228 Preserved in Malta Aviation Museum.

EI-BDU Douglas DC 3 c/n 9043 on DB as G-AKNB (EI-BDU from Oct ’78 to Jan ’82)

EC-BIB SE210 Caravelle c/n 223 became HK-2860X

Cheers Greg

Posted by Swakeleys on 29 April 2019 - 12:54:51

Hi Dennis,

Could you add Emperor Aviation Bombardier Global 5000 9H-TIO (S/N 9813) seen at IBZ this morning? For reference see:


Thanks in advance,


Posted by Mbae146 on 30 April 2019 - 22:26:07
Local Airport: Not specified

Hello Dennis

Pls update for Jota Aviation,

Two bae 146 is G-JOTC and G-JOTD

Tow beech king air are ex G-JOTA and G-JOTB, I am not sure correct which one are N139wf and n143wf ( I seen in Southend last weekend)

M-TBUC Falcon 2000lx

Thank you


Post Edited By Mbae146 on 01/05/2019 - 09:44:51
Posted by DT on 03 May 2019 - 09:13:20

Hi Richard,

here are the requested aircraft:

XA-ESF (already in database): http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XA-ESF/871533

XA-UUL: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XA-UUL/749880

N681BC: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N681BC/907741



Post Edited By DT on 03/05/2019 - 09:20:33
Posted by DT on 03 May 2019 - 10:27:08

Hi Mike,

here are the requested aircraft:

84-00157: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/84-00157/907800

WJ903: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/WJ903/907799

XX411: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XX411/907798

WB969: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/WB969/907797

WE987: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/WE987/907796

XN238: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XN238/907795

XM561: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XM561/907793

EI-JWM: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/EI-JWM/907792

G-DELB: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-DELB/907790

ZD938: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZD938/907786

FX322: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/FX322/907794

G-MMDK: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-MMDK/907784

XS216: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XS216/907777

G-MJKP: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-MJKP/907774

WT741: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/WT741/907776

XG297: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XG297/907771

SN280: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/SN280/907770

WL131: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/WL131/907769

N4565L (already in database): http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N4565L/906837

WB733: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/WB733/907767

XE935: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XE935/907757

G-AVAA: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-AVAA/907765

G-ACBH: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-ACBH/907758

G-ADFO: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-ADFO/907755

XT242: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XT242/907753

KB976: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/KB976/907752

VP519: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/VP519/907745



Posted by Brandon W on 03 May 2019 - 16:44:39
Local Airport: Not specified

Hi Dennis, could you add the following: Thruster T600 G-MOMA (Private) Steen Skybolt G-ENGO (Private) MD500E G-TRUE (Private) AS350 G-CKPS (Helitrain Ltd) CASA 1.131E-2000 Jungmann G-JWJW (Private) Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a Replica G-BUOD (Michael Waldron) Spitfire Mk.26 Replica G-CEFC (David Bishop)

Posted by Johnny1979 on 04 May 2019 - 06:42:26
Local Airport: EMA

Hi Dennis

Hi sorry to be pain but I have large number of spotted planes at different airports that are not in database. If it possible to get them in to database it will be appreciated. I put the owner / airline of every aircraft in question. . Thank you. Marcin Niewiadomski aka: Johnny1979

Posted by Johnny1979 on 04 May 2019 - 06:46:26
Local Airport: EMA

Hi Dennis

Please add this reg VP-CMM it is Bombardier Global 6000 of TAG Aviation Asia. It landed at EMA on 27th April 2019.

Thanks Johnny

Posted by DT on 04 May 2019 - 08:47:46

Hi Alistair,

here is N78MC: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N78MC/907803



Posted by DT on 04 May 2019 - 09:00:26

Hi Paul,

N455PA has been amended: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N455PA/907804



Posted by DT on 04 May 2019 - 09:03:31

HI swakeleys,

N79711 has been amended, saw that aircraft myself. Still regd to Bank of Utah but operated by Dallah: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N79711/519119

9H-TIO: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/9H-TIO/907806



Posted by DT on 04 May 2019 - 09:33:55

Hi Matthew,

here are the requested aircraft:

G-JOTC: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-JOTC/907812

G-JOTD: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-JOTD/907813

N139WF: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N139WF/907814

N143WF: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/N139WF/907814

M-TBUC: www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/M-TBUC/907810



Posted by 151734 on 04 May 2019 - 10:52:09
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis,

Please add XA-GOR Falcon FA7X when you get a chance. Thanks Greg

Posted by DT on 04 May 2019 - 12:09:29

Hi Alfred,

here are the requested aircraft:

XR769: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XR769/907815

ZD905: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZD905/907816

ZE355: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZE355/907820

ZE792: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZE792/907818

XV647: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XV647/907821

XZ581: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XZ581/907823

ZA127: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZA127/907824

ZA169: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZA169/907825

ZB507: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/ZB507/907826

XL602: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XL602/907827

FA-58: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/FA-58/907832

FA-78: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/FA-78/907834

FA-79: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/FA-79/907836

BA-01: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/BA-01/907837

BA-02: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/BA-02/907838

BA-23: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/BA-23/907839

BA-50: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/BA-50/907841

BA-60: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/BA-60/907842

40+20: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/40+20/907846

40+27: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/40+27/907848

40+57: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/40+57/907850

133542: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/133542/907857

104743: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/104743/907859

104837: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/104837/907863

104843: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/104843/907865

63-7869: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/63-7869/907866

73-1583: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/73-1583/907867

66-7505: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/66-7505/907868

85-0132: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/85-0132/907869

85-0134: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/85-0134/907870

86-0166: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/86-0166/907871

88-0400: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/88-0400/907873



Posted by DT on 04 May 2019 - 12:14:18

Hi Marcin,

here is VP-CMM: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/VP-CMM/907525

If you need additions to the database, this is the right place to request it. As it is a lot of work I do it in posting order. If you want to help and speed up the process, please post the full history of an aircraft including registration, operator and delivery date. If I do not need to do the research on the various databases on the web and just add the info into the database, this is very much appreciated.

This also applies to all the other users and their requests...:-)



Posted by 151734 on 05 May 2019 - 06:55:23
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis, N283NV A320 flew from Tarbes to Shannon 26/03/2019 as F-WTBG before being prepped for new lease to Allegiant in April. Cheers Greg

Premium Posted by Polehill on 05 May 2019 - 09:41:31
Local Airport: MAN

Morning Dennis,

Please add these, all at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum:

G-MYJX Whittaker MW8 Michael Whittaker

G-MVNT Whittaker MW5-K Peter Blyth

XP902 Westland Scout AH.1 Army Air Corp Cockpit at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

XP190 Westland Scout AH.1 Army Air Corp

XS481 Westland Wessex HU.5 Royal Navy

XP345 Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 Royal Air Force

XJ398 Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 Royal Air Force

XA862 Westland Whirlwind HAR.1 Royal Air Force

WT536 English Electric Canberra PR7 Royal Air Force

G-BTYX Cessna-140 Ronald Richards

HB-XMO Enstrom 280C Turbo Shark South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

WT534 English Electric Canberra PR-7 Royal Air Force Nose and cockpit South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

BAPC.307 Bleriot XI Replica South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

XZ431 Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B Royal Air Force

XV139 Westland Scout AH1 Army Air Corp

XZ246 Westland Lynx HAS.3 ICE Fleet Air Arm

G-BRJC Cessna-120 Joseph Hodgson

G-ARYZ Beagle-A 109 Charles Tomkins

G-BNNA Stolp SA-300 Starduster Too Martin Neeves

OY-DSZ Taylorcraft-Plus D South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum Painted as LB314, the original registration at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

BAPC.275 Bensen-B.7 gyrocopter South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

XV281 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1 Royal Air Force Crashed on approach to Gutersloh, West Germany following an engine fire. The pilot - Flt. Lt. T. R.Watts - ejected safely.

G-TPTR Agusta-Bell AB.206B-3 Jet Ranger III South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

G-ARHX de Havilland DH-104 Dove 8 South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum

XK241 Auster AOP 9 Army Air Corp



Post Edited By Polehill on 05/05/2019 - 09:44:56
Posted by LIN104 on 05 May 2019 - 18:22:33
Local Airport: WID

Hi Dennis, here comes another list of aircraft to be added for me, thanks in advance:

ZE353 F-4J(UK), RAF, c/n 1888, scrapped, ex BuNo 153785

ZE354 F-4J(UK), RAF, c/n 1978, scrapped, ex BuNo 153795

ZE358 F-4J(UK), RAF, c/n 2689, ex BuNo 155510, w/o 26.08.1987,

ZE363 F-4J(UK), RAF, c/n 3338, scrapped, ex BuNo 155868

XX841 Jaguar T.2A, RAF, c/n B29, stored North Weald

XR511 Wessex HC.2, RAF, c/n WA136, preserved

XR588 Wessex HC.2, RAF, c/n WA121, sold to US Civil

130 F-5A, Norwegian AF, c/n N7074, d/d 14.12.1970, stored Sola

134 F-5A, Norwegian AF, c/n N7078, d/d 14.12.1970, preserved Bodo

711 F-16B, Norwegian AF, c/n 6L-13, d/d 21.07.1989, active

T-402 MFI-17, Danish AF, c/n 15-202, f/f 26.02.1976, d/d 02.03.1976, active

T-407 MFI-17, Danish AF, c/n 15-207, d/d 03.05.1976, active

T-410 MFI-17, Danish Army, c/n 15-210, d/d 02.07.1976, to Danish Army, to Danish AF 01.01.1991, active

T-414 MFI-17, Danish Army, c/n 15-214, d/d 07.09.1976, to Danish Army, to Danish AF 01.01.1991, active

T-418 MFI-17, Danish Army, c/n 15-218, d/d 21.10.1976, to Danish Army, to Danish AF 01.01.1991, active

38+59 F-4F, German AF, c/n 4772, w/o 24.04.1996 crashed into North Sea near the small island of Baltrum/Germany; Pilot (OLt, 28) and WSO (Hptm, 29) ejected to safety after fire brocke out in front of the cockpit, which could't extinguished by the crew.

40+15 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n 1044, to Portugal as 15204

40+41 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n 1096, to Portugal as 15213

41+38 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n ?, to Thailand for spares

41+56 Alpha Jet, German AF, c/n ?, to 98+56, to Thailand as BJ7-2/43

FA-121 F-16A, Belgian AF, c/n 6H-121, d/d 12.04.1990, active

FA-127 F-16A, Belgian AF, c/n 6H-127, d/d 21.12.1990, active

86-1699 MC-130H, USAF, c/n 5026, f/f 1985 as N4278M, active

Cheers Alfred

Post Edited By LIN104 on 05/05/2019 - 19:18:09
Posted by tangoscar on 06 May 2019 - 04:54:01
Local Airport: BDL

Hi Dennis,

VH-QQP is now stored as C-GDHM, found it sitting in a corner of YUL on 04-May-2019.

On the tail it still says "Skytrans", however, according to planespotters.net it now belongs to "Inter-Aero":


Thanks, Thomas

Posted by 151734 on 06 May 2019 - 07:17:00
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis,

Can you add XA-GOR Falcon 7X c/n 261 spotted overhead on Saturday. Cheers Greg

Posted by julietwhiskey on 06 May 2019 - 21:19:06
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis, Just one more for the record. G-TACN, Diamond D-A62, Flight Calibration Services. Thanks, John.

Posted by Jolly67 on 07 May 2019 - 04:52:10
Local Airport: LHR

Hello Dennis

Please can these be added to the database:

N9432B - Cessna 175 - c/n 55232

G-BMFP - Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II - c/n 28-7916243

PH-SGG - Slingsby T-67 - c/n 2099

XA-GOR - Falcon 7X - c/n 261

OE-LCY - Gulfstream 550 - c/n 5524

9H-SIS - Challenger 650 - c/n 6050

C-GMCR - Gulfstream G550 - c/n 5283

G-TARN - Pietenpol AirCamper - c/n PFA 047-13349

VP-CEX - Falcon 7X - c/n 221 - database shows a previous aircraft

G-CJAU - Aubert J. White Sports Monoplane replica - c/n JA002

Many thanks


Posted by DT on 07 May 2019 - 05:33:49

Hi Greg,

here is XA-GOR: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XA-GOR/907963

No need to request it twice.



Posted by DT on 07 May 2019 - 05:50:46

Hi Thomas,

here is C-GDHM: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/C-GDHM/908004



Posted by R Geering on 07 May 2019 - 17:10:50
Local Airport: MAN

Hi Dennis,

Can you please update the database entry for CRJ9 ES-ACM:


It is now flying for SAS in full SAS colours.


Many thanks,


Posted by Tristardelta on 07 May 2019 - 19:19:41
Local Airport: EXT

Hi Dennis

Quite a few additions from the popham vintage fly in on bank holiday Monday

When time allows

G-BDVA PA-17 Vagabond ( I.M.Callier)

G-BSRH Pitts S-1C Special (T.L & T.W Davis)

G-BSXC PA-28-161 Warrior II (Cristal Air Ltd)

G-AXLS Jodel DR.105A (Axle Flying Club)

G-AJWB M.38 Messenger 2A (P.W.Bishop)

G-BIDK PA-18 Super Cub 150 (Y.Leysen)

G-BSBT Piper J-3C-65 Cub (A.R.Elliot)

TJ534 Taylorcraft Auster Alpha 5 c/n1567

G-EMSY DH 82A Tiger Moth (G-EMSY Group)

G-CGGW Rotorsport UK MTO Sport (P.Adams)

G-DAMS Best Off Skyranger Nynja 912S(1) (Dambusters Ltd)

G-MYZG Cyclone AX3/503 (I.J.Webb)

RM221 Percival P31 Proctor 4

G-DCXV Yorkshire Sailplanes YS-53 Sovereign (The Gliding Heritage Centre)

G-OCDC Best Off Sky Ranger Nynja 912S(1) (C.D.Church)

G-TECC Aeronca 7AC Champion (N.J.Orchard-Armitage)

G-IBBS Shaw Europe (R.H.Gibbs)

G-UFOX Aeropro Eurofox 912(1) (G-UFOX Group)

G-ATFD Jodel DR.1050 (K.D.Hills)

G-ATOP PA-28-140 Cherokee (P.R.Coombs)

I'll feed them through 20 at a time

Many thanks Mark

Posted by 151734 on 08 May 2019 - 09:23:55
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis, A few more to add when you get a chance - a couple of these I have listed before and you were unable to locate them so I have researched their histories in full:

XL640 B175 Britannia c/n 13449 RAF 25/11/59 to EI-BCI Eurafric 3/77 to G-BHAU Redcoat Air Cargo 8/79 to 9Q-CHU Katale Aero Transport 4/82 b/u 86 - (on DB as 9Q-CHU only)

XL660 B175 Britannia c/n 13457 RAF 23/4/60 to G-BEMZ Air Faisel 11/2/77 to A6-HMS Gaylan Air Cargo 9/4/80 to G-BEMZ Redcoat Air Cargo 3/4/81to 9Q-CGP Katale Aero Transport 11/82 b/u subsequently (on DB as 9Q-CGP only)

68-10938 C130E USAFE c/n 4318 stored at AMARG

470 C130E c/n 4756 RSAF possibly w/o

D-HAXQ SA330 Puma c/n 1549 Bundesgrenschultz

D-HAXS SA330 Puma c/n 1573 Bundesgrenschultz

D-HAXT SA330 Puma c/n 1577 Bundesgrenschultz

15059 DC3 c/n 19525 French Navy to N97BF

64/KB (F-BZCQ) Noratlas 2501F c/n 64 French Air Force

F-BTDL SE210 c/n 136 Euralair to F-OGJD, HK-2597X stored Panama City '93

OY-SAF SE210 c/n 275 Sterling to F-GCVJ stored Rennes 96

F-BVTE F27 c/n10230 TAT to AP-BAO (on DB as AP-BAO only)

G-GLEN Bell 212 c/n 30913 Gleneagle Heli to P2-PAV

G-BDVT F27 c/n 10233 Air UK to TF-FLS

D-ABAP SE210 c/n 235 SAT to TC-ARI (on DB as TC-ARI only)

N200CC BAC 111 c/n 11/068 Luqa on DB as N111LP

F-BJTG SE210 c/n 115 Air Charter to 9Q-CLP scrapped Kinshasha '91 (on DB as 9Q-CLP only)

Thanks again Greg

Posted by Johnny1979 on 08 May 2019 - 16:17:13
Local Airport: EMA

Hi Dennis Can you add reg G-NJNH it is Robinson R66 Turbine owned by Hawesbates LLP it was delivered on 13/06/2017. Previous reg N66JN owned by Aerospace Trust Management Llc Trustee delivered on 23/07/2013 till 12/06/2017. It was on EMA on 8th May 2019 thanks Marcin aka Johnny 1979

Posted by 151734 on 09 May 2019 - 06:21:46
Local Airport: ORK

Hi Dennis,

Could you add N651BA Gulfstream 650ER c/n 6287 Bank of America when you can please.

Cheers Greg

Posted by Airbusyoung on 09 May 2019 - 16:33:51
Local Airport: EXT

Hi Dennis

Could you please add:



Many thanks


Posted by DT on 10 May 2019 - 08:12:42

Hi Mike,

here are the requested aircraft:

G-MYJX: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-MYJX/908065

G-MVNT: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-MVNT/908067

XP902: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XP902/908064

XP190: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XP190/908063

XS481: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XS481/908061

XP345: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XP345/908060

XJ398: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BDBZ/908062

XA862: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XA862/908058

WT536: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/WT536/908057

G-BTYX: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BTYX/908070

HB-XMO: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/HB-XMO/908101

WT534: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/WT534/908045

BAPC.307: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/BAPC.307/908104

XZ431: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XZ431/908044

XV139: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XV139/908043

XZ246: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XZ246/908042

G-BRJC: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BRJC/908100

G-ARYZ: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-ARYZ/908091

G-BNNA: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-BNNA/908081

OY-DSZ: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/OY-DSZ/908103

BAPC.275: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/BAPC.275/908102

XV281: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XV281/908041

G-TPTR: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-TPTR/908077

G-ARHX: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-ARHX/908073

XK241: wrong registration -> must be XK421: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/XK421/908040



Posted by DT on 10 May 2019 - 08:16:44

Hi John,

here is G-TACN: http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/G-TACN/908105



Posted by Aaron Vancoillie on 14 May 2019 - 09:42:15
Local Airport: BRU

Hello Dennis

Could you please add: OM-BYB Fokker F100 Slovak Government Flying Service. 09-9206 McDonnell Douglas C-17A Globemaster III, US Air Force. 73-1676 Boeing E4B, US Air Force. 9H-AOE Honda HA-420 Hondajet, Emperor Aviation. D-HEOY Eurocopter EC135-T1, HelicopterFlights. D-CQAB Learjet 45-XT, Quick Air Jet Charter.


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